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Server Implementations EN

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A simple list of all implementations in the game. This page is intended for use by the DPL system of the wiki.

The entries on this page are meant for the English server (EN).



, SMG 43M, AR 6P62, AR 9A-91, AR A-545, AR A-91, SG AA-12, MG AAT-52, AR ACR, AR ADS, MG AEK-999, AR AK-12, AR AK-15, AR AK-47, AR AK-74M, SMG AK-74U, AR AK-Alfa, AR AN-94, AR APC556, SMG APC9K, AR AR-18, SMG AR-57, AR AR70, AR ART556, AR ARX-160, AR AS Val, AR ASh-12.7, AR AUG, SMG AUG Para, AR Agent 416, SMG Agent Vector, AR Ai, AR Ak 5, MG Alma, MG Ameli, AR Angelica, HG Astra Revolver, RF BM59, RF Ballista, SMG Beretta Model 38, MG Bren, HG Bren Ten, HG C-93, SMG C-MS, RF C14, HG C96, MG CAR, SG CAWS, SMG CF05, AR CMR-30, AR CR-21, HG CZ 100, AR CZ-805, AR CZ2000, HG CZ52, HG CZ75, RF Carcano M1891, RF Carcano M91∕38, MG Chauchat, MG Claes, HG Clear, HG Colt Revolver, HG Colt Walker, HG Contender, SMG Cx4 Storm, SG DP-12, MG DP28, RF DSR-50, SG Dana, RF De Lisle, SG Defender, HG Derringer, HG Desert Eagle, SMG Dorothy, AR EM-2, SMG EVO 3, SG Elphelt, SMG Erma, SMG F1, AR F2000, AR FAL, AR FAMAS, AR FARA 83, MG FG42, SMG FMG-9, RF FN-49, AR FNC, HG FNP-9, SG FO-12, SG FP-6, AR FX-05, HG Fail, RF Falcon, AR Fedorov, HG Five-seveN, AR G11, RF G28, AR G3, AR G36, SMG G36C, AR G41, RF G43, RF GM6 Lynx, HG GSh-18, AR Galil, RF General Liu, RF Gepard M1, HG Glock 17, HG Grizzly MkV, MG HK21, MG HK23, AR HK33, AR HK416, HG HK45, SG HK512, HG HP-35, RF HS.50, HG HS2000, SG HSM10, RF Hanyang Type 88, SMG Henrietta, SMG Honey Badger, AR Howa Type 64, AR Howa Type 89, SMG IDW, AR INSAS, RF IWS 2000, SMG JS 9, RF JS05, SMG Jashin-chan, SMG Jatimatic, HG Jericho, HG Jill, AR Junko, AR K11, AR K2, MG K3, RF K31, HG K5, SMG KAC-PDW, AR KH2002, SMG KLIN, SG KS-23, SG KSG, RF KSVK, RF Kar98k, HG Kolibri, MG Kord, AR L85A1, MG LS26, SG LTLX 7000, MG LWMMG, RF Lee-Enfield, MG Lewis, SG Liberator, SMG Lily, SMG Lusa, RF M1 Garand, SG M1014, RF M110, SMG M12, RF M14, AR M16A1, SG M1887, MG M1895 CB, SG M1897, HG M1911, MG M1918, MG M1919A4, RF M1A1, RF M200, RF M21, MG M240L, MG M249 SAW, SG M26-MASS, MG M2HB, SMG M3, HG M327, SG M37, AR M4 SOPMOD II, AR M4A1, SG M500, SG M590, SG M6 ASW, MG M60, AR M82, RF M82A1, SG M870, HG M9, HG M950A, RF M99, SMG MAC-10, SG MAG-7, SMG MAS-38, SMG MAT-49, AR MDR, MG MG3, MG MG338, MG MG34, MG MG36, MG MG4, MG MG42, MG MG5, HG MP-443, HG MP-446, HG MP-448, SMG MP40, SMG MP41, SMG MP5, SMG MP7, SMG MPK, SMG MPL, AR MSBS, SMG MT-9, AR Magal, HG Makarov, AR Medusa, SMG Micro Uzi, SG Minos, RF Mk 12, HG Mk23, MG Mk46, MG Mk48, AR Model L, RF Mondragon, RF Mosin-Nagant, SG NS2000, RF NTW-20, HG NZ75, HG Nagant Revolver, MG Negev, HG Noel, RF OBR, AR OTs-12, AR OTs-14, SMG OTs-39, RF OTs-44, HG P08, HG P10C, HG P22, HG P226, HG P290, HG P30, HG P38, HG P7, SMG P90, HG P99, HG PA-15, MG PK, MG PKP, SMG PM-06, SMG PM-9, MG PM1910, SMG PP-19, SMG PP-19-01, SMG PP-2000, SMG PP-90, SMG PPD-40, HG PPK, HG PPQ, SMG PPS-43, SMG PPSh-41, RF PSG-1, HG PSM, RF PTRD, RF Pekora, HG Px4 Storm, HG Python, RF PzB 39, RF QBU-88, AR QBZ-191, HG QSB-91, AR R5, RF R93, AR RFB, SG RMB-93, SMG RO635, MG RPD, MG RPK-16, MG RPK-203, RF RT-20, HG Rex Zero 1, HG Rhino, AR Ribeyrolles, RF Rico, SG S.A.T.8, SMG SAF, AR SAR-21, RF SCAR-H, AR SCAR-L, AR SCR, SMG SCW, AR SIG MCX, AR SIG-510, AR SIG-556, RF SL8, RF SM-1, SMG SP9, SG SPAS-12, HG SPP-1, RF SPR A3G, SMG SR-2, SMG SR-3MP, RF SRS, RF SSG 3000, RF SSG 69, AR ST AR-15, SMG SUB-2000, RF SV-98, RF SVCh, RF SVD, RF SVT-38, RF Saiga 308, SG Saiga-12, SG Saki, RF Sakura, RF Savage 99, HG Sei, HG Serdyukov, SMG Shipka, RF Simonov, SG Six12, SMG Skorpion, SMG Spectre M4, HG Spitfire, RF Springfield, AR StG-940, AR StG44, HG Stechkin, RF Stella, SMG Sten MkII, SMG Sterling, AR Steyr ACR, RF Steyr Scout, SMG Suomi, RF Super SASS, SG Super-Shorty, SG Supernova, RF T-5000, RF T-CMS, AR T65, SMG T77, AR T91, RF TAC-50, AR TAR-21, HG TEC-9, RF TF-Q, AR TKB-408, SMG TMP, SG TPS, SG TS12, RF Tabuk, HG Tae, SMG Thompson, HG Thunder, HG Tokarev, SG Triela, AR Type 03, SMG Type 100, RF Type 4, RF Type 56, AR Type 56-1, HG Type 59, MG Type 62, AR Type 63, SMG Type 64, SMG Type 79, MG Type 80, RF Type 81 Carbine, MG Type 88, HG Type 92, AR Type 95, AR Type 97, SG Type 97 Shotgun, MG UKM-2000, SMG UMP40, SMG UMP45, SMG UMP9, SG USAS-12, HG USP Compact, SG V-PM5, AR VHS, SMG VP1915, HG VP70, HG VP9, RF VSK-94, SMG Vector, AR Vepr, SMG Vigneron M2, RF WA2000, HG WKp, HG Webley, HG Welrod MkII, SMG X95, RF XM3, AR XM8, MG Yurine, SMG Z-62, MG ZB-26, AR Zas M21, RF Zas M76, HG ZiP .22, SMG m45, RF wz.29


, AR Beowulf, RF Boys AT Rifle, RF Bronya, AR CM901, MG FM24, AR HK433, SMG K7, SMG KGP-9, HG Kiana, MG LAMG, MG MG15, SG MK3A1, AR Murata Himeko, SMG Owen, RF QBU-191, RF Raiden Mei, SG SPAS-15, SG Seele, SG Stevens M520, SG Stevens M620, HG Theresa, SMG Type 82, SG UTS-15, AR VRB, MG Yugiri



None released.


Every fairy released on this server.



, Acheron, Aegis, Aegis (KCCO SWAP), Aegis (KCCO), Aegis (SWAP), Agent, Alchemist, Arachne, Arachne's Clone, Archer, Architect, Ares, Argo-Carina, Argo-Puppis, Argo-Vela, Baba Lyuba, Beak, Bramedb, Brute, Brute (SWAP), Bubble Machine, Cannoneer, Cerberus, Cerynitis, Cerynitis (SWAP), Chariot, Chococalorie Bomb, Coeus, Corpse Bride, Crab Cannon, Cyclops, Cyclops (MG), Cyclops (SG), Dactyl, Defender (Enemy), Demonic Knight, Demonic Steed, Dessertgate, Destroyer, Dinereindeer, Dinergate, Dish of Aceso, Doppelsoldner, Dragoon, Dragoon (SWAP), Dreamer, Drifting Bubble, Elisa, Elphelt (Boss), Executioner, Executioner Elite, Fail (Boss), Faux Watermelon, Gager, Gaia, Ganglati, Garmr, Gebbennu, Gingerbread Guard, Gladiator, Goliath, Goliath+, Gray (Enemy), Great White Playground, Grenadier, Grig, Guard, Guard (SWAP), Gunner, Hannibal, Hell's Chef, Hunter, Hunter Elite, Hydra, Hymnal Organ, Infected, Infected Soldier, Intruder, Isomer White, Jaeger, Jaeger (SWAP), Jaguar, Judge, Jupiter Cannon, Ladon, Lycan Surfer, Lycaon, M16A1 (Boss), M4A1 (Boss), Maccabee, Manticore, Mechanical Crab, Mercurows, Minotaurus, Morridow (Enemy), Murat, Narciss, Nemeum, Nemhran, Nimogen, Nyto Black, Nyto Hammerer, Nyto Hawkeye, Nyto Patroller, Nyto Supporter, Nyto White, Oceanic Bartender, Ouroboros, Ouroboros Elite, Pathfinder, Patroller, Phantom, Phantom Jaeger, Possessed Roomba, Prowler, Prowler (SWAP), Pumpkin Ripper, Pyxis, Quill of Patmos, Recce Centre, Ripper, Ripper (SWAP), Roaming Fool, Rodelero, Sana, Scarecrow, Scout, Shark Volleyball, Smasher, Snackberus, Spearfishing Seer, Speed Demon's Wheel, Staff of Aesclepius, Strelet, Striker, Striker (SWAP), Super Duster, Tarantula, Tareus, Technician, Training Drone, Troy, Truck-kun, Typhon, Uhlan, Unknown, Vespid, Vespid (SWAP), Warden, Watermelon House, Witch Dragoon, Xmas Dinergate


, Dana (Boss), Isomer (Enemy), Isomer Black, Kratos, Orthros, RPK-16 (Enemy), Seele (Boss), Theresa (Boss), Walker