Seele (Boss)

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Seele (Boss)
Full name Seele (Boss)
Affiliation Collaboration Events
Released on CN
Chibi animation

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Stats / Data


Seele (boss)
link= Health Health 72000(x1)
link= Damage Damage 45 link= Evasion Evasion 10
link= Accuracy Accuracy 100 link= Rate of Fire Rate of Fire 35
link= Movement Speed Move Speed 100 link= Armor Armor 20
link= Armor Penetration Armor Pen. 10 Range 2
Boss of E2-4 (I Only Hope That One Day...)

Lore / Story involvement

SMG VectorThumb button.pngVector  volunteered herself to pinpoint the location of Hyperion, after AR Murata HimekoThumb button.pngMurata Himeko  couldn't contact it. HG TheresaThumb button.pngTheresa  initially would go by herself if not for Himeko interference after witnessing her brawl with Griffin. Theresa warned Vector to treat a girl named SG SeeleThumb button.pngSeele  on board of the ship nicely since she was very afraid of strangers, otherwise her dangerous split persona would awaken.

Vector managed to reach Hyperion, and made contact with Seele. She was alone and afraid, since there are so many Slains gathered there. Vector urged her to stay since it would be safer there, but she left by herself to find RF BronyaThumb button.pngBronya . Vector got no other choice but to find and take her along to the base.

Vector and Seele were walking through underground railway tunnel while the other were busy fighting Gaia. Suddenly they could hear low moan chorus behind them, and slowly figures of a horde of Slain appeared. They started running, while Vector is covering their back. SMG PP-90Thumb button.pngPP-90  came to their rescue and blast the tunnel to block the Slains who were chasing them. Things couldn't get any worse until Seele awaken her split persona after meeting PP-90 in person and sliced her in two. She disappeared after incapacitating Vector, saying she couldn't put up with the "good Seele" anymore.

Everyone in the base was in panic after Seele kidnapped Bronya. She's having mental breakdown after thinking that Bronya is taken away from her. She didn't want them to go back to their original world, wanted to stay here turning a new leaf. Soon enough they found her with Bronya, and tried to reason with her. Their effort was futile, and the fight broke down.