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The Oasis is the main base of the Exiles, a sector created by the Professor after the destruction of the Neural Cloud Sector in the Wipe-off Incident. It is relatively safe but not recognized as a valid sector by the Sanctifiers, who will try to destroy it.

In the Oasis screen, players place buildings on hexagonal grids and collect the resources generated over time. The Oasis generates four kinds of items: Prefab Units, Diggcoins, Basic Search Tickets and Energizers.

  1. Hide HUD
  2. Change weather simulator to a new location. The game will match the weather and time of day depending on coordinates.
  3. Collect all items at once
  4. See complete list of buildings and move buildings around
  5. See building info
  6. Access building upgrade screen
  7. Tap to collect individual items
  8. Current amount of items owned over maximum amount that can be stored. From left to right: Diggcoins, Prefab Units, Basic Search Ticket (and Energizers once unlocked)


New buildings and upgrades become available while progressing in the story. Placing new buildings is free but Prefab Units and Diggcoins must be spent to upgrade.

  • Headquarters (1): Placed by default. Must be upgraded with Diggcoins and Prefab Units to upgrade other buildings.
  • Search Terminal (1): Produce Basic Search Tickets. Upgrade with Diggcoins and Prefab Units to generate tickets faster, store more and unlock new Dolls in the Basic Search Pool (Betty, Imhotep, Angela, Earhart, Banxsy and Gin).
  • Engineering Bureau (3): Produce Prefab Units. Upgrade with Diggcoins to generate prefabs faster and store more.
  • DGC Bank (4): Produce Diggcoins. Upgrade with Prefab Units to generate DGC faster and store more.
  • Factory (1): Produce Energizers for completing factory orders faster. Upgrade with Diggcoins and Prefab Units to generate Energizers faster.
  • Trading Post (1): Upgrade with Diggcoins and Prefab Units to unlock more items in the Standard Acquisition Areas of the shop.
  • Warehouse (2): Upgrade with Diggcoins and Prefab Units to increase the global amount of Diggcoins and Prefab Units that can be stored and provide a small boost to Diggcoins production.
  • Weather Simulator (1): Placed by default, not upgradable.

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