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The story and CGs of Project: Neural Cloud as seen in the campaign.

Parts listed as “Stage” are combat stages which still contain story elements.

Main Story[edit]

Chapter 0: Oasis Defense[edit]


Standard 0-1: Emergency[edit]

Effective commands are critical to combat.


Standard 0-2: Last Stand[edit]

To protect all that lies behind you.


Standard 0-3: Miraculous Escape[edit]

The first light shines upon that lifeless land.


Chapter 1: Artificial Intelligence Sector - Rossum[edit]

Standard 1-1: Explore[edit]

The key to exploring other sectors is to stay low and not attract unwanted attention.


Standard 1-2: Trade[edit]

Provide help in exchange for resources, and win the upper hand through wordplay.


Standard 1-3: Fox[edit]

No matter where you are, merchants will always have exactly what you need at the moment for sale.


Standard 1-4: Clash[edit]

Everyone faces their own difficulties.


Standard 1-5: Method[edit]

It takes one to know one.


Standard 1-6: Argument[edit]

People have a habit of insisting on what they consider right and never backing down.


Standard 1-7: Viewpoint[edit]

People tend to assume those on the receiving end of help to be weak and often ignore their opinions.


Standard 1-8: Backup[edit]

Those who know to prepare for a rainy day rarely get themselves in situations too dire.


Standard 1-9: Sacrifice[edit]

We have never hesitated to sacrifice for the sake of those we care about.


Standard 1-10: Farewell[edit]

We always have too much to say in too little time.


Standard 1-11: Return[edit]

Recognition is a subjective term.


Dark 1-1: Determination[edit]

I will be the herald of the gaudy spring.


Dark 1-2: Proposal[edit]

We all tend to assume we have only one choice.


Dark 1-3: Route[edit]

For we are together in this eternity, guided by the same voice.


Dark 1-4: Fragment[edit]

The road before us is long and winding. Depart now and we shall be arriving.


Dark 1-5: Name[edit]

The Exiles will eventually return home.


Chapter 2: Military Sector - Cyclopes[edit]

Standard 2-1: Shrieking Arrow[edit]

An alarm, sounded by silence.


Standard 2-2: Hunting Grounds[edit]

Bestial instinct, enslaved in the name of rationality.


Standard 2-3: Powderkeg[edit]

The tides of war slowly rise.


Standard 2-4: Utter Destruction[edit]

United we stand.


Standard 2-5: Bullseye[edit]

Aim well and strike true; Identifying the target comes afterwards.


Standard 2-6: Arrow Let Loose[edit]

A persistence seen once a lifetime.


Standard 2-7: Fallacies[edit]

The conflicts of yesteryear, now a serpent coiled around the heart.


Standard 2-8: In Range[edit]

Two enter, one leaves.


Standard 2-9: Sniper's Scope[edit]

With but this one arrow, I snatch you from death's maw.


Stage 2-13: Unrestrained[edit]

The thoughts embedded in the code transcend 0s and 1s.


Standard 2-10: Recalibration[edit]

Who, then, observes behind the scenes?


Standard 2-11: Shattered Arrow[edit]

A cheerless victory.


Dark 2-1: Phantom Pain (Part I)[edit]

Faced with fresh tradegy, the old wounds begin to dully ache.


Dark 2-2: Phantom Pain (Part II)[edit]

I don't see another path, so I said I don't have another choice.


Dark 2-3: Wrong Path[edit]

We haven't changed, we've just steadily drifted apart.


Dark 2-4: Rebirth[edit]

The hardships crossed over by repirth. Can they sharpen the soul?


Dark 2-5: Wavering[edit]

Suffering opened the doors for her heart, but the future remained ever wrapped in fog.


Dark 2-6: Restart[edit]

It's like this. Everything restarts anew.


Chapter 3: Environment and Energy Sector - Helios[edit]

Standard 3-1: MIA[edit]

How could they go missing? They were just there.


Standard 3-2: Incongruence[edit]

Talking across channels sometimes has its uses.


Standard 3-3: Deja Vu[edit]

Sometimes, revisiting the past might not be a good idea.


Standard 3-4: Upturn[edit]

Reinforcements appearing in times of crisis is always an encouraging sign.


Standard 3-5: Downturn[edit]

We managed to solve the problem… probably


Standard 3-6: Ill Tidings[edit]

Grim reports all too often follow on the heels of good news.


Standard 3-7: Deletion[edit]

There is nothing in this world that will indulge an endless number of attempts.


Standard 3-8: Perseverance[edit]

People often believe so much in themselves that they forget there are others that can help as well.


Standard 3-9: Deep Learning[edit]

Looking back on the path we took, we can see that we already had so much.


Standard 3-10: Fireworks[edit]

No matter how winding the road, those sacred fires will be lit upon the mountain top.


Standard 3-11: Kindling[edit]

That burning flame, what could it mean.


Dark 3-1: Cycle[edit]

In her heart, the only one that cannot be let down is delicious chocolate.


Dark 3-2: Embark[edit]

Procrastination is a terminal illness.


Dark 3-3: Responsibility[edit]

When ideals become heavy responsibilities, can you still smile as easily as when you made the wish?


Dark 3-4: Companions[edit]

We need not be alone any longer. On the next journey, we go together.


Dark 3-5: Angled Light[edit]

The dust has settled; we will return home.


Chapter 4: Computer Sector - Enigma[edit]

Standard 4-1: Ghost Town[edit]

Any day can bring unexpected catastrophe.


Standard 4-2: Heavy Downpour[edit]

The strongest enemy doesn't necessarily only appear at the end.


Standard 4-3: Smiling Face[edit]

Perhaps a hand reaching out at our darkest hour, perhaps a blade laying hidden under a kind smile.


Standard 4-4: Dilemma[edit]

Behind, no retreat is possible. Ahead, the abyss awaits us.


Standard 4-5: A loner[edit]

We each faced the danger head-on, leaving our back to one another.


Standard 4-6: Anchor[edit]

In that dark and endless sea, you are the light that guides me.


Standard 4-7: Trust[edit]

From faith comes courage.


Standard 4-8: Awakening[edit]

Yesterday's lullaby.


Standard 4-9: Back[edit]

I returned to that place of death, carrying the spark of new life.


Standard 4-10: White Hole[edit]

Somewhere, we will connect again, as we did before.


Standard 4-11: Long Dream[edit]

With your lingering warmth, I continue forth into the cold future.


Dark 4-1: Nine Thousand Births[edit]

They taught each other the meaning behind their existence.


Dark 4-2: Forbidden Fruit[edit]

The sweet happiness of growth went sour.


Dark 4-3: Steadfast[edit]

I will protect you, no matter what you have become.


Dark 4-4: Nonexistent Memory[edit]

Secrecy breeds suspicion.


Dark 4-5: Judgment[edit]

No one can lie before God.


Chapter 5: Art Sector - Pierides[edit]

Standard 5-1: Criss-Crossed[edit]

Unconsciously, you glimpse a small corner of the truth.

Slides (Script)

Standard 5-2: Night Raid[edit]

In the dead of night, a grim visitor appears, surrounded by a dreadful air.

Slides (Script)

Standard 5-3: Ambush[edit]

Like a spider, it quietly waits for its prey to enter its web.

Slides (Script)

Standard 5-4: Negotiation[edit]

No one ever wants to have a gun pointed at them, but circumstances can dictate otherwise.

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Standard 5-5: Cooperation[edit]

Strength is a bargaining chip in discussions about cooperation.

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Standard 5-6: Advance[edit]

Where the enemy protects, we will penetrate.

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Standard 5-7: Theater[edit]

The charm of drama lies in its twist, bringing smiles or shrieks.

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Standard 5-8: Garden[edit]

Flowers cultivated by disaster are alluring and cunning.

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Standard 5-9: Nightmare[edit]

It could be that all beings with thought have things in their heart that they do not wish to face.

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Standard 5-10: Performance[edit]

The actors become the directors and bring the play to its climax.

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Standard 5-11: Descent[edit]

When you become a performer in the play, you will long for someone to come save you.

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Standard 5-12: To Be Continued[edit]

The actors are in place, the story has just begun.

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Dark 5-1: See You[edit]

People often use the phrase "see you later" when leaving, but machines could never understand the reason why.

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Dark 5-2: Favor[edit]

Like a star fixed in the night sky, that mysterious gift glimmers and shines.

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Dark 5-3: Icing[edit]

The price will be claimed when you least expect it. Until then, sleep well.

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Dark 5-4: Position[edit]

Everyone unconsciously seeks their own place in the world.

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Dark 5-5: Disagreement[edit]

Before the answer to the riddle was announced, no one knew if their answer was correct.

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Dark 5-6: Rushed Advance[edit]

Knowledge and answers are not free.

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Dark 5-7: Judgment[edit]

No one can lie before God.

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Chapter 6: Ecology Sector - Copley[edit]

Standard 6-1: Danger Zone[edit]

The sudden appearance of a natural disaster.

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Standard 6-2: Decisiveness[edit]

The clues are often fleeting and opportunities never knock when you're ready.

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Standard 6-3: Barrier[edit]

It's just like a hedgehog.

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Standard 6-4: Vigilance[edit]

One mustn't let down their guard around others.

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Standard 6-5: Calm[edit]

Haste makes waste.

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Standard 6-6: In Brief[edit]

Don't listen, don't care, don't think, don't know.

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Standard 6-7: Pulsate[edit]

The master of the misty depths has been dormant for a long time.

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Standard 6-8: Black Swan[edit]

Gentle filth amid foul screams.

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Standard 6-9: Child[edit]

Slow, noisy, and copying.

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Standard 6-10: Scene Control[edit]

The curtain is about to rise once more. To the staff that this doesn't concern, please leave.

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Standard 6-11: Light of the Sky[edit]

Break free of this cage and see the light once more.

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Standard 6-12: Tides[edit]

Those crashing waves are far more than simply sea water.

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Standard 6-13: Youth[edit]

Longing, misery, and direction.

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Standard 6-14: Puppet[edit]

Suspended upon strings, one's will usurped.

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Standard 6-15: Countermeasures[edit]

A two-pronged approach.

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Standard 6-16: Entrust[edit]

Please take my place. Finish what I could not.

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Standard 6-17: Strategy[edit]

One move on the board, three in the mind; place the piece with conviction.

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Standard 6-18: Baby Chick[edit]

Communicate, encourage, and guide.

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Standard 6-19: Confluence[edit]

A distant yet intimate relationship.

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Standard 6-20: War without End[edit]

A tacit understanding.

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Standard 6-21: Contingency Plan[edit]

A perfectly executed back up plan.

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Stage 6-27: Spotlight[edit]

To welcome freedom is to also welcome death.

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Standard 6-22: Impermanence[edit]

Until the play concludes, you can never be sure of what grotesque conclusion the director has planned.

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Standard 6-23: Emptied Seals[edit]

The endless journey is not over yet. The travelers cannot yet let down their guard.

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Standard 6-24: Communications[edit]

It's not known where the signal came from, nor where it's headed.

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Dark 6-1: Abyss[edit]

Dark 6-2: Erosion[edit]

Dark 6-3: Ring Cover[edit]

Dark 6-4: Confrontation[edit]

Dark 6-5: Instigation[edit]

Dark 6-6: Awaken[edit]

Chapter 6.1: Aberrance's Chain[edit]

Chapter 7: Inverted Mordent Resonance[edit]

Part 1: Reason[edit]

Part 2: Old Friend[edit]

Part 3: Fellow[edit]

Part 4: Opening[edit]

Stage 1: Showdown[edit]

Part 5: Eyecatch[edit]

Part 6: Admiration[edit]

Stage 2: Exploration[edit]

Part 7: Obsession[edit]

Part 8: Paean[edit]

Part 9: Deduction[edit]

Part 10: Seeds[edit]

Part 11: Festival[edit]

Part 12: Nightless[edit]

Stage 3: Understanding[edit]

Part 13: Daybreak[edit]

Part 14: Answer[edit]

Part 15: Cry[edit]

Part 16: Future[edit]

Stage 4: Negative[edit]

Part 17: Venus[edit]

Part 18: Low pressure[edit]

Part 19: "Stage"[edit]

Main Event[edit]

Chapter 7.1: Critical Cascade[edit]

Chapter 7.2: Perilous Advancement[edit]

Minor Events[edit]

Stories and stages of character events can be replayed from the Doll's listing (accessible even without unlocking the Doll).


Part 1: R&D[edit]

Sometimes, a product made with reference to market research data ends up being far different from what is expected.


Stage 1: Slice[edit]

What's the secret of a pretty, popular young female livestreamer's success? Perhaps the answer is – it's her popularity.


Stage 2: Livestream[edit]

Before starting a stream, it is crucial that you carefully read the relevant terms of service. Please cherish your stream, miss Streamer.

1 (Script) - 2 (Script) - 3 (Script) - 4 (Script) - 5 (Script) - 6 (Script) - Nodes

Stage 3: Fans[edit]

There is little that fans love more than meeting their idols and rubbing shoulders with them.

1 (Script) - 2 (Script) - 3 (Script) - 4 (Script) - Nodes

Stage 4: Chasing Dreams[edit]

What we all seek is the possibility that we may someday shine.

1 (Script) - 2 (Script) - 3 (Script) - 4 (Script) - 5 (Script) - Nodes

Stage 5: Performance[edit]

I'll give my best performance for you, who likes me best.

1 (Script) - 2 (Script) - 3 (Script) - 4 (Script) - 5 (Script) - Nodes

Part 2: The Curtain Rises[edit]

Existing to do battle alongside you, living to laugh and rejoice with you.


Magrasea's Lang Syne[edit]

Stage 1: Finding Notes[edit]

The strings are broken, and no further notes follow. A lonely song travels the wind.


Part 1: Tuning[edit]

Before the old year has even passed, new guests have arrived at the door.

Slides(Script) - Nodes

Stage 2: Plucking[edit]

The cherries and plums are in full bloom, as both guests and host prepare for the feast.

Slides(Script) - Nodes

Stage 3: Tremolo[edit]

Gently gather old dreams, for harsh sounds are the bane of moods.

Slides(Script) - Nodes

Stage 4: Vibrato[edit]

One can easily know the emotions in a song, but the thoughts of its player are a different matter.

Slides(Script) - Nodes

Stage 5: Glissando[edit]

Playing an instrument is like cooking; nimble fingers make for excellent dishes.

Slides(Script) - Nodes

Part 2: Harmony[edit]

A joyful song delights the heart, while the zither's string posts hide one's feelings.


Part 3: Lingering Melody[edit]

The first day of spring is upon us, even though the night of New Year's Eve has not yet ended.


Quenching Operation[edit]

Part 1: Hope[edit]

Stage 1: Recollection[edit]

Stage 2: Boot Camp[edit]


1(Script) - 2(Script) - 3(Script) - 4(Script) - 5(Script) - 6(Script) - Nodes

Stage 3: Back and Forth[edit]


1(Script) - 2(Script) - 3(Script) - 4(Script) - Nodes

Stage 4: Retaliation[edit]


1(Script) - 2(Script) - 3(Script) - 4(Script) - Nodes

Stage 5: Hard Fight[edit]


1(Script) - 2(Script) - 3(Script) - 4(Script) - 5(Script) - 6(Script) - 7(Script) - 8(Script) - Nodes

Part 2: Teachers and Students[edit]

Heartfelt House of Chocolate[edit]






























Midnight Machinations[edit]

Eager Fist, Dawning Fray[edit]

Chromatic Spiral[edit]

Strange Snowlands[edit]

A Song in the Ruins[edit]

Starlit Path of Wishes[edit]

Tales of Taste-Seeking[edit]

Chasing her Shadow[edit]

Song for a Twilight Grave[edit]

Strange Blue[edit]

L.A.D Riddle[edit]

Symphony Ensemble[edit]

Starchaser's Concerto[edit]

Spring Journey Home[edit]

Springtime Ruckus[edit]

Diviner At Heart[edit]

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