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Chelsea Profile Quotes
FF-ALPHA "Chelsea"
Full name FF-ALPHA "Chelsea"
Index 1007
Rarity 1
Class Warrior
Affinity Attacker
Affiliation/Company Svarog Heavy Industries
Birthday 6-Jun
Voice actor Tsumugi Risa
Artist Unknown
Released on CN (炽), EN, TW, KR, JP
Arma Inscripta "Firewalker's Spirit" (CN,EN)

Playable character in Project: Neural Cloud.


This unit is available in Basic Search (with Search Terminal at max level), Advanced Search, Targeted Search (banners marked as "Limited") and Exclusive Search.

Stats / Data[edit]

Initial stats scaling[edit]

Type Rating
Attack Growth C
Hashrate Growth C
HP Growth C
Physical DEF Growth C
Operand DEF Growth C

Stats (for CN server)[edit]

How to use
Max HP Crit Rate
Attack Crit Damage
Hashrate Physical Penetration
Physical Defense Operand Penetration
Operand Defense Dodge Rate
Attack Speed Post-battle HP Regen


Algorithm Slots[edit]

White tiles are unlocked by default. Blue tiles are unlocked by upgrading the Doll. Black tiles cannot be used.

Icon PNC Algorithm Offense.png Offense Icon PNC Algorithm Stability.png Stability Icon PNC Algorithm Special.png Special

Preferred and Disliked Gifts[edit]

  • Preferred
    • Item A Basket of Buns.png A Basket of Buns
    • Item A Dozen Buns.png A Dozen Buns
    • Item Bun.png Bun
  • Disliked
    • Item Coffee.png Coffee
    • Item Extra-large Cake.png Extra-large Cake

Background info[edit]

A Svarog Heavy Industries FF-ALPHA model fire management and emergency response doll. Designed in the mid-2050s, she can resists smoke, dust, fire and high temperatures and uses various firefighting equipment like a high pressure water lance, powder extinguishers and foam extinguishers. She was dispatched by Svarog for Project Neural Cloud in 2058.[1]

The FF-Alpha was released in early 2057 and started being used by governments by the end of that year. Aside from their robust hardware, they excel in real-time environmental data collection and analysis, while earlier Dolls couldn't do both at the same time. Chelsea was in the first batch of FF-Alphas enrolled in the Baltimore Fire Department and she earned an honorary award from the city in her first year, quickly leading to her selection for Project Neural Cloud.



Main artworks

Alternative artwork

Alternate expressions


  • The cat on the missing poster of her second Neural Expansion has the same expression as the Knife Cat meme. The white cat she saves in this artwork appears with Chelsea again in her Valentines CG and in Fern's Theater Retro series costume.