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Function Cards are objects that influence battles in Project Neural Cloud by changing the effects and strategies of automated attacks. Function Cards can be active from the start of a stage, or earned as the player is progressing in the stage. Only one of each Function Card can be owned at once, duplicates of the same card serve to upgrade the card. There is also a limit to the Deck Size that can be increased, but the player will need to discard any Function in excess to continue playing.

Active Functions are special Function Cards of max rarity which can be activated in battle by the player. They take the form of the Ultimate Skill of a Doll, even ones the player doesn't have.

Protocols are objects related to Functions that severely alter the attributes and strategies of all units. They can be wholly beneficial (green icon) or detrimental (red icon), or somewhere in between (yellow icon).

Card setup[edit]

PNC Function Card Example.jpg

From top to bottom and left to right:

  • Class of Doll affected
  • Level (each card can be upgraded two times, changing from blue to purple to gold)
  • "Gain" or "Upgrade" indicator, indicates if this is a new card or a duplicate that will upgrade the one already owned
  • Details button, tap to see an explanation for a status or damage effect included in the card's description
  • Description can be switched between simplified and advanced in game settings (here shown detailed). In the three values indicated in parenthesis, the one in orange will take effect, and the other two are the potential values after upgrading the card once and twice.
  • Function Chain: Tap to see the bonus effects when multiple cards of a certain set of four or five are owned (here shown with a two-set).
  • Dolls from your current team that will be affected by this card.
  • Gain the total Team Power.
  • Lock: Card will not be changed when using Refresh
  • Select/Upgrade/Sell button


PNC Function Select Guide.jpg
  • Select screen: Choose one of the functions displayed.
  1. Use the lock to keep a card when using Refresh
  2. Select/Upgrade button
  3. Tap to return to the main Exploration menu (you will need to come back to the Function select menu and make a choice to progress)
  4. Current amount of Cache Coins
  5. Discard all Functions and gain 10 Cache Coins
  6. Spend 10 Cache Coins to Refresh and get new Functions. The Functions you rejected will have a lower chance to appear later in this run.


Guard Cards[edit]

Sniper Cards[edit]

Specialist Cards[edit]

Warrior Cards[edit]

Medic Cards[edit]

Others Cards[edit]


  • Buff Protocols
    • Pressurization: When ally Dolls inflict damage equal to less than 3% of a non-boss unit's Max HP, increase the amount of damage dealt to match this value.
    • Kitty-shaped Miner: Increase Cache Coins gained by 20% (not including selling Functions)
    • Beware of Summons: Modesty has been sighted in the Final Zone ahead. Watch out for the enemy unit it summons! (Note: All combats in this stage will have a Modesty enemy summoning more enemies during battle.)
    • Reflect: Ally Dolls nullify and reflect the first 2 instances of damage they take (Costs 80 CC)
    • A Spent Force: Enemy units' HP is decreased by 30% at the start of the next 3 battles, Final Zones excluded.
    • Bestir: Ally units with the lowest HP percentage recovers 25% of their Max HP at the start of battle.
    • Mighty Power: All non-healer ally Dolls' ATK +50%, and Hashrate -50% (Costs 50 CC)
    • Double Remuneration: Get 2 times the amount of Cache Coins from clearing the next 3 Conflict Zones (Final Zones included)
    • Dragonslayer: All Dolls deal 10% more damage to Bosses and Elite Enemies (Costs 80 CC)
    • All-Around Readiness: At the start of battle in the Final Zone, all ally units obtain a shield equal to 10% of their Max HP and a 10% Attack Speed boost.
  • Efficient Compilation: Halves the Cache Coin cost for the first three purchases on the next visit to a Trading Area.
  • Neutral Protocols
    • Brainstorm: All ally units' Hashrate is increased by 30%, but all melee unit's Max HP is reduced by 30% (Costs 50 CC)
    • Silent Rage: All ally units are silenced for 10 seconds at the start of battle, but have their Attack Speed increased by 30% and ATK increased by 15%.
    • Hashrate Tides: Ally units deal 30% more damage during the first 20 seconds of a battle, and 30% less damage afterwards.
    • Fragile: All units take 25% more damage when their HP is lower than 50% (Costs 50 CC)
    • Sharpshooter: Ally long-range units deal 50% more damage, but their Max HP is reduced by 50% (Costs 50 CC)
    • Painful Elation: Ally units take damage equal to 10% of their Max HP aat the start of battle, but have their ATK increased by 30%.
    • Extreme Bonuses: Get 4 times the amount of Cache Coins from clearing the next Conflict Zone, but all enemy units' HP and ATK is increased by 15% (FInal Zones excluded)
  • Debuff Protocols
    • Return to Zero: Ally Dolls no longer gain pre-charge time at the start of battle. Units on Overdrive Tiles are not affected.

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