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General Currencies[edit]

  • Key: Used to enter battle and claim battle drops. Replenishes over time but can also be earned from missions and spending Key Memory Cards.
  • Diggcoins: Drops from DGC Collection and DGC Banks. Used basically everywhere from enhancing Dolls and buildings to buying items in the Special Supplies shop.
  • Prefab Units: Produced in the Engineering Bureau and Factory and earned as mission reward. Used to upgrade buildings and in the Factory.
  • Strategic Blueprint: Earned in Endless Exploration. Used to unlock and upgrade Procedural Efficiency.
  • Data: Comes in Square/Triangle/Rhombus kinds and in Low-poly/Mod-poly/High-poly rarities. Produced in the Factory or dropped in Potential Training and Algorithm Collection.
  • Energizers: Currency produced in Oasis and spent in the Factory for Quick-Order.
  • Algorithm Fragment: Obtained from decomposing Algorithms. Used in the Factory to produce high-rarity Algorithms.
  • Activity: Obtained from completing Daily or Weekly Missions and automatically used to unlock Magrasea Battle Pass tiers. There is a cap to the amount of this item obtainable per week.
  • Daily Activity/Weekly Activity: Obtained from completing Daily or Weekly Missions and automatically used to unlock daily and weekly rewards.
  • Cognition EXP: Player EXP. Earned by completing Achievements, increases Cognition Level.

Dolls Enhancement items[edit]

  • Combat EXP: Earned in packs of various sizes from combat and missions, or bought in the shops. Increases a Doll's level.
  • Neural Fragment: There is one type of Fragment per Doll. Used to perform Neural Expansion and increase a Doll's rarity. Earned in Fragment Search and bought in shops.
  • Breakthrough Widget: There is one type of Widget for each class, and they come in Simplified/Standard/Advanced/Premium/Pioneering tiers. Earned in Potential Training or by completing missions, or bought in the shops. Used to perform Breakthroughs, each successive Breakthroughs requires a Widget of higher level.
  • Skill Sample: Drops from Skill Array Domain. Used to upgrade Skill level.
  • Skill Pivot: Produced in the Factory or bought in the Points Redemption Center. Used to upgrade Skill level.
  • Gifts: Earned directly or from random gift packages from Fragment Search and Daily Missions and comes in three rarities. Gives a random gift used to improve a Doll's Intimacy.
  • Algorithm: Used in Dolls' Algorithm Slots to enhance attributes. Obtained in Algorithm Collection. (Algorithms owned are not listed in the Warehouse menu and can only be seen in the Algorithm edit menu.)
  • Algorithm Booster: Earned from Daily Missions and comes in three rarities. Grants Efficiency EXP to increase Algorithm Efficiency.
  • Sampling Parameter: There is one type for each Doll class. Drops from any combat stage costing Keys depending on the Dolls class in the team, used in Specialty Training.

Shop and Search Currencies[edit]

  • Quartz: Premium currency used in Neural Search.
  • Quartz Sand: Currency obtained from Daily, Weekly and Main Story Missions, Achievements, paid-for Monthly Supply Pass, paid-for Advanced Cognition Improvement Fund and weekly goals. Can be used to purchase various items and currencies in the rest of the shop.
  • Advanced Search Command: Bought in various shops and earned from missions. Used to pull in Advanced Searching and Targeted Search gacha banners.
  • Basic Search Command: Produced by the Search Terminal building. Used to pull in Basic Search gacha.
  • Furniture Coins: Currency for the Furniture Shop. Can be purchased with Quartz Sand or received from completing missions.
  • Projection Voucher: Currency for the Neural Cloud Projection shop and buy costumes. Can be purchased with Quartz or obtained form special events.
  • Neural Kit: Obtained from pulling duplicate Dolls in Neural Search. Can be exchanged in the Neural Fragment shop to get a limited amount of Neural Fragments for obtained Dolls.
  • Discrete Signal: Earned from repeatedly pulling on Targeted Search gacha banners, can be exchanged for the rate-up Dolls.
  • Discrete Points: Converted 1:1 from unused Discrete Signal when a time-limited Targeted Search ends. Used to purchase various items in the Permanent Supplies shop.
  • Reputation Point: Earned when another player uses the player's Support Dolls. Used to purchase various items in the Special Supplies shop.
  • Glitter Chip: Obtained from running daily Vulnerability Check. Can be exchanged for various items (including Neural Fragments) in the Special Supplies shop.


  • Name Change Card: Spent to change player account name. One is given when joining the game, unsure when other will be available.

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