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Using Equipment[edit]

All T-Dolls have 3 slots for equipping items that grant them additional stats (and in some cases confer penalties as well).

T-Dolls must reach a certain level before they unlock each equipment slot. Level requirements;

  • Slot 1 unlocks at level 20
  • Slot 2 unlocks at level 50
  • Slot 3 unlocks at level 80

In additional, equipment is available in 4 different levels of rarity;

  • 2Stars.png Common equipment requires level 20 to equip.
  • 3Stars.png Rare equipment requires level 30 to equip.
  • 4Stars.png Epochal equipment requires level 45 to equip.
  • 5Stars.png Legendary equipment requires level 60 to equip.

Weapon Class Rules[edit]

Every weapon class can equip specific equipment in their 3 slots;

Class Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
AR Accessories HV Ammo Chip/Exoskeleton
SMG Chip/Exoskeleton HP Ammo Accessories
HG Suppressor/PEQ* HP Ammo Chip/Exoskeleton
RF AP Ammo Optics/Suppressor Chip/Camouflage Cloak
MG AP Ammo Optics Chip/Ammunition Box
SG Chip/Armor Plate Slug/Buckshot Ammo Optics/PEQ*
  • PEQ = Night Battle Equipment


Most equipment rules apply to every T-Doll of each class, but there are some exceptions.

AR 6P62Thumb button.png6P62  - In addition to normal AR equipment she can also equip AP Ammo in slot 2.
SMG C-MSThumb button.pngC-MS  - In addition to normal SMG equipment she can also equip AP Ammo in slot 2.
HG ContenderThumb button.pngContender  - In addition to normal HG equipment she can also equip AP Ammo in slot 2.
AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1  - M16A1 can equip HV Ammo only in slot 1. Also, she can equip Exoskeleton or Armor Plate in both slots 2 and 3. M16A1 cannot equip any other types of equipment.
AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  - M4 SOPMOD II can equip Optics, Suppressor or Night Battle Equipment in both slots 1 and 2. Also, she can equip HV Ammo in slot 3. M4 SOPMOD II cannot equip any other types of equipment.
AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15  - ST AR-15 can equip Optics, Suppressor or Night Battle Equipment in both slots 1 and 2. Also, she can equip HV Ammo in slot 3. ST AR-15 cannot equip any other types of equipment.

Equipment Types[edit]

Equipment is split into 3 categories; Accessory, Magazine and T-Doll. Most T-Dolls equip at least 1 type of equipment from each category.


  • Optical Sights - Also commonly referred to as Telescopic Sights, these optics increase Critical Hit Chance and are vital for DPS dolls such as ARs and RFs with self-buffing skills.
  • Holographic Sight - Holo Sights increase raw firepower and accuracy but reduce rate of fire. This makes them more valuable on T-Dolls with damage dealing skills such as AR and SMGs with damaging grenades.
  • Red Dot Sight - Red Dot Sights increase accuracy but reduce rate of fire. The need for increased accuracy is most common on MGs and SGs, although some DPS SMGs such as SMG SR-3MPThumb button.pngSR-3MP  also benefit greatly from the accuracy increase. It is worth noting that armored enemies in night battles have no evade stat so increasing accuracy against these targets does nothing.
  • Suppressor - Suppressors increase Critical Hit Chance, but by less than Optical Sights, but also increase Evasion. As Handguns can only equip either these or Night Battle Equipment Suppressors are used by HGs and Evasion based SMGs to increase their survivability.
  • Night Battle Equipment - Commonly referred to as PEQs or Night Vision equipment, this item reduces the Night Battle accuracy penalty by the percentage stated, multiplicatively. For example; a 90% PEQ will reduce the 90% night battle penalty by 81% (90% of the 90% penalty).


  • High Velocity Ammo - Available only to ARs, this ammo type increases firepower and should be used on all ARs not just because there is no alternative but because it is very good.
  • Hollow Point Ammo / Status Ammo - Available only to SMGs and HGs, this ammo type increases firepower but reduces armor penetration. Again, this is the only ammo type available to SMGs and HGs.
  • Armor Piercing Ammo - Available only to RFs and MGs, this ammo type increases armor penetration. This ammo type is absolutely necessary for dealing with the armored targets that you will encounter in night battles.
  • Buckshot Ammo - Available only to SGs, this is the first of the two shotgun shell ammo types. Increases both firepower and critical strike damage, with no drawbacks this is the go-to ammo for most SGs.
  • Slug Ammo - Available only to SGs, this is the alternative shotgun shell ammo type. While slugs offer significantly increased damage and accuracy the shotgun will only hit 1 target, not 3. You should only expect to need slugs in rare situations where you need a SG but only expect to face a single target.


  • Exoskeleton - Available in two different types, X and T, Exoskeletons generally increase survivability. The X1/X2/X3/X4 Exoskeletons provide an evasion increase that helps keep T-Dolls alive, the X versions are recommended for ARs and SMGs that are more DPS focused. The T1/T2/T3/T4 Exoskeletons provide even more evasion than the X versions, but also reduce firepower, making them best suited to tanky SMGs and HGs who aren't expected to cause much damage.
  • Ammunition Box - This MG only equipment increases the MG classes Rounds stat, increasing the number of shots that can be fired before the MG must reload. This does come at the cost of lowered evasion however. MGs do not have any alternative to this for slot 3.
  • Camouflage Cloak - Exclusive to the RF class, the Camo Cloak provide a significant DPS boost by increasing the amount of damage done by critical strikes. It does reduce movement speed, which can make it awkward to use in fights where you want to move your T-Dolls around to avoid damage and also lowers the entire echelons advancement speed since they can only move as fast as the slowest unit when moving as a group. To put this into perspective, base RF movement speed is 7, cloaks reduce this to 4.
  • Armor Plate - Designed for use by SGs, Armor Plates increase a T-Doll's armor value, reducing damage taken (assuming the enemy doesn't have enough armor penetration to ignore it), this allows SGs to tank significant amounts of damage from gunfire thanks to their high HP and the mitigation of their armor.
  • Chip - All current Microchips are exclusive to specific T-Dolls, they exist to boost specific stats.
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List of Equipment
Icon Telescopic Sight S 2star.png BM 3-12X40 · LRA 2-12x50 · PSO-1 Telescopic Sight · VFL 6-24x56 · 16Lab 6-24x56 · KST1P7 · KST1P8 · KSTSP · PM 5-25X56
Icon Holographic Sight S 2star.png EOT 506 · EOT 512 · EOT 516 · EOT 518 · EOT XPS3
Icon Red Dot Sight S 2star.png AMP COMPM2 · AMP COMPM4 · COG M150 · ITI Mars · 16Lab MARS
Icon Night Combat Equipment S 2star.png PEQ-2 · PEQ-5 · PEQ-15 · PEQ-16A · 16Lab Infrared Designator · PKN03M Night Scope
Icon Silencer S 2star.png AC1 Silencer · AC2 Silencer · AC3 Silencer · AC4 Silencer
Icon Armor-Piercing Ammo S 2star.png M61 Armor Piercing Ammo · M993 Armor-Piercing Ammo · Mk169 Armor-Piercing Ammo · Mk211 High Explosive Armor-Piercing Ammo · 16Lab Sub-Caliber Armor-Piercing Ammo · Match Grade Armor-Piercing Ammo
Icon HP Ammo S 2star.png ILM Hollow Point Ammo (2-Star) · ILM Hollow Point Ammo (3-Star) · ILM Hollow Point Ammo (4-Star) · ILM Hollow Point Ammo · 16Lab Hollow-Point
Icon Shotgun Ammo S 2star.png #1 Buckshot Ammo · BK Slug Ammo · #0 Buckshot Ammo · FST Slug Ammo · #00 Buckshot Ammo · WAD Slug Ammo · #000 Buckshot Ammo · SABOT Slug Ammo · 16Lab Buckshot
Icon High-Velocity Ammo S 2star.png FMJ High-Velocity Ammo · JSP High-Velocity Ammo · JHP High-Velocity Ammo · APCR High-Velocity Ammo · 16Lab High-Velocity Ammo · .300BLK High-Velocity Ammo
Icon Microchip S 2star.png Titan Fire Control Chip · Hayha Memory Chip · Dedicated Tactical Memory
Icon Exoskeleton S 2star.png IOP T1 Exoskeleton · IOP X1 Exoskeleton · IOP T2 Exoskeleton · IOP X2 Exoskeleton · IOP T3 Exoskeleton · IOP X3 Exoskeleton · IOP T4 Exoskeleton · IOP X4 Exoskeleton · 16Lab T4 Exoskeleton · GSG UX Exoskeleton · UMP UX Exoskeleton
Icon Ballistic Plate S 2star.png Type 1 Ballistic Plate · Type 2 Ballistic Plate · Type 3 Ballistic Plate · 16Lab Armor Plate · Custom Exoskeletal Armor
Icon Ammo Box S 2star.png IOP High-Capacity Ammo Box · IOP Extreme Ammo Box · Infinite Ammo Box
Icon Camo Cape S 2star.png Ragged Cape · Camouflage Cape · Urban Camo Cape · Thermoptic Camo Cape · 16Lab Thermoptic Cape · Blue Thickened Cape