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AA-12 Story Quotes Live2D
Gun Information
Full name Atchisson Auto Assault-12 Gauge
Country of origin United States
Manufacturer Maxwell Atchisson (1972 - 1987), Military Police Systems Inc. (2005 - present)
Game Information
Faction Griffin & Kryuger
Manufactured /
Revised by
Voice actor Honda Mariko
Artist Silverwing
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP
Chibi Animation

Click the marked area to switch between animations. For details regarding animations, please see Animations on the Wiki.

    For the corresponding character in Project Neural Cloud, see Lind.

How to obtain[edit]

NORMALHEAVY Timer 8:12:00. See T-Doll Production for details.

DROP Not obtainable as a drop.

REWARD Not obtained as a reward

Exclusive Equipment[edit]

Union Skill[edit]

There is no union skill for this T-Doll.

Stats / Data[edit]

135(x1)269(x1) / 1345(x5) 30(x1) / 90(x5) 40(x1) / 140(x5)
12 30
2 11
2 12
Rate of Fire
 Rate of Fire
27 39
Movement Speed
 Move Speed
3 22
Critical Hit Rate
 Crit. Rate
Critical Hit Damage
 Crit. Damage
Armor Penetration
 Armor Pen.
Clip Size
 Clip Size
Icon slot Accessory.png Icon Telescopic Sight S 2star.png Icon Holographic Sight S 2star.png
Icon Red Dot Sight S 2star.png Icon Night Combat Equipment S 2star.png
Icon Silencer S 2star.png
Icon slot Magazine.png Icon Armor-Piercing Ammo S 2star.png Icon HP Ammo S 2star.png
Icon Shotgun Ammo S 2star.png
Icon High-Velocity Ammo S 2star.png
Icon slot Doll.png Icon Microchip S 2star.png Icon Exoskeleton S 2star.png
Icon Ballistic Plate S 2star.png Icon Camo Cape S 2star.png
Icon Ammo Box S 2star.png

Ranking of this Doll's specs relative to other Dolls of the same type.

Ranking of this Doll's specs relative to every other Doll.

Affects Machine Guns
Increase damage by 22%

Weapon Background[edit]

The Auto Assault-12 (AA-12) is an automatic combat shotgun developed by American firearms designer Maxwell Atchisson. The current version of the weapon, introduced in 2005, was developed over a period of 18 years following the patent being sold to Military Police Systems, Inc. The original design was the basis of several later weapons, including the USAS-12 combat shotgun.[1]

The original version of what would become the AA-12 was the Atchisson Assault Shotgun, developed by Maxwell Atchisson in 1972. In 1987, Atchisson sold the patent rights to Jerry Baber of Military Police Systems Inc., an American firearms company based out of Piney Flats, Tennessee. MPS would then develop a successor to the original Atchisson design, with the new weapon being dubbed the Auto Assault-12. The AA-12 was designed over a period of 18 years, with MPS making a total of 188 changes or alterations to the original Atchisson blueprint. These changes resulted in the AA-12 being lightened to around 4.76 kg (10.5 lb) and shortened to 966 mm (38.0 in), while still retaining the same barrel length as the original design.

One of the major modifications made to the Atchisson design was switching the gun from a blowback action to a gas-operated action with a locked breech. This change is the reason behind one of the AA-12's most prominent design features, that being its surprisingly light recoil for a 12-gauge shotgun. When a round is fired, the weapon's proprietary gas system absorbs around 80 percent of the recoil. An additional recoil spring absorbs another 10 percent, meaning that the shooter will only feel around 10 percent of the recoil one would expect from such a cartridge. This low recoil is especially helpful given the weapon is designed to be fired in full auto, helping the shooter maintain accuracy.

The AA-12 fires from an open bolt, which is uncommon for an automatic shotgun, and is a style of operation more commonly seen in submachine guns and heavy/squad-level machine guns. This, combined with the weapon's heavy use of stainless steel and large clearances for fouling, means that the AA-12 is exceptionally reliable. MPS have stated that the weapon requires little to no cleaning or lubrication, and that cleaning is only required after 10,000 rounds.

In 2004, around 10 AA-12 shotguns were produced for testing by the United States Marine Corps. Around the same time, MPS would team up with the Special Cartridge Company based out of London to combine the gun with the FRAG-12 High-Explosive cartridge. This specialized shotgun cartridge fired a slug that contained a small amount of high explosives in the tip, and was designed for breeching intermediate barriers, defeating light vehicles, and remote detonating IEDs. Four folding fins spring out after the slug leaves the muzzle, stabilizing the round in flight. The FRAG-12 has a maximum range of around 200 meters (660 ft), with the explosives arming at around 3 meters (9.8 ft) and detonating on impact.[2] Pairing the AA-12 with the FRAG-12 round allowed the weapon to serve as a multipurpose system, and it was hoped that this would improve the weapon's chances of being adopted by the US military. Ultimately, the AA-12 would not be adopted by the Marines.

Character Background

Official character description: A girl somewhat on the grumpy side, she often forces herself to do things she's not good at, only to have a bout of self-loathing later. If she fails to take her regular fix of sugar, she's likely to feel sick. She enjoys staying up late to listen to late-night radio shows; her favorite program is the emotion-filled Kalina's Free-Talk Office. She fiercely despises barbaric violence, but she doesn't include the use of guns in this category, as she believes it to be a civilized, efficient problem-solving method.


Main artwork

Gallery consisting of artworks used primarily in-game. For information on how to obtain certain costumes, see Skin Catalogue.

Alternative artwork

Alternate gallery consisting of artworks with slight alterations as well as miscellaneous artworks.


  • In-game, AA-12's firing animation shows her weapon having quite a lot of recoil. The real life AA-12 has remarkably low recoil due to its gas-operated closed breech action and recoil spring.
  • AA-12's real name is Lind, an experimental Ultilife model. After being accepted into the Project Neural Cloud experiment, her neural cloud was offered to Griffin & Kryuger to field test Imprint Technology.[3]