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Kalina Live2D
Full name Kalina
Affiliation Griffin & Kryuger
Voice actor Touyama Nao
Artist 音符 and 防弹乳牛
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP

"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Kalina is a logistics officer for Griffin and Kryuger, who became the Commander's adjutant when they joined G&K in 2062 and has been serving under their command ever since. Her job is to manage the constant flux of resources used by the Commander and their T-Dolls during their operations, as well as handle secretary work.[1] In-game, she is can be seen roaming around the base and manning the store, where she asks the Commander to buy things.


Kalina lost both of her parents in the aftermath of World War Three and developed an obsession for wealth at a young age.[2] In one of her lines in the Shop screen, she denies having any particular love for money, but not having interest in anything else. SMG MP7Thumb button.pngMP7  gave her the nickname "Gold Digger" due to this obsession.[3] Berezovich Kryuger came across the young Kalina shortly after forming Griffin and Kryuger in 2053, and he employed Kalina's service in the company even though she was under aged out of pity.[2] Kalina was already a long time G&K employee when she was assigned to the Commander in Sector 09 in 2062.

Character Info

While she prefers her nickname "Kalin", her full name is Kalina (meaning "sweet viburnum"). She is cheerful, passionate and casual by nature and is very friendly to the Commander. For the most part she is diligent at her work, but in her private life she has a typical girlish side to her. She is a perfectly normal human being other than the fact that she takes much longer afternoon naps then others... (Are we partially to blame for this for overworking her?) Kalina also has more surprising capacities: she can draw pretty well and has a surprising and rare knowledge of old computer technology.[1]

Kalina runs new players through the Tutorial when they start their career as commanders, and she is the default adjutant displayed on the main screen. Kalina does not exist as a unit and can't be upgraded or deployed in battle like T-Dolls, though she does use weapons at some points during the Story. She is often seen carrying a tablet device which closely resembles a certain fruity company's device.

Notably, Kalina seems to be in charge of writing Battle Reports in the Data room. In a Madcore Comic on the "Downloading Game Data" screen, she is seen finishing a batch of reports after consuming many energy drinks (in the form of the battery consumable item), only to be dumped with more combat data, which has become a running gag situation.


"Let's take out the trash."

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Kalina's costume as an adjutant on the main screen can be changed in the adjutant selection screen by selecting the player name on the upper left, and in the shop using the dedicated button on the upper right.

Kalina's base costume has Live2D enabled by default, like some T-Dolls costumes. Other non-Live2D costumes can be unlocked for Kalina during certain events, or by increasing her special affection level. This level is increased by tapping her heart bubbles in the shop (a particle effect and a prompt will notify the player of a new costume) or by spending gems. There is no indicator of her affection level aside from voice lines dependent on this level.

  • Default Outfit: Her default appearance. Comes in Live2D format, as well as static image format.
  • Rays of Youth: Obtained by increasing her affection by a minor ~ small level.
  • Urban Freedom: Obtained by increasing her affection by a moderate ~ large level.
  • Rock 'n' Spanner: Obtained by maxing out her affection.
  • Griffin Uniform: Obtained from a login event during the game's Anniversary (used to be named with the typo "Griffon").
  • Gems & Fireworks: Obtainable from an event during the Autumn festival.
  • Winter Party: Obtainable from an event during Christmas.
  • Black Cat: Obtainable during the Glory Day's Collab Event.
  • Lover's Discourse: Obtainable from an event during Valentines.

Story Involvement

Kalina was the logistics officer of the Sector 09 Griffin outpost in 2062 when the Commander, a new G&K recruit at the time, was placed in charge of the area. Kalina assured them G&K's selection process was tough enough to ensure they were ready and organized a training drill for them.[4] During the Commander's evaluation in the advanced testing program, she filled in for Helian as supervisor during the day Helian was out to a mixer, later relating to the Commander it was yet another failure.[5] When the Commander received their first mission from Persica, Kalina explained Persica's role as 16LAB's head researcher to the Commander since Persica did not bother to introduce herself.[6]

Kalina used her proficiency with outdated encryption schemes to recover records of AR Team's operation at Safe House 3, boasting about the randomness of her skillset and teaching the decryption method to AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 .[7] After Sangvis Ferri's assault on Sector 08 and the Commander's transfer to Sector 05, Kalina expressed that she missed the exciting missions of the frontline but supported the Commander in their choice to change their command sector to monitor AR Team during their detention, saying she was grateful to the Commander for living new experiences.[8]

In the aftermath of the joint mission between G&K and KCCO where the military betrayed G&K, Kalina assisted the Commander in evacuating as much T-Dolls and G&K personnel from the battlefield as possible, using a megaphone to direct the troops when all command networks were taken down by KCCO's countermeasure against OGAS's infiltration.[9] Later, Kalina and the Commander were involved in countering Paradeus' terrorist attack on Belgrade.[10]



  • Her censored artwork due to Chinese regulations features her wearing a T-Shirt underneath her clothes, her uncensored artwork reveals her cleavage. Her uncensored artwork can be viewed in some cutscenes.
  • List of Kalina's shop dialogues
    • Despite saying so, Kalina doesn't actually give the player any discounts in the store.
  • During Continuum Turbulence, Kalina stated that in the case she happens to get KIA, she wishes to be reborn as a "Big Fat Tabby Cat". During the next April Fool's day, her chibi sprite actually turned into one. How'd that happen...?


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