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Angelia Quotes
Full name Angelia
Affiliation Bureau of State Security
Voice actor Satou Rina
Artist Unknown
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP

Angelia (安洁莉娅, otherwise shortened to Ange or Angie (安洁)) is a former commander of Griffin & Kryuger working for the Neo-Soviet Union's Bureau of State Security and the leader of Task Force DEFY.

Not to be confused with AR AngelicaThumb button.pngAngelica  from the Dream Theatre collaboration event or Angela from Project Neural Cloud.


Angelia is her pseudonym.[1] Her true name is Anna Viktorovna Tsoi (Анна Викторовна Цой), a Soviet Korean born on 22 August 2032 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Her father Viktor Tsoi was a railway engineer while her mother Svetlana Sin was a secondary school teacher. The family moved to Moscow in 2039 when Viktor was chosen to work for the Soviet Ministry of Transport. The night of 2 March 2045, at the height of political tensions between the United States and the Neo-Soviet Union over the German Civil War, a Minuteman III MIRV missile broke through Moscow’s ABM network and hit near Viktor's workplace, killing him and his wife who was driving to pick him up from work.

Amidst the chaos in Moscow, Anna was handed over to the Internal Troops 36th Brigade, who were organizing the evacuation of the Ministry of Transport personnel, and evacuated to Ordzhonikidze, the capital of the North Ossetia-Alania Republic. The 13-years old Anna became well-liked among the soldiers of the 9th Company, who often snuck her aboard their armored vehicles for rides to distract her from loneliness. After some administrative turmoil, Anna was sent to Beslan a few kilometers away from the 36th Brigade’s garrison to live with the family of Ismaili Ibrahimov, one of her father’s ex-colleague and friend. The Ordzhonikidze region was relatively spared by the ongoing World War Three aside from food and commodities shortages and Anna received a normal education. One day in April 2047, Anna was riding to school in one of the 9th Company's Bumerang APC when she was noticed by the visiting Soviet Minister of the Interior Viktor Zelinsky. An attached photographer took a picture of Zelinsky shaking hands with Anna aboard the APC which would circulate widely after the war. Anna and Zelinsky exchanged letters for a few months after their encounter.

On 1st September 2050, armed Islamist extremists from the Relocation Action Group, who were about to be captured by the Bureau of State Security's Alpha Group and the 36th Brigade, invaded the No. 1 Secondary School of Beslan and took over a thousand teachers, students and parents hostage with a Relic-powered explosive device, demanding the Neo-Soviet government to stop their joint counterterror operations with the countries of Western Europe and release all captured terrorists. The standoff dragged on for 11 hours, an internal dispute appeared among the terrorists as some of them refused to execute children and the Relic power source began to melt and jam communications, leaving the StateSec, the 36th, the police, the terrorists, the hostages and the armed civilians deaf and dumb.

The StateSec commanding officer ordered an assault to stop the terrorists from using the bomb. As the terrorists were returning fire from the gymnasium where they held some hostages and the bomb, Anna took action and ran to the bomb to rip out the wires, stopping the countdown. Having lost their biggest bargaining chip, the terrorists turned their fire against the hostages. All 20 terrorists were killed, but so were four soldiers of the 36th and 186 students and their parents, including one of Ibrahimov's sons, while himself and his second son were injured. Anna was unscathed, having been shielded from bullets by the bomb. After the burials, Anna cut her hair off and wrote a letter to Zelinsky. A year later, she graduated from secondary school and entered the C.M. Kirov Command Academy ran by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ordzhonikidze. After this, she continued her studies in Moscow and gradually disappeared from the life of her adoptive parents and friends. She sent her last letter to the Ibrahimovs in November 2059 along with some high-quality daily essentials and rations, and a picture of herself in a military uniform, wearing a Captain’s insignias.[2]

Character Info

Due to the events of her childhood, Angelia wants to destroy as many Relic Technology artifacts as possible.[3] Angelia is a no-nonsense, brutally effective covert ops commander, but she is not above teasing her subordinates[4] while valuing them deeply, even over her own life.[5][6] She tried multiple times to ensure Task Force DEFY would continue to serve under the Commander in the event of her death,[1][7] though AR AK-12Thumb button.pngAK-12  and AR AN-94Thumb button.pngAN-94  would have self-destructed rather than being led by another commander.[8] Angelia doesn't hesitate to work in the field with her subordinates,[9] which is why she ends up in dangerous situations and gets severely wounded to the point where her body is covered in scars and she has two mechanical limbs. She still cares about her appearance regardless and was worried of the damages caused by ELID infection.[1]

As exemplified in her adjutant voice lines, she has no particular hobby and is not interested in socializing because her life revolves around her work. Angelia has been working with Persica for years and they share a vitriolic friendship of sorts.[1] Angelia also clashed multiple time against Captain Yegor of KCCO during her career and the two shared a bitter hatred.[10][11]

Story Involvement


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During her time as a Griffin & Kryuger Commander,[12] Angelia worked with AR Team during the raid of Safe House 3[13][5] but later had their memories of her wiped.[7] As a result, AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  sensed only a vague familiarity when meeting Angelia again[14] while AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  remembered more about her personality.[15] Angelia considers Squad 404 to be her personal black ops team.[14] After the battle between Griffin and Sangvis Ferri in Area S09, Angelia sent Squad 404 recover AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15 's body parts as she wanted her skills for Task Force DEFY,[16] which she established in 2063.[17] Around this time, she also came close to be killed by Agent and Elisa.[18][19]

At some point, Angelia infiltrated Sangvis Ferri's Base 0, leaving a beacon to guide Persica toward files of interest for the day she would turn her attention there in her search for Lycoris' legacy. After recovering the file, Persica contacted Angelia and hired Squad 404 through her to recover a drone containing the data extracted at Base 0. She also asked Angelia to help M4A1 as best she could during the joint operation between Griffin & Kryuger and the KCCO against Sangvis Ferri. Assuming the identity of a Captain of the KCCO's 17th Recon Squadron, Angelia helped M4A1 enter Military territory and get back to the Commander. M4A1 admitted she had not thought of any plan and was only acting on her will to get revenge on Sangvis Ferri. Angelia told M4A1 that because she was unique and could make her own decisions, she would suffer the consequences of her own action, but would become stronger this way and eventually achieve her objective. She left M4 in a nearby outpost[20] and anonymously gave her position to the Commander.[21] She then headed out into the battlefield with DEFY to tap into KCCO transmissions and try to discover the motives behind the joint operation.[22]

Joint assault

After the KCCO betrayed Griffin, Angelia sent another anonymous transmission to the Commander, presenting herself as Persica's ally and asking for M4's coordinates.[23] The Commander complied and Angelia sent AR-15 and AR AK-12Thumb button.pngAK-12  recover M4A1[24] while herself and AR AN-94Thumb button.pngAN-94  breached the KCCO servers in search of intel about OGAS.[25] After AR-15, M4A1 and AK-12 linked up with her and AN-94, Ange revealed to M4 that the case she had inherited from AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1  was a portable cannon and lifted the securities that prevented its use.[14] She however refused to give M4 permission to search for the rest of AR Team since she needed her to carry DEFY's own mission of capturing Elisa,[26] and she was planning to exploit Elisa's interest in M4 to lure her out.[18] Angelia contacted Persica and relayed her findings about her boss Havier Witkin being implicated in a mission with OGAS[26] and they worked out a possible implication of a man named William and the Butterfly Incident by collating information.[27] After being joined by Squad 404, she tasked them with infiltrating Sangvis Ferri's servers for more intelligence[28] and negotiated with Agent to arrange an encounter between Elisa and M4 in exchange for sparing the Commander's life.[19]

Despite uncovering more information about KCCO's goals, StateSec refused to provide support to Angelia and DEFY because of the diplomatic risks of making the Neo-Soviet Union's infighting visible to the rest of the world. When pushed by Persica and Angelia to provide more information about OGAS and the Butterfly Incident, Witkin accepted to intervene and had an airdrop made for Angelia with an asset to face the overwhelming numbers of the KCCO:[29] a set of Collapse bombs. While she was the one most at risk of using the bombs as their content would not be as dangerous to the Dolls, Angelia warned M4 against going too far on her quest for vengeance and power.[5] Impressed by the protracted defense the Commander had maintained against Sangvis Ferri, she asked them to assist in Elisa's capture by attacking the advancing KCCO forces.[30] As the encounter between M4 and Elisa became a battle, KCCO Captain Yegor revealed he had been monitoring Angelia's transmissions and the KCCO rushed in to capture Elisa.[10] Ange ordered M4 to activate the Collapse bombs, causing damage to the KCCO troops but also exposing Angelia and the Commander to ELID.[31]

Surviving ELID

Angelia last-chance bluff against Yegor.
Angelia last-chance bluff against Yegor.

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Separated from her team, with short-range transmissions down because of radiations, trapped in an area with many ELID-infected KCCO soldiers and having effectively betrayed StateSec by using the Collapse bombs, Angelia was contacted by Persica and Havier to find a way of evacuating her. Havier sent her newly developed Heavy Ordnance Corps, but Angelia insisted he sent them to the Commander instead, as she thought they were more deserving to survive the operation. Angelia then tried to fight her way through the approaching ELIDs and was saved by AK-12 and AN-94, who had left the capture of Elisa to M4 and AR-15 to search for Angelia. Angelia ordered them to leave the battlefield without her as their chances to escape both KCCO and ELIDs with the weakened Angelia was slim, but AK-12 rejected the order as unfitting for Angelia's usual headstrong attitude and even pointed her weapon at Angelia to kill her on the spot if she truly considered the situation to be without hope.

12's show of dedication convinced Angelia to try and survive and DEFY went north, away from the source of radiations. At a communication outpost, Angelia talked to Persica and the Commander, introducing herself for the first time and directing them to Witkin's evacuation point to evacuate before trying to save her and to take over DEFY if she died. The transmission was cut short by Yegor who announced he was coming to finish Angelia[1] and Angelia transferred the data she found during the battle to the Commander for safekeeping.[15] Using signal flares, the Commander steered DEFY and Angelia toward a Yellow Zone with less radiations to regroup with their own rescue team,[32] but Ange passed out on the way and the teams had to stop to resuscitate her.[33] While seeing AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416  and SOPMOD II strengthened Angelia's will,[34] she passed out again when the teams ran away from the KCCO tanks and had to stop again in another building. Making use of 416 and SOP-II's abilities to disguise their IFF as Sangvis Ferri units, combined with DEFY's camouflage and Ange's weak lifesigns, 12 arranged for a distraction to steer the KCCO units away from their position while concealing Angelia's position.[35]

While Yegor caught up on the ploy and Angelia considered the possibility to surrender, the Commander made use of a Military doctor captured by 416 and SOP-II's decoy group,[7] disguising her as Angelia to further trick Yegor. Meanwhile, DEFY would prepare IEDs from HOC ammos to rig the building with explosives and force Yegor to leave if he entered. Yegor stretched his troops thin in an effort to cover all possibilities[36] before realizing he had been tricked when the decoy teams abandoned the fake Angelia and went back to the building, now secured by the Dolls and HOCs. Yegor ordered an attack and managed to enter before DEFY could wire the IEDs to the detonator.

In a last-chance bluff, Angelia ordered the Dolls to retreat to the roof, and sitting in a chair to support her body weakened by ELID, faced Yegor with an empty sidearm and the useless detonator. As Yegor's troops inspected the building and discovered the IEDs, Angelia claimed she had led Yegor into a trap and would not only detonate the IEDs, but also another Collapse bomb hidden deeper in the building. Yegor's forces being unable to confirm the presence of another Collapse bomb because of the local radiations, Angelia put Yegor on the spot by asking him if he was ready to make more of his men shoulder the price of his personal vengeance. Yegor relented and pulled back his troops to let the Dolls and Angelia leave toward the Commander's safe house,[11] but they had already been captured by Paradeus.[6]

Due to receiving Angelia's confidential intel, the Commander was considered a security threat by the Bureau of State Security after they were rescued from Paradeus. With the support of Witkin, Director Zelinski decided to implicate the Commander further into the matter by tasking them with finding Angelia, who had been declared a traitor for using the Collapse bomb against orders and disappearing with confidential intel and StateSec T-Dolls.[37]

Belgrade events

Angelia at the memorial to the victims of World War Three in Belgrade.



  • Angelia's father shares his name with Soviet Korean rock icon Viktor Tsoi. This is consistent with Angelia's character theme of rebellion shown in her appearance, her clashes with Zielinski and K, and her connections with Squad 404 and Task Force DEFY.


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