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This is a list of locations used or mentioned in canon Girls' Frontline materials. Locations are classified according to the United Nations geoscheme. Known Relic sites are listed separately in the Relic Technology article.

An official political or contamination world map after World War Three has yet to be revealed and the state of many areas of the world are unknown.

Classification of contamination zones[edit]

After the Beilan Island Incident, a five colors system is used to denote the Collapse fluid contamination level of an area. Vast regions of the world are contaminated, and the use of Collapse fluid-based weapons create new localized contamination zones.

Black Zone[edit]

GFL2 Ground Zero.jpg
The Dead Sea.

Also called "Ground Zero", Black Zones cover the dozen-kilometers wide craters emitting lethal levels of Collapse radiations. Only ELID infected and mutated plants can survive here, and they are the last areas considered for rehabilitation. Surface soil was vitrified mid-flight and formed sharp crystalline spires, and radioactive collapse storms regularly sweep the wastelands, destroying any living or electronic object.[1] Black Zones are so utterly alien that they are considered to have an entrancing effect on those who look into them. Though it is illegal to enter a Black Zone in virtually every country, mechanical constructs can receive anti-radiation treatments to reduce the effects of radiations, and humans exposed to Black Zone levels of radiations can survive if treated rapidly.[2]

A small Black Zone was created when Task Force DEFY used a Collapse bomb against the KCCO in 2064, spiking to levels high enough to make radiation particles visible to the naked eye.[2] The “Dead Sea” near Berlin in Germany is a Black Zone centered on a military dumping site used during World War Three. It is where Paradeus built their main base in Germany, Avernus.

The Dead Sea was so dangerous that even birds would not fly over it and the structure of Dolls, mechs[3] and buildings deteriorated faster. Visibility was reduced by the heavy radiation fog and it was completely silent due to the absence of life and wind, with the exception of occasional violent gusts moving thick curtains of fog. Pools of radiation particles formed in low terrain while green crystals grew on the black silicificated ground. These crystals would also form on the equipment brought inside the area.[2] Crossing the Dead Sea by foot was made more difficult by the increasingly hardened soil as one entered deeper, increasing fatigue.[4] Transmissions from and to the area were also severely impeded.[5] The Dead Sea was considered irrecoverable and the region within it was not included in even the highest-quality maps of the region, making it a perfect hiding spot for Paradeus and its troops immune to radiations.[6]

Red Zone[edit]

GFL2 Contaminated Zone.jpg

Contaminated areas bordering Black Zones. Humans shouldn't enter the area without protective equipment, Dolls can enter but might sustain some damage.[7] ELID infected and aggressive roamers also pose a threat. The area is mostly made of deserts and deep ravines with a silicification soil due to frequent exposure to high concentrations of collapse radiation. Most plants can't survive the soil erosion and frequent collapse storms, but in low terrain areas Epiphyllum flowers with some regional variations can create large clusters able to lower radiation around them outside of flowering period, but sharply increasing radiation concentration during flowering. The original buildings are still standing but badly damaged but might show signs of post-contamination usage.[8]

Estonia is a known Red Zone in 2064.[9]

Yellow Zone[edit]

GFL2 Frontier Zone.jpg

The frontier zones next to the Red Zones, next in line for purification. Dolls can move in this area freely but humans still need protective equipment. ELID infected are not an infrequent sight, but bounty hunters, raiders and civilians also inhabit the area. The area has desertified, making dry lands and deadwood forests a common sight, but areas with enough groundwater have turned into marshes, forming oases in low terrain and water-rich areas. Areas with abnormal climates or close to collapse radiation sources experience collapse storms, silicification of the soil and become blooming ground for Epiphyllum flowers. The original buildings are mostly in serviceable condition and abandoned resources can be found in cities and towns, signs of the area being inhabited, but residents need to draw from below 100 meters deep to find drinkable groundwater.[10]

Purification Zone[edit]

GFL2 Purification Zone.jpg

The frontier zones between Yellow and Green Zones, in the process of being purified. The Purification Zones net radiation density is between Yellow and Green Zone on average but there are local variations. Vegetation and terrain are still similar to a Yellow Zone, low-hanging bushes are common but trees are more rare due to a lack of water. Part of the process involves destroying buildings that were too damaged with explosives and monitoring the transit of bounty hunters, PMCs and other paramilitaries. Since the livable buildings are occupied by armies, there are no permanent residents in these areas.[11]

Green Zone[edit]

GFL2 Green Zone.jpg

The most recently extended livable areas, without any dangerous levels of collapse radiation. Primary Green Zones have not been selected as targets for reconstruction efforts by the government and have returned to a natural state with the amount of vegetation depending on water supply. Non-Primary Green Zones are still seeing purification processes but are already livable, and vegetation and construction has started to flourish again. Most Green Zone residents are workers in the factories of White Zone cities, bounty hunters, PMCs and black market merchants implanted with an ID chip tracking their biological and social data. The demography is often controlled by corresponding White Zone cities. Non-Primary Green Zones are largely made up of factories, farms, and regionally-distributed satellite cities with dense and chaotic urban structure, with twisting narrow alleys. During the day, these satellite cities are mostly empty but at night, after the residents return home form work, the city limits blaze with light.[12]

Some Green Zone cities directly bordering Yellow Zones like Belgrade[13] are protected by quarantine walls blocking contaminated winds and ELID infected, interspersed with immense tracks-mounted purification towers emitting neutralizing particles. Green Zone residents are mostly unaware of the hardships of Yellow Zone residents, and Yellow Zone residents only have a vague idea about life in Green Zones[14] because Green Zones cannot be accessed without a special permit.[15]

White Zone[edit]

GFL2 White Zone.jpg

The safest zones possible, cities surrounded by Green Zones. Before World War Three, they were economic, governmental or military zones of activity and have since been cleansed of all sources of collapse radiation contamination and damage caused by radiation has been repaired. Full suites of Collapse radiation warning systems, pollution prevention, and safeguarding countermeasures have been installed. Urban areas are clearly defined to allow these systems to work at their fullest, temperature and humidity are carefully regulated for the comfort of inhabitants and every inch of space on, under and above ground is being used at its fullest to make up for the limited land available, making for fully vertical cities. Recreational facilities are generally found on the roofs of buildings but there are few areas dedicated to vegetation, though some can be found on the edge of the cities. City traffic relies on dual-purpose elevated roads for cars and light railways. Most light rail stations are found inside buildings, with station names signposted outside the buildings. Car elevators are standard issue for all major buildings. White Zones are inhabited by civilians and hired PMCs. Each White Zone City has a different population level and class structure, creating a variety of governance systems and cultural organizations.[16]

The White Zone of Bremen in Germany is bordered by a refugees camp providing housing and basic necessities, but is essentially a ghetto due to the Volkskammer refusing to integrate refugees in the population. The camp provides no employment or entertainment and shares little of the already limited medical resources available in the White Zone.[17]


After the decolonization of the 20th century, recolonization by European powers occurred in the wake of the Beilan Island Incident as they sought to replace agricultural land lost to contamination.[18] However, with the European powers isolated and weakened by World War Three, and despite the Neo-Soviet Union sending PMCs to try and stabilize conflicts, local warlords waged civil wars that prevented the industrialization of agriculture in the fertile regions.[19] South Africa is a nation known to have survived the war, and was home to the criminal syndicate HG TEC-9Thumb button.pngTEC-9  worked for.[20][21] Hatsuchiri once worked in Madagascar[22] and Python in West Africa.[23] The extent of geopolitical changes on the continent compared to the present day is unknown.

Italy reclaimed control of Libya, an Italian colony from 1911 to 1951, after countering a coup d'état in 2037. The Second Algerian War took place in December 2039 and was part of the string of worldwide incidents that destroyed the United Nations (Algeria was a French colony from 1830 to 1962, but French involvement in the Second Algerian War is unconfirmed).[18] During World War Three, the Neo-Soviet Union held Tripoli and fought advancing German forces at Bir al-Ghanam and Sabratha in Libya in the closing months of 2047.[24]


The Americas were important exporters of food to Europe after the Beilan Island Incident, but commerce had stopped after World War Three.[19]

North America[edit]

The United States and Canada suffered heavily from the Beilan Island Incident as capsules of Collapse fluid contaminated the entire Eastern coast, from Anchorage to San Diego, including Yukon and British Columbia. Eventually, most land East of the New Boundary wall, stretching from Winnipeg to Port Arthur, were lost to contamination, with Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver and Kansas being cited specifically. New York was the siege of the URNA before they were expelled and relocated to Geneva, in Germany, then to Hollow City. Philadelphia was the home of Raeder Rossartre, and also where he committed suicide.[25]

The United States invaded Canada before crushing an anti-American movement in the Bahamas in the first half of the 2040s, which was part of the string of worldwide incidents that destroyed the United Nations.[18] 42LAB used to be headquartered in Maryland, but moved to Eastern Europe after World War Three.[26] Chelsea and Florence both worked in Baltimore, also in Maryland, before joining Project Neural Cloud.[27]

Latin America and the Caribbean[edit]

Cuba played an important role during the Cold War with the Cuban Moron Crisis, when the US were forced to remove some of their nuclear warheads from Europe in exchange for the Soviet Union recalling the Moron relic weapons deployed on the island.[28] South American independence movements were brutally suppressed by the United States before World War Three[19] and the Latin American Alliance was dissolved in 2038.[18]

The country of Panama is cited as one of the countries hit by Collapse fluid capsules that drifted to American coasts after the Beilan Island Incident.[25] Brazil is also mentioned in 2055.[29]


The Antarctic Union was founded in 2045 in the underground relic known as Hollow City.


Eastern and Southeastern Asia[edit]

China was ground zero for the Beilan Island Incident of 2030. Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi and Nantong were all instantly destroyed by the explosion and the capital of the country was transferred from Beijing to Xi'an due to the Collapse fluid rapidly spreading along the Eastern coast. 1.5 million square kilometers were contaminated in the initial fallout.[25] China was attacked by the United States during World War Three, but they eventually left and their last known action in the country was their retreat from Guangxi.[18] Jiangcheng is mentioned during the war by the Unnamed test pilot but several cities and districts in Southern China bear this name.[30] Griffin & Kryuger had a headquarter in the fictional city of Dijiang (帝江) in 2062.[31]

In Hong Kong, the tremors of the incident could be felt in skyscrapers, despite being over 1,200km from Shanghai, but it was outside of the initial contamination zone.[25]

The Korean Peninsula was contaminated early due to strong westward winds. While the UNRA established safe zones in South Korea, the United States military prevented any North Korean who could not reach the refuges under the northern mountains from crossing the Demilitarized Zone. US political pressure on the DPRK eventually caused the Second Korean War. The situation in the peninsula after the start of the war is unknown.[25]

In Japan, only regions West of Kanto were immediately affected by the incident, and contamination levels remained manageable in other parts of the country. Because Hokkaido was completely spared, the capital was transferred from Tokyo to Sapporo. Soon after, an internal refugees crisis worsened by US military involvement led to the establishment of a blockade at the Tsugaru Strait, the government abandoning all regions other than Hokkaido, including the Tokyo Protection Zone managed by the URNA. Kawasaki Kazusa was found in Nagoya and her body was taken out of the country through Niigata.[25] Sapporo remains a center of activity after World War Three, and saw the rise of the powerful Cyber Media company.[32]

Vietnam is one of the countries mentioned as having suffered manageable levels of contamination early after the incident.[25]

Western, Central and Southern Asia[edit]

After the Beilan Island Incident, people from South and Western Asia fled en masse to Europe, causing a refugees crisis.[25] The Caspian Sea was a key location for the Neo-Soviets during World War Three due to a highly important prototype of unknown nature being tested there.[33] The island of Cyprus was involved in a 2056 terrorist plane incident.[23]

The Soviet Union first deployed its relic-based Pike weapons from Tajikistan to the Khyber Pass in Afghanistan in 1981, mildly contaminating the region with Collapse fluid and causing ELID infections.[28] Afghanistan is one of the countries mentioned as having suffered manageable levels of contamination early after the Beilan Island Incident.[25]

Anna Tsoi was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in 2032 before being relocated to Beslan in the Caucasus. Key Relic Technology figure Mikhail Tsvigun studied in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.[28]

Griffin and Kryuger had a branch in Konya, Turkey, in 2062.[31]


After World War Three, parts of Europe has formed the Pan-European Union. A “South Mediterranean No-Fly Zone” was in effect in 2056.[23]

Eastern Europe[edit]

The most visited locations in Girls' Frontline are Griffin & Kryuger's operational areas against Sangvis Ferri. These areas have not received official locations on the world map, but are known to contain many Sangvis Ferri installations. Based on the facts that Sangvis Ferri was a Romanian company,[19] that one of its most important branches was in Ukraine,[34] and one of its center of operation in the vicinity of the Black Sea,[35] the operational areas might be located in either countries or cross over their border.

  • Area S02 was under SF control and Sangvis Ferri Base 0, where the Butterfly Incident and AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1 's betrayal took place, was located there.[36][37] It is located in the vicinity of the Black Sea.[35]
  • Area S03 was under SF control and used as testing field for their new Jupiter Cannons.[38]
  • Area S05 was briefly under the purview of the Commander to watch over AR Team while they were being screened for Parapluie infection.[39]
  • Area S06 was involved in Plan Parapluie. It contained a SF jammer infected by the Parapluie virus that was destroyed by Squad 404.[40] It was one of the last areas to be mostly in control of G&K before the Sangvis Ferri headquarters battle.[41]
  • Area S08 fell under SF control and saw major battles during Plan Parapluie.[42] AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15  took refuge in the area away from G&K after the Parapluie virus made her body a radio jammer[43] and conducted her suicide bombing against Elisa after luring her there.[44] The area was lost to SF and the loss hurt G&K's reputation,[39] but it was eventually recaptured, save for some areas used as hunting grounds by Alchemist until her local dummy was destroyed by Team FN.[45]
  • Area S09 contained Elisa's core server cluster[46] and was the field of the four-way battle between Griffin & Kryuger, Sangvis Ferri, the KCCO and Paradeus.[47][48][49] It also contained Safe House 3 which was raided by AR Team,[50] and the Commander recovered AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  from Zone T6 “Sugar Cubes”.[51][52] S09 has been the base and main area of operations of the Commander since they joined G&K in 2062.[53] While they had to operate away for several months after the Sangvis Ferri HQ battle, they eventually returned to it after the Paldiski Submarine Base battle.[54]
    • The headquarter for the area is located in the fictional city of Эндфилд (Endfyld, Endfield, also appears as South Endshire).[55][31]
    • In chapter 1 of Girls' Frontline: Doll's Song, the area is said to be somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains.
  • Area S11 was near Area S15 and was used by G&K troops fleeing the Sangvis Headquarters battle.[47][49]
  • Area S15 was located in proximity of Area S02 and Squad 404 was deployed there to retrieve a drone shot down by SF after the operation in Sangvis Base 0.[56] The area was mildly contaminated.[57]

The Soviet Union and Russia heavily influenced the history of Relic Technology. The Russian Empire was the first nation to discover a relics site near the Tungus river in 1905.[58] The Soviet Union then created the first relic-based weapon, the Pikes of Tabasar-B and its OGAS control network, before collapsing in 1991. After the Beilan Island Incident of 2030, the Russian Far East was contaminated by Collapse fluid capsules and evacuated by air, the Trans-Siberian Railway and Baikal-Amur Mainline being inoperable.[25] After a series of Bolshevik attacks culminating in the Battle of Minsk in 2032, the Neo-Soviet Union was established.[28] The Neo-Soviet government promoted the use of the new robotic Dolls during the Siberian Lifeline Program, aiming to restore the Trans-Siberian and nearby industrial facilities in contaminated areas.[19] The Neo-Soviet Union clashed with the United States in Germany in 2044, leading to World War Three in 2045.[18] The war mostly spared the Caucasus, and Anna Tsoi grew up in the region of Beslan and Ordzhonikidze (modern Vladikavkaz).[28] In May 2049, Lycoris worked in Izhevsk, most probably at the Udmurt State University or Izhevsk State Technical University.[59] Some time between 2055 and 2058, the small town of Krasno and nearby Polden Forest in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast was transformed into a Regular Army training camp.[60] Kemerovo in central Russia was involved in the terrorist Incident Zero in 2062,[61] and Griffin & Kryuger had a headquarter in Vladivostok, in the Far East, during that year.[31] Saint Petersburg is mentioned in 2064.[62]

Ukraine was destabilized by a civil war in 2042, splitting the country in two until East Ukraine took Kiev. This led European country to push for an agreement to be met at Bucharest, Romania, in 2043, but the European intervention in the Neo-Soviet sphere of influence only served to reopen the wounds of the Cold War and pave the way to World War Three.[19][18] Romania is also the country where Sangvis Ferri was founded,[19] and was involved in a 2056 terrorist plane incident.[23] Angelia had a safe house in the small Ukrainian city of Putryntsi in 2064.[63]

Mikhail Tsvigun, a key figure in Relic Technology, was born in Chisinau, Moldova. Tsvigun's protégé, Victor Zelinsky, was born in Poland at Poznan. He graduated from the Warsaw University and first demonstrated his mastery of covert political operations in Brest, Belarus, before moving to the Lubyanka Building in Moscow and becoming Minister of the Interior.[28] 42LAB's labs in Austria produced scientific Dolls such as Fresnel.[64] In the 2050s, the region of Gorsk in central Poland saw battles between government and rebel forces.[65]

Northern Europe[edit]

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union built the Paldiski Submarine Base in Estonia as a launch base for the Baltic Fleet, acting as deterrent against Scandinavian countries, weapons stockpile for the Northern Army Group against Germany and Finland, and Air Force launch pad against Helsinki. But the base was also designated as OKB-167 due to hosting Pike Unit 13, using the Pike node A-51-241 as a Pike control terminal.[66] In the real world, Paldiski was a closed city due to its strategic importance until 1994, when the last Russian warship left.

In 2035, military research into Collapse Technology in Scandinavia led to the Northern Lights Incident, heavily contaminating the entire peninsula. Carried by the winds and currents, Collapse fluid created a radiation belt stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea, contaminating the Baltic countries and most of Central Europe, including most of Germany.[19] Paldiski and Tallinn, the capital of Estonia on its northern coast, were classified as a Red Zones.[9] The Svalbard Global Seed Vault was still active in 2041.[19] A conflict known as the Nordic campaigns took place during World War Three.[34] After World War Three, more fighting occurred in Karelia, the historically-disputed region at the border between Finland and Russia.[67]

At some point, William installed Paradeus operations on the northern coast of Estonia, producing Nytos in Paldiski and cultivating Epiphyllum in Tallinn to research Collapse radiation. Paldiski became the site of a major battle between Paradeus, the KCCO, Sangvis Ferri and Griffin & Kryuger in 2064, when the base was flooded and the Neo-Soviet Air Force bombed part of the area.[68]

Western and Southern Europe[edit]

The territory of Germany was a centerpiece of various important events in the history of Relic Technology. The Nazi regime excavated the Urkunde-01 relic under the Nordhausen-Harz mountains, which was later plundered by the Soviet Union to create their primary Pike installations at the Tabasar-B Proving Grounds in 1950.[69] During the Cold War, the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) set up the 90WISH research group to study the remains of Urkunde-01, gathering data that would prove critical to the emergence of OGAS decades later.

East and West Germany were reunified in 1985 to form the Federal Republic of Germany.[18] After the Northern Lights Incident of 2035, ten German states were heavily contaminated: Thuringia, Saxony, Brandenberg, Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the East, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg in the North, North Rhine-Westphalia in the West and parts of the Black Forest in the South, causing the German population to flee to Southern Germany.[19], Political tensions surrounding the reconstruction of the country degenerated into a civil war, the sparks of which reignited old bilateral tensions, and eventually led to World War Three.[18] Captain Yegor fought in the Black Forest during the war.[70] After World War Three, the reborn German Democratic Republic (East Germany) is an important world power.[71]

Belgrade was formerly the capital city of Serbia, but lost its status due to its close proximity to a contamination zone.[72] Being neutral territory on the political map of Europe, it was selected for peace talks between the Neo-Soviet Union and the Pan-European Union.[73]

The UNRA had an office in London before the organization disbanded.[25] Griffin and Kryuger had a headquarter in Glasgow in 2062.[31] Athens in Greece and the region of Andalusia in Spain are mentioned in a 2056 terrorist plane incident,[23] Rise worked in Amsterdam before 2058 [74] and Dublin is mentioned in the same year.[75]

As ELID infections rose sharply with research into Relic Technology in the 1980s, the Vatican and World Health Organization acted as mediators between the Soviet Union and United States to meet and discuss the Relic Arms Limitation Treaty.[76] During World War Three, Rome fell to the Neo-Soviet Union in 2050 during Operation Tradewind, when a composite force of autonomous robotic units broke through the difficult mountainous terrain of Southern Italy. Tradewind was a landmark event for Doll technology and autonomous warfare.[19]


The island country of Palau appears in Imhotep's work history in the 2050s.[77] Hatsuchiri once worked in Tanzania.[22] A news agency called “Wellington Post” appears on Willow's second Neural Expansion artwork, which could refer to the capital city of new Zealand.

Non physical locations[edit]

“Cyberspace”[78][79][80] is the name used for the virtual space T-Dolls enter when they project their consciousness out of their body during hacking. It is a spatial representation of a computer network and various other virtual objects like defense programs and other T-Dolls also receive a representation. Magrasea is a superserver built by 42LAB that hosts multiple complex cyberspaces, where Project Neural Cloud takes place.

Zion is the esoteric place of origin of all OGAS consciousnesses, which can be accessed by interfacing with relic-based terminals such as a Pike Starfish. All OGAS consciousnesses seek to return to Zion, but according to the consciousnesses already inhabiting it, they have been abandoned and can't find respite there.[81][82] It is named after a location in Jerusalem, which is also used as a synonym for the Land of Israel from the Hebrew Bible.


  • Evelyn's Profile indicates she worked in Red Velvet City's Riot Squad. There is no existing place by this name but based on Evelyn's characterization it is likely intended to be in the United States, possibly near California's border with Mexico since a postcard from Tijuana is involved in her player birthday quote.
  • RF Type 81 CarbineThumb button.pngType 81 Carbine 's Year of Memories Notebook memento is for a Moscow-Beijing trip, but because the canon status of mementos is debatable, another source will need to mention Beijing for its current status to be ascertained.
  • In early marketing materials, Florence was said to work in Paris Saint-Pierre Hospital in France, but this was changed to Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital in the final game.


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