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Cafe Story Reward


The Notebook in Springfield Cafe
  • Through Notebook, Commander can read the records of T-Dolls' side stories. Commander may discover different sides of the dolls through these records.
  • Can be accessed through Springfield Cafe by tapping on the button at the left of the counter.
  • Collect piece of memorabilia by obtaining T-Dolls' skins.
  • Collecting certain number of memorabilia will reward Commander various gifts, ranging from card background and avatar, to limited furniture and pet.
  • To see the complete list of T-Doll skins, see Skin Catalogue.

Theme List[edit]

Weirder Things[edit]

Weirder Things Bookmark.png Halloween is coming. Behind the fanciful and mysterious costume party lurks the undercurrent of horror. Will the Commander be able to identify the culprits in time and defuse the crisis that is to befall the parade event?

Santa Claus Hunt[edit]

Santa Claus Hunt Bookmark.png Griffin is about to celebrate its first Christmas, and while everyone is busy with the feast and entertainment program, several dangerous T-Dolls are hatching a crazy plan…

Anniversary Party[edit]

Anniversary Party.png Compared to Griffin's anniversary banquet, the internal party is certainly more relaxing. On this night of commemoration, I'm sure the Commander wouldn't mind if we're a bit rowdy, right?

Fatal Performance[edit]

Fatal Performance Bookmark.png Thanks to Contender's connections, the Commander was invited to a grand opera performance. However, behind the gorgeous stage lies a dangerous murderous intent. What will prove to be fatal against the Commander? A deadly ambush? Or the T-Dolls in costumes?

Year of Memories[edit]

Year of Memories Bookmark.png When the Eastern T-Dolls are out of the base, how can those left behind at Griffin recreate an authentic celebration of the magnificent Spring Festival? After unexpected commotions, the new year will surely be better... Probably.

Honey Sweet Moment[edit]

Honey Sweet Moment Bookmark.png The T-Dolls who took on an ad shoot mission reveal a rarely seen side of themselves. Will the moment of wearing a wedding dress be a special memory for them?

Unstealable Gems[edit]

Unstealable Gems Bookmark.png The Commander and T-Dolls receive a special mission on the anniversary day. The gems to be guarded by everyone are not so easy to steal. The same goes for memories.

Maid Training Camp[edit]

Maid Training Camp Bookmark.png In order to undertake an important mission, the T-Dolls are going through additional special training. Although there may be some surprises along the way to becoming an exemplary maid, it shouldn't be too much trouble for them...right?


Baywatch.png The T-Dolls at Griffin are unexpectedly given a short and peaceful summer vacation, but the beach might be more than what it seems... Will the T-Dolls really be able to enjoy this "peaceful" vacation?

Witch's Forest[edit]

Witch's Forest Bookmark.png On Halloween, in the corner of an obscure warehouse, the scary campaign made up by several Griffin Dolls has accidentally opened a portal to an alternate reality? Is this a ghostly prank or the manifestation of Dollkind's twisted nature?

Christmas Eve Express[edit]

Christmas Eve Express Bookmark.png On Christmas Eve, Five-seven grudgingly took over the job of delegating human resources for the event after G36's accident. Will her last-minute eccentric recruits be up to the task? Or are they all preoccupied with their own thoughts during the mission?

Operation New Year Visit[edit]

Operation New Year Visit Bookmark.png To welcome the imminent Spring Festival, the base is preparing for an unprecedented operation - New Year Visit! Will this millennium-old tradition be successfully upheld at Griffin? Or maybe the question is...which T-Dolls will be dragged into this whirlpool of fiery, lively turmoil?

Gun & Rose[edit]

Gun & Rose Bookmark.png Due to a case, several T-Dolls get the unusual opportunity to put on a wedding dress. How do they feel during the days spent away from the familiar gunfire and smoke?

Night of Sweetness and Surprise[edit]

Night of Sweetness and Surprise Bookmark.png As we celebrate our anniversary, the Griffin Dolls are invited to a cocktail party filled with desserts. It was going to be a calm and relaxing night, but thanks to two unexpected guests, it turned into a hilarious and thrilling experience.

Operation Mermaid[edit]

Operation Mermaid Bookmark.png The beach getaway (read "Mermaid Investigation") is full of unexpected peril. Why is the beach covered in traces of violence? What role does the mysterious manuscript play?

Night of the Danse Macabre[edit]

Night of the Danse Macabre Bookmark.png Griffin has finally organized a test of courage after overcoming many obstacles. But unbeknownst to the chattering girls, a mysterious figure is lurking in the dark. What exactly is "she" after...?

Florentine's Gift[edit]

Florentine's Gift Bookmark.png As Christmas approaches, the Dolls are getting busy again. This year, they'll be planting the most beautiful Christmas tree at Griffin as a Christmas present for everyone. It will also become a memory that all Dolls will cherish for the rest of their lives...

Charming Furniture Expo[edit]

Charming Furniture Expo Bookmark.png It's New Year's time. A squad that's out on a shopping trip suddenly receives a new mission – organize a furniture exposition for the newly discovered antique furniture. To complete their assignment, the Griffin Dolls have no choice but to enter the busy crowd and do their best to handle all kinds of unexpected issues... How will their interaction with humans go down?

Mystery of the Bewitching Figure[edit]

Mystery of the Bewitching Figure Bookmark.png After the Valentine's Day party ended, the newly upgraded surveillance system has captured a mysterious figure just outside the Commander's window. Who exactly has been keeping the Commander company in the small hours? The Dolls are eager to investigate... They are also fully prepared to answer to the Commander.

Symphony No. 4[edit]

150px During the downtime between operations, the Dolls, unaccustomed to having so much free time, are eagerly making preparations for a party proposed by OTs-14. As the word spreads, the party turns into a large banquet, and the Dolls reveal to each other their hidden side...