Notebook/Mystery of the Bewitching Figure

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Mystery of the Bewitching Figure Fullstamp.png
After the Valentine's Day party ended, the newly upgraded surveillance system as captured a mysterious figure just outside the Commander's window. Who exactly has been keeping the Commander company in the small hours? The Dolls are eager to investigate... They are also fully prepared to answer to the Commander.

Featured T-Dolls[edit]

Collection Reward[edit]

Number of Collection Reward Image Details
3 Secret Recorder

Furniture (Floor Decoration)
Mystery of the Bewitching Figure Reward1.png Things that document the truth are never immediately visible. Guess how many camera heads there are in here?
5 Invaluable True Feelings

Avatar Icon
Mystery of the Bewitching Figure Reward2.png She is willing to always give you the benefit of the doubt when things happen – this is how she interprets the concept of "trust".
7 Perfect Ending

ID Card
Mystery of the Bewitching Figure Reward3.png Everything comes to a peaceful resolution on this day. Have you thought about how to respond to all the genuine feelings they have shown you?
9 Witness of the Starry Night

ID Card
Mystery of the Bewitching Figure Reward4.png As the meteor falls, a pair of eyes are taking in the starry sky – her eyes are much better than RMB-93's camera.