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Doll Enhancement Guide.png
  1. Vocation ("class")
  2. Power value compounded from all stats
  3. #Neural Expansion, tap to manage
  4. #Intimacy level, tap to manage
  5. Current growth state for attribute categories
  6. Tap to see detailed #Attributes stats
  7. #Algorithm (unlocked after Stage 3-4), tap to manage
  8. From left to right, tap to mark Doll as favorite, access story and voice lines, manage Neural Cloud Projection (costumes) and manage Training Tasks (unlocks Item Quartz Sand.png Quartz Sand and training materials upon reaching 20 levels and every 10 levels onward.)
  9. Quality level ("rarity"), see #Neural Expansion
  10. #Breakthrough level, tap to review attribute gains and cost for each breakthrough
  11. Level of the Doll and level-up/breakthrough button. The number on the left of the bar is the current amount of Item Combat EXP.png Combat EXP owned and the number on the right the amount needed to gain a level ("K" means the number is in the thousands). Replaced by a Breakthrough button when a breakthrough is required to progress.
  12. #Skills, tap to manage


There are 18 attributes used in combat for each Doll:

  • Max HP: Can be affected during Exploration events
  • ATK: Damage caused by normal attacks and certain skills
  • Hashrate: Determines the damage caused by certain skills
  • Physical DEF: Percentage reduction of incoming Physical DMG
  • Operand DEF: Percentage reduction of incoming Operand DMG
  • Attack Speed
  • Crit Rate: Base chance that an attack will deal critical damage (Skills cannot crit by default)
  • Crit Damage: Bonus percentage to ATK during a crit attack
  • Physical Penetration: Cancels out with target's Physical DEF
  • Operand Penetration: Cancels out with target's Operand DEF
  • Dodge Rate (only normal attacks can be dodged)
  • Post-Battle HP Regen
  • Skill Haste: Bonus to Auto Skill charge speed
  • Debuff Resistance: Reduces duration of debuffs
  • Backlash: Returns parts of incoming damage as True Damage
  • Damage Boost: Percentage bonus to attacks delivered
  • Injury Mitigation: Percentage reduction to incoming damage
  • Healing Effect: Percentage bonus to heals delivered

Dolls increase their attribute stats by gaining levels, performing Neural Expansion and Breakthroughs and gaining Intimacy levels.

The final values in combat are influenced by Algorithms set, active Skills and Protocols, and unlocked Specialty Training nodes.


Dolls don't gain experience in combat. Item Combat EXP.png Combat EXP is looted in stages, purchased in the shop, produced in the Factory or earned otherwise and then distributed manually to the Dolls up to enhance their attributes. Doll level is capped at 60 until Stage 6-28 is cleared, but levels 61 to 70 require much more Combat EXP than normal.

A special level up called Breakthrough must be done every 10 levels, requiring Breakthrough Widgets of the Doll's class and Diggcoins.

  • Level 10 Breakthrough requires 10 Item Simplified Warrior Breakthrough Widget.png Simplified Widgets and 500 Item Diggcoin.png DGC
  • Level 20 Breakthrough requires 10 Item Simplified Warrior Breakthrough Widget.png Simplified Widgets, 15 Item Standard Warrior Breakthrough Widget.png Standard Widgets and 2000 Item Diggcoin.png DGC
  • Level 30 Breakthrough requires 15 Item Standard Warrior Breakthrough Widget.png Standard Widgets, 20 Item Advanced Warrior Breakthrough Widget.png Advanced Widgets and 5000 Item Diggcoin.png DGC
  • Level 40 Breakthrough requires 15 Item Advanced Warrior Breakthrough Widget.png Advanced Widgets, 25 Item Premium Warrior Breakthrough Widget.png Premium Widgets and 10,000 Item Diggcoin.png DGC
  • Level 50 Breakthrough requires 20 Item Premium Warrior Breakthrough Widget.png Premium Widgets, 30 Item Pioneering Warrior Breakthrough Widget.png Pioneering Widgets and 20,000 Item Diggcoin.png DGC
  • Level 60 Breakthrough is unlocked after clearing Stage 6-28 and requires 35 Item Superior Warrior Breakthrough Widget.png Superior Breakthrough Widgets, 25 Item Pioneering Warrior Breakthrough Widget.png Pioneering Widgets and 120,000 Item Diggcoin.png DGC.

Neural Expansion[edit]

Doll quality (its "rarity") ranges from one to three stars when first obtained. Neural Expansion increases the quality of the Doll up to 5 stars in half-star increments. Neural Expansion costs Item Diggcoin.png Diggcoins (DGC) and Neural Fragments of the Doll to enhance. Neural Fragments are obtained in Fragment Search (with a drop bonus for Dolls at high Intimacy), by enhancing Intimacy level, purchased in the shop with Item Neural Kit.png Neural Kits and Item Glitter Chip.png Glitter Chips, and obtained in Basic Search gacha. Certain story stages include Neural Fragments for certain Dolls as first clear reward.

Neural Expansion enhances attributes, unlocks new Algorithm slots starting at 2.5 stars, unlocks the Ultimate Skill a 3 stars and enhances it with every subsequent Expansion, unlocks new Neural Cloud Projections at 3.5 and 4 stars, and unlocks a unique profile picture at 5 stars. However, Auto Skill precharge time is also increased at 3 and 5 stars (when precharge time applies).


Each Doll has three skills: a passive skill, an auto skill and an ultimate skill. Passive skills are always in use. Auto skills are used by the Doll as soon as possible when its skill gauge is full, the charge time depending on the skill and some skills having a different, lower precharge time for first use during a combat. The Ultimate skill is only useable for Dolls at 3 stars quality and over and must be used manually once the shared ultimate gauge is full.

During Chapter 4, Skill Enhancement become available for passive and auto skill. These skills start at level 1 and can be enhanced up to level 10. Levels 2 to 7 require Item Diggcoin.png DGC and Item Skill Sample.png Skill Samples, which are acquired in the Skill Array Domain and as combat drops. Levels 8 to 10 additionally require the rarer Item Skill Pivot.png Skill Pivots, which can be produced in the Data Encapsulation Center, exchanged in the shop for Reputation Points or Discrete Points, or dropped from some story stages such as Dark 4-3.

Ultimate skills can only be enhanced with Neural Expansion.


After clearing Stage 3-4, Dolls can be further modified with Algorithms providing further attribute bonuses (this is similar to the Chips of Heavy Ordnance Corps in Girls' Frontline). Algorithms are acquired in Algorithm Collection stages or produced in the Supplies Workshop.

Algorithms come in blue, purple and orange rarities. Each Algorithm takes one or two slots and enhances one attribute called the Main Attribute, plus one or two substats depending on the Algorithm size. Attribute bonuses can occur either as discrete values or percentages (except for stats that are natively expressed in percentage). Duplicate bonuses can occur and an attribute can be enhanced as both Main Attribute and substats in the same Algorithm. There are three Algorithm types:

  • Offense Algorithms boost ATK, Hashrate, Physical PEN and Operand PEN as their Main Attribute.
  • Stability Algorithms boost Max HP, Physical DEF, Operand DEF and Post-battle HP Recovery as their Main Attribute.
  • Special Algorithms boost Crit Damage, Crit Rate and Healing Effect as their Main Attribute.

Substats are randomly assigned to each individual Algorithm and can include any Main Attribute stat as well as Dodge Rate, Debuff Resistance and Skill Haste.

Algorithms can be Decomposed into Item Diggcoin.png Diggcoins, and Item Algorithm Fragment.png Algorithm Fragments (only for purple and orange-rarity Algorithms) used to create more Algorithm items in the Factory.

Algorithm Slots[edit]

Each Doll has Offense, Stability and Special Algorithms Slots organized in patterns of 2×4 squares. Dolls have 15 useable slots in total, but start with only 4 unlocked slots for 1 and 2 stars Dolls and 6 unlocked slots for 3-stars Dolls, with different focus for each class (there are exceptions):

  • Warriors have 6 offense slots, 5 stability slots and 4 special slots.
  • Snipers have 6 offense slots, 5 special slots and 4 stability slots.
  • Guards have 6 stability slots, 5 special slots and 4 offense slots.
  • Specialists have 6 special slots, 5 offense slots and 4 stability slots.
  • Medics have 6 special slots, 5 stability slots and 4 offense slots.

Locked Slots must be unlocked with Breakthroughs or Neural Expansions.

Algorithm Set[edit]

Two-slots Algorithms of purple and orange quality can belong to an Algorithm Set. Bonus effects will be applied when two or three Algorithms of the same set are equipped. Below is all the currently obtainable algorithm chips and their set effects, along with the days they're obtainable during Algorithm Collection. All Algorithm sets can be obtainable on weekends.

Icon Name Set Effect (2 Piece) Set Effect (3 Piece) Day Obtained
suit Data Repair.png Data Repair Debuff RES +50 Convert 10% of all damage dealt into HP Friday
suit Lower Limit.png Lower Limit Lifesteal +10% When HP drops below 15%, gain Attack Speed +50, ATK +10%, and Damage Reduction +30% for 10 seconds. Triggers once only every battle. Tuesday
suit MLR Matrix.png MLR Matrix Damage Dealt +5% Character steals 12% of an enemy unit's ATK, Hashrate and Max HP by defeating them. (When triggered on more than one enemy unit, only the highest stats take effect), and recover HP by the same amount. This effect lasts until the end of battle. Friday
suit Deduction.png Deduction Attack Speed +30 - Thursday
suit Feedforward.png Feedforward Base ATK +15% - Tuesday
suit Progression.png Progression Base Hashrate +15% - Wednesday

Icon Name Set Effect (2 Piece) Set Effect (3 Piece) Day Obtained
suit Encapsulate.png Encapsulate Damage Reduction +5% Obtain supportive ability and take 30% of all damage for the ally unit with the lowest current HP. Monday
suit Iteration.png Iteration Backlash +5% If not fallen at the end of the battle, character is healed by 15% of their Max HP. Monday
suit Overflow.png Overflow HP Recovery +2% over 5 seconds Obtain a shield of 500% Physical DEF Boost at the beginning of battle. Tuesday
suit Connection.png Connection Debuff RES +50 - Wednesday
suit Perception.png Perception Base HP +15% - Monday
suit Rationality.png Rationality Base DEF +15% - Tuesday

Icon Name Set Effect (2 Piece) Set Effect (3 Piece) Day Obtained
suit Delta.V.png Delta.V Skill Haste +10% For every 3 Normal Attacks, character's skill recharge is sped up by 1 second. Thursday
suit Loop Gain.png Loop Gain Healing Effect +7.5% When healing ally units, boost their Healing Received by 20% for 4 seconds. Wednesday
suit Paradigm.png Paradigm Attack Speed +30 Every 4th Critical Hit deals True Damage of 8% target's current HP, up to twice the current character's Hashrate. Thursday
suit S.V.M.png S.V.M Healing Effect +7.5% Boost Healing Effect by 10%. Healing Effect is increased to 30% when target's HP is below 45%. Wednesday
suit Cluster.png Cluster Crit Rate +10% - Friday
suit Inspiration.png Inspiration HP Recovery +2% over 5 seconds. - Monday
suit Convolution.png Convolution Crit Damage +20% - Thursday
suit Stratagem.png Stratagem Dodge +8% - Friday

Algorithm Efficiency[edit]

The Main Attribute of assigned Algorithms is made more effective by enhancing the Doll's Algorithm Efficiency. Each individual Main Attribute will be multiplied by the Efficiency value, which progresses by individual decimals. Efficiency level is enhanced by spending Item Standard Algorithm Booster.png Item Advanced Algorithm Booster.png Algorithm Boosters and unneeded Algorithms.

Algorithm Reconstruction[edit]

The Reconstruct button is only available on two-tiles orange-rarity Algorithms. It rerolls the attribute and value of a substat, but the new value cannot be lower than the previous one. The reroll can also be abandoned if the player doesn't want the new attribute.

Reconstruction can only be done by exchanging a Item Reconfiguration Generator.png Reconfiguration Generator or an Algorithm of the same type.


The Intimacy level of Dolls increases when used in resources stages and by receiving gifts. Unlike Girls' Frontline's Affection, it is not possible to lose Intimacy. Gifts come in three rarity tiers (blue, purple and orange) and each Doll has some gifts that they prefer or dislike, and is neutral towards the rest:

  • List of gifts
  • Preferred gifts
    • Orange: +125
    • Purple: +50
    • Blue: +20
  • Neutral gifts
    • Orange: +100
    • Purple: +40
    • Blue: +16
  • Disliked gifts
    • Orange: +75
    • Purple: +30
    • Blue: +12

Intimacy caps at level 15. Gaining levels unlocks new entries in the Doll's story tab, which also yield some Neural Fragments. Each Doll will also gain attribute bonuses upon reaching certain combinations of level and Intimacy level.

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