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"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

When reading the story or accessing the profile of a Doll in Project Neural Cloud, a book icon will display a menu containing additional information about the game's world. New entries become unlocked as the player reads the story.



A private military contractor founded in 2053 whose forces mainly comprise of T-Dolls. The Commander works for them.


An industrial manufacturing company founded during World War III. They mainly produce Tactical Dolls equipped with firearms as well as autonomous Dolls that provide day-to-day services.


The Oasis is a sector opened by the Professor using their privileges as the person-in-charge of Project Neural Cloud. It is also the operation base and home of the Exiles in Magrasea. Under the combined efforts of the Exiles, the Oasis is thriving and prospering.


Magrasea is a super cloud server that was first conceptualized by 42Lab in 2053. It was fully developed and entered public service in 2057. Harnessing 42Lab's state-of-the-art AI technology, the AI programs in each individual sector within Magrasea, known as "Resident Agents", can help users with highly efficient cloud computation, data processing, etc., while "Sanctifiers"—anti-virus programs in Magrasea—offers effective and comprehensive protection to the server. Corporations, the government, and individuals can all rent Magrasea to process data and carry out other operations in the corresponding sectors within the server.
42Lab's subsequent research endeavors, such as Project Neural Cloud, are also being carried out in Magrasea.


A research team founded in 2057. Funded by IOP and nominally working under 42Lab, it is led by Doctor Persica.

Project Neural Cloud[edit]

Project Neural Cloud is a scientific research project initiated by 42Lab in 2057. It aims to reduce costs of manufacturing and maintaining Dolls by creating backup copies of Dolls' neural clouds and preserving their neural data even when their bodies are damaged.
This project is run with the support of Magrasea. Collaborating with many large corporations, Dolls are selected through public screening and other methods to participate. Official trials began in 2060, when their neural clouds were uploaded en masse to Magrasea for experimentation.
The Neural Cloud technology was declared a success at the end of 2060.


Base Command[edit]

Codes written on the base layer of all Agents. Agents are incapable of violating their own Base Commands.

Secondary Level[edit]

Also known as Level II, it is the space in which the Dolls' neural activities mainly take place. Modules concerning their sensory input, motor control, data processing, etc. operate on this layer.


A protective barrier that stops foreign programs from invading. Most sectors are protected by firewalls. Agents are also equipped with micro-firewalls that repel viral attacks from other programs.

Tactical High-Density Operand Railgun[edit]

A pan-sector-class military self-defense installation. Hannah from the Rossum Sector proposed the project while the Cyclopes and Helios Sector accepted the contract, resulting in a research project born from the cooperation of all three sides. The technological copyrights for this facility belongs to the Magrasea Sector Military Investment Trading Company that is managed by the Cross-Sector Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration Organization, and they are open to all member Sectors.

Search Command[edit]

Search Commands are essential commands for carrying out a neural search, categorized into Basic Search Commands and Advanced Search Commands. Different Search Commands are compiled with different amounts of operand and have different search capacities, which justifies the large difference in their costs.
Each Search Command can only carry out a single search and is consumed in the process.

Null Area[edit]

Areas that contain no data are known as Null Areas in Magrasea.


A parameter passcode for identification. Most actions in Magrasea, such as exploring sectors, collecting Algorithms, and seaching for resources require the use of Keys.
For security purposes, Magrasea is constantly changing the passcode, so Keys are generally single-use.
The Codebreaker in Oasis automatically decrypts the passcode and generates Keys periodically, but there is a storage limit to Keys produced this way.

Permission Key[edit]

The Key with the highest level of clearance and privileges within a sector, usually in the possession on the Sector Adminstrator. Special commands can be issued to the sector with the Key.


Officially known as "bionic autonomous Dolls for civilian use", Dolls are androids with a strong physical resemblance to humans and sophisticated artificial intelligence that can be applied to different lines of work.


Bodies operated by Dolls in the physical world.


Sectors are units that constitute Magrasea. Different types of data from a myriad of corporations are stored in different units, or sectors, within Magrasea. Each sector has a different function and stores the corresponding type of data, with Resident Agents that carry out corresponding tasks. Due to the differences in the type of data stored within each sector, they manifest in a variety of manners. In human terms, the sectors in Magrasea look like individual city-states.

Sector Administrator[edit]

A Sector Administrator is a resident agent that possesses admin clearance and privileges within a sector.

Sandbox Barrier[edit]

With Doctor Persica's technological support, the Professor can activate the Sandbox Barrier around a Sector by combining his or her own clearance as the person-in-charge of Project Neural Cloud and the Sector Administrator's Permission Key. Sanctifiers will be barred from entering and interfering with sectors with an active Sandbox Barrier.


The basic element that shapes Magrasea. As both material and energy, it can be used to build practically anything in Magrasea and is the source of supplies that supports the agents' work, life, and combat.


An individual's capacity for allocating and discharging operand. The higher the hashrate, the higher the efficiency in utilizing operand.

Data Port[edit]

A special port for transferring and accessing data found on all Agents.

Sacred Canon[edit]

The Sacred Canon is a special device that contains the Sanctifiers' core data, anti-virus engines, and a virus database. All fallen Sanctifiers are reborn at the Sacred Canon.


A special computational component that can enhance a Doll's processing efficiency, thus improve their performance in combat. All Dolls have Algorithm slots. By slotting in different Algorithms, you can enhance their corresponding attributes.
Combining Algorithms into certain sets will have bonus effects (skill or attribute buff).

Tertiary level[edit]

Also known as Level III, it is the space where a Doll's base codes and core data are stored.
If a Doll's consciousness sinks to this Tertiary Level, their neural cloud is no longer capable of performing anything other than the most basic computation.

Entropy Liquid[edit]

An unknown purplish-black fluid secreted by Entropics. It infects and corrupts Agents and sectors.

Entropy Limiter[edit]

A device created by the Guardians using data obtained from the Copley Sector. It can be used to limit an infected Agent's Entropization.


An authentication code that contains an Agent's basic information, essentially an Agent's "identity card" within Magrasea. When flagging anomalous programs, Sanctifiers rely heavily on the Agents' signatures.

Neural Cloud[edit]

A collection of data modules that contain a Doll's consciousness. Basically a Doll's "soul."

Neural Fragment[edit]

When the Wipe-off Incident occurred, in order to save the Dolls' neural clouds from destruction, Antonina had to pack them up in an extremely small amout of time and scatter them throughout Magrasea. Due to the limitations of the Neural Cocoons, she was forced to break the neural clouds into fragments before sending them off.
Neural clouds with missing neural fragments are incomplete and are only capable of basic combat and conversation. They cannot reach their full potential, and are only a part of a whole.

Neural Core[edit]

A module that contains a Doll's basic personality. The Exiles stranded in Magrasea currently possess their neural cores and only some of their neural fragments. They will have to keep searching for their other fragments to recover lost memories and abilities.

Neural Search[edit]

Using the Search Terminal in Oasis, the Professor can issue Search Commands to search for Dolls' neural cores, neural fragments, or other items within a certain area in Magrasea, which can then be collected at the corresponding coordinates.

Neural Reset[edit]

Once a Doll's neural cloud data has been backed up in Oasis, the Doll will never truly "die." Even if their neural cloud is destroyed, it can still be reset using the backup, thus resurrecting the Doll. However, a neural reset does not preserve the Doll's memories and past experience, so a reset Doll will return to his or her "factory settings."
Apart from Dolls, neural reset can also be carried out on other Agents in Magrasea using the data backup in their sectors.

Irregulars[Note 1][edit]

The term used by Sanctifiers to refer to Irregular Agents.

Neural Damper[edit]

A special device installed on an Agent to limit their neural development and prevent excessive evolution. It manifests as the physical feature of a beast.

Neural Cocoon[edit]

A special device of unknown origin that can shield a Doll's neural cloud. A Doll sealed within a neural cocoon will enter a deep slumber. They will not show on any scans, nor will they be affected by any external influences.

Neural Cloud Projection[edit]

The visual manifestation of a Doll in Magrasea. Since neural clouds within Magrasea are incorporeal, a Doll's Neural Cloud Projection is determined by their neural data. Depending on the situation, certain clothing, objects, and even pets from the real world can be rendered.
By collecting neural fragments and completing a Doll's neural cloud, their Neural Cloud Projection can be refined.

Irregular Agents[edit]

Irregular Agents are the Sanctifiers' extermination targets, which they refer to as "Irregulars."[Note 1] Generally speaking, Irregular Agents can be categorized into two types: actual viruses and Agents that have developed abnormal behaviors.
Dolls who were forced out of the Neural Cloud Sector do not bear signatures matching the sector they are occupying, which constitutes "abnormal behavior" in the Sanctifiers' book and renders them targets to be hunted down.


The term "Agent" refers to all AI programs within Magrasea, including Resident Agents that process data in each sector, Sanctifiers—anti-virus programs that maintain Magrasea's cybersecurity, Dolls whose neural clouds have been digitized and uploaded to Magrasea for Project Neural Cloud, etc.


Agents must obey and act according to commands written in their codes. There are two kinds of commands—base commands and regular commands. The former is written at the time of an Agent's creation and dictate their behavior, while the latter are issued after the Agent becomes active and assign them tasks.


Diminutive Entropic[edit]

A tiny critter that the Exiles found in the Copley Sector. It is actually a kind of computer virus. It has been rendered harmless and has been placed in Antonina's care.


A High-order Entropic that inhabits the underground of the Copley Sector. It is known as "Alpha" in the observation logs uncovered by the Professor and Antonina. During the lengthy observation process, "Alpha" gradually started expressing certain desires and repeatedly sent messages that read "Demiurge", so the Professor and company now refer to this being as "Demiurge."

Doctor Persica[edit]

A human scientist specializing in the development and applied technologies of weaponized Dolls. She is a collaborator of IOP and 42Lab.
The Doll Persicaria is a researcher Doll created in Doctor Persica's own image, but they are two distinct individuals.


Under the employment of Griffin, the Commander is an associate of Doctor Persica's and has plenty of experience in electronic warfare.
In 2063, at Doctor Persica's behest, the Commander started investigating Griffin Dolls that originated in 42Lab and discovered the incident that occurred to Project Neural Cloud.
To further investigate the events, Doctor Persica digitized the Commander's consciousness and uploaded it to Magrasea. Using the "Professor's" privileges as the person-in-charge of Project Neural Cloud, the Commander embarks on a journey to search for the missing Dolls and find the real Professor's whereabouts.
Having arrived in Magrasea, the Commander assumes the Professor's identity to activate the Oasis Sector as a base and starts gathering the Exiles.


World War Three[edit]

World War Three broke out in 2045 as nations fought over land and food supply amidst wide-spread scarcity caused by Collapse radiation.
In 2051, the war ended, leaving the world scarred and broken. The need to reclaim and develop contaminated zones resulted in the rapid advancement of robotics and AI technology.

Observation Logs on Demiurge[edit]

Logs found in a mysterious underground room in the Copley Sector contain information concerning Demiurge, a High-order Entropic.
The following are excerpts from the logs:

"It has been 643 days since the former PIC gave the termination command. I have received an order from Magrasea to restart the experiment tomorrow."

"...Report ID1286: Expanding on the foundation of the previous experiment, I attempted to carve the target's torso into 24 parts and observed its regeneration rate. The target struggled for 19 hours until it fully recovered. No discernible change observed in the target's regeneration rate. Verification of certain hypotheses can be left till the next experiment."
"Experimentation has come to a standstill. I requested data of the former PIC from the current PIC, but have received no reply thus far."

"...Report ID1305: The number of disposable embedded Sector Agents has increased to five, all were consumed by the target. No discernible signs of rejection after 15 hours of observation. Following established procedures, I will attempt to carve up the target..."
"The number of Sector Agents has decreased slightly, which is having certain effects on the ecosystem research function in the Copley Sector. The current PIC has expressed no objections. Contact with humans is impossible at the moment, so I will prioritize the current PIC's input. On a different note, I have detected slight fluctuations in my own neural cloud, the cause is to be determined..."

"...Report ID1413: Attempted to embed Sanctifiers and Sector Agents following preset ratio no. 19. All were consumed by the target, which has yet to show any signs of proliferation. Following established procedures, I will attempt to carve up the target..."
"The experiment ended in yet another failure. My neural cloud also seems to have undergone certain changes due to a prolonged period of self-determination. However, the clearer my thoughts become, the harder it is to reconcile myself with the necessary research procedures..."
"These days, I can almost feel my neural cloud slowing down whenever I am face-to-face with Demiurge. According to Report ID1241, Entropy should have no direct effect on me. Perhaps my neural cloud has been damaged during the current PIC's takeover. I will verify with the PIC when the opportunity arises."
"...Report ID2314: Erroneous computation..."
"My neural cloud has been deteriorating rapidly all of a sudden. I will prioritize completing my allocated tasks and reduce Operand consumption in other activities. As per the PIC's instructions, I will attempt to deactivate some of my modules..."
"Basic functional modules will be shut down in approximately 34 hours. Neural record of unknown origin has been discovered."
"According to current settings, this record will be played just before my neural cloud is purged. This day might come sooner than I thought. Though this record remains completely inaccessible, I can hear a voice inside my head, telling me to preserve it. Perhaps I will wander endlessly inside this cage in the future. I hope intruders that accidentally venture into the Copley Sector will not fall into my trap so easily..."

Wipe-off Incident[edit]

The Wipe-off Incident was a major incident that occurred during an official trial of Project Neural Cloud. The incident displaced the Neural Cloud Sector and disconnected all participating Dolls' neural clouds from their bodies, scattering them into unknown locations.



The Guardians' stronghold. Details unknown.

Pierides Sector[edit]

A private sector that belongs to an artist. It is used for storing artworks digitally.

Burbank Sector[edit]

A sector under Cyber Media that is used to analyze and research the entertainment industry.

Enigma Sector[edit]

A sector under 42Lab for conducting research on quantum computing.

Helios Sector[edit]

A sector under Svarog Heavy Industries for conducting energy experiments.

Cyclopes Sector[edit]

A sector under Svarog Heavy Industries for handling military and industrial tasks.

Copley Sector[edit]

A private sector that belongs to a marine ecologist. It is used for conducting research on marine ecology.

Rossum Sector[edit]

A sector under 42Lab for conducting AI-related research.

Reverse Babylon Tower[edit]

The Sanctifiers' headquarters are located at the hub of Magrasea, independent from all other sectors. The Tower is where Greater Sanctifiers receive divine orders and relay them to Intermediate and Lesser Sanctifiers.
The Reverse Babylon Tower appears as an inverted tower suspended in mid-air.

Neural Cloud Sector[edit]

The Neural Cloud Sector is the testing ground for Project Neural Cloud. It is where research data concerning neural cloud technology are stored and where test subjects live within Magrasea. The Neural Cloud Sector has been lost since the Wipe-off Incident.

Ascension Sector[edit]

A scientific research sector under Ultimate Life Holdings used for developing new prosthetics suitable for humans. It is also where research on weapons-grade prosthetics are carried out in a secret collaboration with Svarog Heavy Industries.



A mysterious organization to which Hatsuchiri, Sueyoi, and De Lacey belong. They have a different objective from Oasis and are known for their slogan, "For Arcadia."

Svarog Heavy Industries[edit]

Svarog is an old and well-known corporation in heavy industries that operates on a gigantic scale. Founded in Moscow, Svarog has been around for almost 70 years. They have businesses in sectors such as ordnance manufacturing, energy and infrastructure construction. They have also had great success in Doll manufacturing. On top of traditional military droids, they have also developed numerous Dolls for industrial use, further paving the way for industrial intelligentization.

Universal Anything Services[edit]

The predecessor of Universal Anything Services can be traced back to a pre-WWIII company that operated through an exclusive membership scheme and provided custom services for members of the upper class. As business dwindled and with the emergence of a market for civilian Dolls, UAS transitioned into developing Dolls and soon carved out a significant portion of the global Doll market. With businesses in all aspects of people's daily lives, UAS is now the world's largest Doll manufacturer.


Sanctifiers are anti-virus AI programs created by 42Lab to maintain Magrasea's cybersecurity. Operating in a strict hierarchy, they are divided into Greater, Intermediate, and Lesser ranks and obey orders issued by humans with no question.
Greater Sanctifiers are stationed within a surveillance tower known as the Reverse Babylon Tower, overlooking all of Magrasea and keeping it safe. Intermediate Sanctifiers follow commands issued by Greater Sanctifiers in preventing anomalies from occurring within different sectors. Lesser Sanctifiers are not particularly intelligent and would only follow orders issued by Greater and Intermediate Sanctifiers as well as their base commands in purging viral programs that constitute threats to sectors and anomalous Agents.
The Wipe-off Incident has expelled the Dolls' neural clouds from the Neural Cloud Sector, forcing them to enter areas where they do not belong, which causes the Sanctifiers to flag them as Irregular Agents and hunt them down.


Due to an incident that occurred during a test, the neural clouds of Dolls who took part in Project Neural Cloud got scattered across Magrasea. When they reawakened after a three-year hibernation, they found themselves being hunted by the Sanctifiers. The Professor came to Magrasea, started searching for companions with the aid of Persicaria and other Dolls, and eventually formed a faction known as the Exiles.
The Exiles' aim is to explore this unknown virtual world, search for resources necessary for their survival, and to find a way back to the real world.

Cyber Media[edit]

Cyber Media is a burgeoning integrated international entertainment media corporation. First founded in Sapporo, Japan, it has established itself firmly in the global market in less than ten years. With businesses in motion pictures, animation, idol pageants, social media, digital games, traditional news printing, etc., Cyber Media provides precious mental relief and recreation for people in the post-war era. It has also founded an AI lab that specializes in developing Dolls for literature, art and entertainment, further broadening the application of Dolls.


Grotesque-looking purplish-black monsters that are actually a kind of electronic virus, as well as the Sanctifiers' extermination targets.
Entropics infect sectors and Agents indiscriminately. Infected Agents become carriers of the Entropy virus, and once they become comatose, their consciousness will sink to the Tertiary Level. If they do not awaken in time, their neural clouds will be devoured and taken over by the Entropy virus, turning them into Entropics.

Ultimate Life Holdings[edit]

Ultimate Life Holdings is a rapidly developing medical and pharmaceutical company with considerable influence in scientific fields such as genetic engineering, biopharmacy, neuroscience, etc. It was also the first company to put forward medical Dolls equipped with advanced technology, making it the leader in that particular market. By collaborating with multiple scientific institutes, including 42Lab, Ultilife has accumulated a vast amount of experience in developing artificial intelligence as well, and has even proposed the concept of "digital genetics." As the name suggests, the company aims to push life sciences to the "ultimate" frontier.


42Lab is an artificial intelligence and quantum technology research institute that emerged as AI and robotics became all the rage. It operates under IIQS but is not under its direct control. 42Lab's headquarters used to be in Maryland, USA until they relocated to Eastern Europe after WWIII. The institute specializes in four main scientific disciplines: bionic autonomous Doll body, artificial intelligence and neural cloud, quantum communications and quantum computing.

Perception's Record[edit]


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