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This article is written from a Lore perspective. It contains spoilers and different reference materials might be contradictory.

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16LAB Research Institute[1] (also rendered “16Lab”) is the company created by Persicaria in 2057, and one of IOP's first-party manufacturer and R&D partners in the Tactical Doll market.

16LAB was built by Persicaria after negotiations with IOP's Havier Witkin, who was willing to invest a lot of money in her projects following Lycoris' defection to Sangvis Ferri manufacturing.[2] Persica was feeling too constrained at IOP[1] and wanted to create a company under her true name since she was no longer under threat by her former colleagues of 90WISH. With a bigger team than her cover permitted at Hermit (IOP's shell corporation made to protect her and Lycoris) Persicaria worked to develop what she called Second Generation Tactical Dolls, with emphasis on modular design and networking. 16LAB created the Imprint Technology, Dummy Network and Fire Control Core concepts and used IOP's leverage to make them standards of the dolls market.[2] 16LAB had to disclose all results of their research to IOP, and in exchange would keep the copyrights to these technologies, get complete research independence and better research facility.[1]

The elite Tactical Doll squad AR Team was created by 16LAB and later loaned to Griffin & Kryuger.[3] After the Butterfly Incident, 16LAB worked closely with Griffin & Kryuger to study Sangvis Ferri technologies and provide countermeasures,[4] especially against the Parapluie virus.[5]

16LAB has also produced a variety of custom weapon equipment: VFL Scope, Armor Plate, Buckshot shell, Infrared Designator and depleted uranium high-explosive armor-piercing ammo.


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