Eurosky Low-Emission Infectious Disease

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This article is written from a Lore perspective. It contains spoilers and different reference materials might be contradictory.

ELID mutants in Girls' Frontline. Left to right: Infected, Infected Soldier, Smasher. The Collapse Fluid is visible in green due to a marking compound in the Collapse bomb used.

The Eurosky Low-Emission Infectious Disease (低辐射广域性感染症 or 广域性低辐射感染症), or ELID (“EILD” or “ED”), is the result of exposition of the human body to the radiations of Collapse Fluid.[1] Persons who went through complete infection without dying start acting similar to zombies, and are called “ELID Infected” or “ELIDs” (“ED Infected”). Infected are hard to kill due to the layer of hard silicon formed over their skin. The Assault Artillery platform was originally designed to destroy ELIDs.[2]


ELID symptom initial stages on Captain Yegor after he was exposed to a Collapse bomb explosion, notice the scorched skin.
ELID symptom initial stages on agent Angelia after she was exposed to a Collapse bomb explosion, notice the scorched skin.

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Directly after being exposed to Collapse Fluid radiations, subjects start coughing blood,[3] experience bodily pain and fatigue, and scorch marks appear on the skin. If they stay in a “Red Zone” radiations area, muscular damage and loss of certain body functions quickly follow, eventually leading to death from organ failure. “Yellow zone” levels of radiation are survivable for longer period of time, scorch marks will be lighter but organs damage, especially brain damage, will still occur with time, eventually leading to losing one's consciousness. When a subject dies to 'yellow zone' levels of radiation, they will eventually rise again as ELID infected since their motor system is still in working order, with their skins having hardened and joints stiffened due to siliconization.[4]

Advanced ELID infection contracted by repeated exposure for short periods of time manifests physically as bluish-green skin, extremely fast aging made evident by geriatric wrinkles and crows' feet on the face, difficulty to breathe, muscular weakness and very unstable vital signs. Body amino acids decompose, connective tissues break down throughout the body, red blood cell count falls rapidly along with blood oxygen carrying capacity and the skeletal structure changes, undergoing calcification and increasing the density and hardness of bones to numbers up to 400 HB, far beyond conventional steel. Onset period increases as the body is repeatedly exposed to relics. Acute infection is fatal within 61 hours. Conversion to infected can take 24 to 48 hours, but necessitate the body to be healthy enough to survive DNA recombination.[5]

ELID Infected[edit]

A D-Class ELID Infected in Codename: Bakery Girl.

Standard ELID Infected are attracted to sound and moving objects not produced by other ELIDs. The source of their killing impulse is unknown but they seem to attack everything but themselves indiscriminately.[6] Infected seem to retain a certain degree of muscle memory, as demonstrated by infected soldiers actually firing their rifles haphazardly. Muscular subjects with large body types may also experience an expansion of their muscular mass, becoming a Smasher.[Source needed]

Infected staying in radiation zones for an extended periods of time will undergo more drastic physical changes, with D-Class infected being completely inhuman and monstrous in form, and extremely difficult to kill even for Assault Artillery platforms.[2]


ELID has been an ongoing problem during the exploration of relics sites, and spurred the development of the Weight Bearing protection system.[7] In early infection cases, before the 21st century, radiation sickness treatments were applied to no avail due to a lack of understanding of the mechanisms of ELID. This posed considerable problems as relics research ramped up during the Cold War, since infection vectors were unknown and no protection or treatment existed, leading to an estimated 150 000 ELID infections worldwide between the first documented case in 1976 and 1980, with about 10 000 infected. 50 000 new cases had appeared a year later, with a higher percentage of Infected and new mutation forms. High variance in infection conditions and combat data rendered global studies useless. Countries started to create special units dedicated to manage ELID cases, like the Chinese Special Circumstances Armed Police Force, but infection rate of these agents was high. The Dresden Accords and détente between the Soviet Union and United States permitted Anti-ELID vaccine research to begin in 1983, gradually reducing the number of cases.[5]

By 2023, genetic augmentations were available to boost resistance against ELID.[8] ELID vaccines were never particularly effective, but all research was lost during World War Three and the post-war world returned too quickly to conflict with the First Antarctic War for ELID vaccines to be rediscovered.[2]


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