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Reverse Collapse Collection

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This is a list of items listed under the Collection screen in Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery.

Some items are tied to achievements, but most must be found in individual levels by stepping on a specific tile or by performing a specific action. Unlike Secret Documents, there is rarely any hint about their location. See individual level pages to see where to find them.

Chapter 1[edit]

Icon Name Description Found in
RCCB Burned Paper Item.png Burned Paper The remaining pieces of paper that survived had some unknown codes printed on them. Couldn't find any place to use them even after searching the entire villa.

Note: Needed to unlock 2092R mode.

RCCB Heavy Coat Item.png Heavy Coat An extremely warm coat left behind in the house. "Bakery" might find it useful. Act 1
RCCB Edelweiss Item.png Edelweiss A beautiful flower that blooms miraculously even in heavy snow. The locals believe that it brings peace and hope. Act 2
RCCB Boxful of Trophies Item.png Boxful of Trophies A heavy box that contains an old handguard, some wooden building blocks, and a glass bottle. There are also a few acorns in the corner... But what exactly are these for? Act 3
RCCB Tactical Gloves Item.png Tactical Gloves Sangvis Ferri soldiers must possess a complete set of weapons, even though it may not guarantee the safety of life. Act 4
RCCB Broken Shield Item.png Broken Shield A shield that has seen better days. The exquisite craftsmanship is apparent in spite of the damage it has sustained. One can almost see the valiant figures of gladiators fighting in the Colosseum in its presence. Act 5
RCCB Shiny Coin Item.png Shiny Coin The "button" taken from the snowman is, on closer inspection, a coin that was widely circulated in the fashion industry many years ago. It is no longer valuable, but it is said to bring good luck to the bearer. Act 6

Chapter 2[edit]

Icon Name Description Found in
RCCB Exquisite wigs Item.png Exquisite wigs The stylish wig looks well maintained, so perhaps Jefuty's white hair won't be too noticeable with it on.

Note: References the color streak of each member of AR Team.

Act 1
RCCB Collectible Game Tapes Item.png Collectible Game Tapes An old game cassette in a crystal case. A true collector will realize that it is missing the outer packaging and instructions. Act 2
RCCB Best-selling Novels Item.png Best-selling Novels A fantasy novel that was popular in some areas years ago. There were no more updates after the 6th volume was released, but loyal readers still look forward to the conclusion of the magnificent epic. Act 3
RCCB Army Lapel Pins Item.png Army Lapel Pins The pin represents a soldier's pride, and the wreckage of mechs on the side spoke of a farewell left unsaid. May the souls of those who died in battle rest in peace forever. Act 4
RCCB Old Geiger Counter Item.png Old Geiger Counter This old-fashioned Geiger Counter was once widely used for radiation monitoring in the Yellow Zone. Despite its reliable performance, it has been replaced by the new wrist-band type because of its bulky design. Act 5
RCCB Yellow Armband Item.png Yellow Armband The armband was found in a hidden corner near the radar. The logo on it was still clearly visible, must have seen that logo in the MID database before. Act 6
RCCB Red Label Item.png Red Label This tattered Red Label's barcode couldn't be identified even after scanning it several times. Act 7
RCCB Rusty Sword Hilt Item.png Rusty Sword Hilt A rusty sword hilt missing its blade, with a very unique shape. It looked like it was wielded by a descendant of the royal family. Act 8
RCCB Decoration Item.png Decoration The exquisite decoration made by the Logistics Department reenacts the heroic appearance of soldiers on the battlefield. Inside the supply box, there appears to be the latest ammunition under secret development. It is said that with its usage, even the AT-77U can exhibit firepower comparable to that of a heavy machine gun. Act 9

Chapter 3[edit]

Icon Name Description Found in
RCCB Skull Cap Item.png Skull Cap White cap with a cool fluorescent green skull printed on it. It is said that this pattern is the logo of a mysterious white hat hacker, but the owner has disappeared from the Internet for a long time, leaving behind only some legends.

Note: This is in reference to  AntoninaAntonina .

RCCB Robot Model Item.png Robot Model Special model that can only be obtained in the special event of the amusement park. In addition to the unique painting, it also has enhanced mobility compare to the original version. However just like most limited collection items, it will never get a chance to be used for the rest of its lifetime. Act 1
RCCB Collapse Crystal Item.png Collapse Crystal Unprocessed Collapse Crystal, once made into high-value currency, circulated in Contamination Zones. "Collapsed Crystal Shards must be used with the right underground broker; don't get them wrong!" Act 2
RCCB Damaged Jammer Item.png Damaged Jammer The jammer that fell next to the gate of the quarantine zone, seemed to have broke because of tremendous pressure. According to Atena, using the device can block some unique signals. Act 3
RCCB Superchip Item.png Superchip Judging from its size, it must be a superchip specially designed for military mech units. It should possess extremely powerful computing performance with this kind of manufacturing technology. When running at full capacity, it can even completely change the operation logic of mechanical units. Act 4
RCCB Lime Liqueur Item.png Lime Liqueur Drink imported from Asia, very popular among soldiers on the base. It uses a special recipe to recreate the taste of liqueur, but does not actually contain alcohol. Act 5
RCCB Moon Photo Item.png Moon Photo This photo of the moon was taken nearly a hundred years ago. No matter the era, there will always be someone recording everything in the starry sky. Act 6
RCCB Red Gloves Item.png Red Gloves Women's gloves left at the abandoned train, made of very exquisite materials and seeming to have been produced by nobles. Surprisingly, a strong smoke reaction was detected on the gloves. Act 7
RCCB Red Dragon Pendant Item.png Red Dragon Pendant An adorable little dragon pendant. Unfortunately, anything with a red color seems quite dreadful when under the Shrike's influence. On the bright side, it won't suddenly explode into a bloody mess. Act 8

Chapter 4[edit]

Icon Name Description Found in
RCCB VR Gaming Device Item.png VR Gaming Device A limited-edition VR gaming device restricted to 10,000 units worldwide. With this device, immerse yourself in the story of boys and girls with special abilities defending Earth together.
RCCB Small Notepad Item.png Small Notepad A worn-out notepad with significant surface wear. On its cover, a logo and the words "The Exiled" can be faintly seen. Inside, there is a dense list of names recorded, suggesting the owner of the notes is determined not to forget any of them.
RCCB Patchwork Bracelet Item.png Patchwork Bracelet A bracelet made of four metals, with each part inlaid with a gemstone. The wearer of this bracelet likely holds a distinguished status, inspiring trust involuntarily.
RCCB Mr. P*zza Item.png Mr. P*zza It is said to be a very popular small dinosaur backpack, and the same model has been seen in a certain bounty hunter team in the Yellow Zone. Could this be what she lost?
RCCB Weird Scale Item.png Weird Scale A peculiar scale with three plates. Its true purpose remains elusive even after long period of study. It might have served as a prop in some ancient ritual in the past.
RCCB Exquisite Lock Item.png Exquisite Lock An accidentally picked up lock at the entrance of the ground tunnel. After careful inspection, the keyhole was, in fact, a disguise. The real keyhole consisted of five small holes in the outer ring. It seems that five round keys need to be inserted at the same time to open the lock.
RCCB Gas Mask Item.png Gas Mask A solidly constructed tactical mask, distinctly different from Atena's lightweight style. It does not seem to be a model commonly seen in the military.

Note: The design is similar to AR AK-12Thumb button.pngAK-12 's mask.

RCCB Damaged Stun Gun Item.png Damaged Stun Gun This stun gun, produced by a legal company, is highly suitable for incapacitating targets during stealth operations. It is an essential weapon for agents, but unfortunately, it has been damaged.
RCCB Quartz Watch Item.png Quartz Watch A quartz watch engraved with astronomical symbols, is highly accurate and can be used to compare with the refugee transport timetable. Additionally, by rotating the ring on the dial to the correct position, you can determine the position of the five planets through the pointer.
RCCB Flash Mine Item.png Flash Mine This old-style flash mine, with only simple modifications, has become a nightmare for countless people. Surprisingly, no one uses similar equipment on the battlefield nowadays.
RCCB Rusty Blade Item.png Rusty Blade The blade was so rusted that its original appearance was impossible to discern, and its matching sword was missing. Perhaps, they were once wielded by their master, marching forward like the mythical war horses.

Note: This is Arvak, one of  SolSol 's blades.

RCCB Sharp Chainsaw Item.png Sharp Chainsaw A chainsaw found among the wreckage of ELID. It's unimaginable that someone had the guts to engage the ELID in close combat, let alone succeed in destroying it.

Note: The gear pendant indicates this is a reference to Gears of War's Lanzor weapon.

RCCB Commemorative Coin Item.png Commemorative Coin Eliminating the ELID is the first step in rebuilding the quarantine zone, and people have paid a heavy price in the fight against the ELID. In order to commemorate the fallen soldiers, the URNC government issued this extremely valuable commemorative coin.
RCCB Super Tank Blueprint Item.png Super Tank Blueprint Simple drawings record the designer's bold creativity. What's even more frightening is that the nearby URNC soldiers have already started building it! At this point, it might be a good idea to discreetly take out a page.
RCCB Mecha Comic Item.png Mecha Comic Annotated version of "Metal Suit". The pages of the book are filled with various notes, reflections, diaries, complaints, and even mech designs–everything abruptly stops after a certain page.
RCCB Target Dummy Item.png Target Dummy This human-shaped dummy used for target practice has a truly eccentric design; it resembles like a caped hero.
RCCB Mysterious Necklace Item.png Mysterious Necklace A mysterious metal necklace. The overall shape is very simple, the blue crystal appears as if it contains an infinite space, drawing people inside.

Note: This is a reference to the Relic containing Helena in Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium.

RCCB Worn-out White Coat Item.png Worn-out White Coat A worn-out white coat with only one sleeve left. The cuff is marked with the beautiful name Isadora. Perhaps its owner is as elegant as a white swan?

Note: This is in reference to Girls' Frontline: Glitch Land.

RCCB RC Handle Item.png RC Handle Seems to be a RC handle for some kind of device. It employs new short-frequency signal technology and has a communication success rate of 99%, but it still can't avoid occasional signal reception problems. The moment it was pressed, the sound of a motor emanated from the corner.
RCCB Mottled Red Spider Lily Item.png Mottled Red Spider Lily The red and white Red Spider Lily is said to bloom at the place where the dead are resurrected. Its meanings include choice, sacrifice and painful memory.
RCCB White Mask Item.png White Mask A badly damaged white mask with unique patterns, emitting a distinct religious aura. It was abandoned near the well for some unknown reason.
RCCB Chocolate Biscuit Snack Toy Item.png Chocolate Biscuit Snack Toy Beautifully packaged snack, this high-calorie chocolate biscuit is shaped like the popular giant sword. While the snack is delicious, the bonus cards inside the packages are what everyone truly wants.
RCCB Cloth Map Item.png Cloth Map Believed to be a layout of a military base, only to be discovered as a fictional map in the novel when opened. The text on the back describes the tale of an epic war but provides no assistance in escaping the base.
RCCB Electric Collar Item.png Electric Collar Electric collar picked up in a prison cell, can be operated remotely via the controller. When activated, a small current will be released to stimulate specific nerves and weaken the wearer's body, as if all power has been drained away.
RCCB Tactical Light Item.png Tactical Light Tactical Light manufactured by STALKER with excellent quality. It is no exaggeration to say that a STALKER Light can last until the end of the world.
RCCB Cat-shaped Cleaning Robot Item.png Cat-shaped Cleaning Robot A cleaning robot hidden in the boulder, it lacks a voice module, so it can only emit onomatopoeia to express emotions. If you can master this "language" proficiently, you should be able to communicate with it smoothly.
RCCB Blue Butterfly Item.png Blue Butterfly A phantom blue butterfly. Ever since the encounter with Lige in the virtual cognition image, its presence can occasionally be glimpsed in the real world.
RCCB Cloud Wind Chime Item.png Cloud Wind Chime An old wind chime hung at the entrance of the cafe, adorned with cloud and sugar cube patterns. Whenever a visitor arrives, the wind chime dutifully makes a sound.
RCCB Golden Toaster Item.png Golden Toaster A golden toaster that has lost its luster. Toaster repair and maintenance are a lost art. In the past, there were even colleges dedicated to teaching this technique.

Note: This is in reference to Wasteland 3.

RCCB White Coffee Cup Item.png White Coffee Cup A white coffee cup with cracked edges and the words "42Lab" printed on the side. Would its owner also wish that someone could hand them a cup of coffee late at night, with too much sugar added?

Note: This is in reference to Persica or  PersicariaPersicaria .

RCCB The Hero's Art of War Item.png The Hero's Art of War An ancient military book heavily protected in the dark chamber. The pages of the book have turned yellow. Various tactics and use cases are recorded within. If you can memorize it, you will definitely become an excellent commander.
RCCB Giant Wrench Item.png Giant Wrench A giant wrench specially designed for repairing tanks can significantly speed up the efficiency of repairs. The surface is worn-out, and the writings on it can no longer be discerned.
RCCB Severed Cable Item.png Severed Cable A big black cable with a very smooth cut. When people don't know what to do with a machine, cutting off power is always the best solution.

Note: Adorned with the logo of Sangvis Ferri.

RCCB Train Ticket Item.png Train Ticket Expired interstate train ticket. The train has already departed, and even the station is deserted. So, where is the ticket holder now?

Note: The design of the train is similar to the “Future” intercontinental train from Longitudinal Strain.

RCCB Opera Ticket Item.png Opera Ticket A VIP seat ticket for the Central Opera Troupe. During its heyday, tickets for the opera troupe were hard to come by. Even now, the gorgeous tickets preserves the essence of those glorious days.
RCCB Ship in a Bottle Item.png Ship in a Bottle Handicraft bottle containing a Viking Longship. The bright red flag can be used as a navigational signal to ensure that the fleet will not be separated in a storm.

Chapter 5[edit]

Icon Name Description Found in
RCCB Exquisite Cufflink Item.png Exquisite Cufflink A delicate cufflink found next to the bouquet, seemed to be a commemoration of someone. After wiping away the dust on the nearby tombstone, there wasn't even a name on it.

Note: This could be a reference to Light (“Agent U”).

Act 1
RCCB Backup Battery Item.png Backup Battery When the main power source fails, backup batteries can be used to power the transmission grid. The more sufficient the power, the higher the probability of withstanding damage. - "Electric Power Defense Network" Act 2
RCCB Limited Edition Luffberry Chess Item.png Limited Edition Luffberry Chess A limited edition Luffberry Chess, obtainable only through a special event at the airport, contains the designer's signature and every expansion board since its launch. One of the rarest and most precious items that can be found on the auction market. Act 3
RCCB Mini Pyramid Item.png Mini Pyramid A mysterious small pyramid. Although it lacked any mechanical structure, the three symbols on it randomly rearranged every time it was seen. Finale


Icon Name Description Found in
RCCB Pet Battle Machine Item.png Pet Battle Machine The wildly popular Pet Battle Machine. Legends has it that there was an extremely weak pet that, after completing a series of extremely demanding conditions, transforms into the strongest combat power in the team. Prologue
RCCB War Correspondent's Camera Item.png War Correspondent's Camera The most important partner of a war correspondent, every precious image is etched with the photographer's courage.

Note: This is in reference to Girl of the Bakehouse.

Chapter 1
RCCB Epiphyllum Container Item.png Epiphyllum Container There were reports of people holding similar containers high and praying together around them. This glass jar has been broken, and the Epiphyllum inside has disappeared. Chapter 2
RCCB Stone Box Item.png Stone Box This cracked stone box seems to have suffered a violent impact. There are no buttons or switches on the box, and it cannot be opened no matter how much it is fiddled with. Chapter 3
RCCB Prismatic Ore Item.png Prismatic Ore A rare and beautiful ore. Characters resembling letters have been carved onto it by an enthusiastic miner. It seems to be an expression of reminiscing about someone far away. Chapter 4
RCCB Tablet Item.png Tablet A magenta tablet that seems to be broken. When fully charged, a weird white smiley face appears on the screen, and there are no responses when clicking anywhere. Chapter 5
RCCB Damaged Dog Tags Item.png Damaged Dog Tags Two damaged dog tags strung together, bearing bullet penetration marks. Although stained with blood, the names on the two dog tags, Nikolai and Dmitry, were clearly visible. Chapter 6
RCCB Brain Puzzle Item.png Brain Puzzle A mass-produced educational toy that has been tested and confirmed to have a very positive effect on brain development. Many years after its launch, manufacturers are still updating new puzzles on the Internet, making it a good pastime for soldiers in the army. Chapter 7
RCCB Tank Model Item.png Tank Model A decorative model found among the discarded parts looked very similar to the damaged vehicle nearby. However, after searching for information, it was revealed to be a tank model that did not exist in reality. Chapter 8
RCCB White Flag Item.png White Flag The white flag picked up near the flag-raising platform stands out in contrast with the environment of the URNC base. The patterns on the flag are very delicate and were once considered a symbol of nobility and purity. Chapter 9
RCCB Old-style Bolt Action Rifle Item.png Old-style Bolt Action Rifle An old-style rifle that someone had hidden in the crack between the wall, it had been emptied of bullets. Compared to the Mosin-Nagant in Jefuty's hands, it seemed to be an older model.

Note: This is in reference to Girl of the Bakehouse.

Chapter 10
RCCB Interview Permit Item.png Interview Permit An expired interview permit. Although the name on it is no longer legible, the photo is extremely clear. With this, people have the possibility to uncover the truth.

Note: This is in reference to the Shadowless.



Icon Name Description Found in
RCCB Metal Accessory Item.png Metal Accessory An accessory picked up next to the strange broken ring, it looks like a prop from sci-fi movies. It seems to have some kind of religious symbolism. Maybe it's the mark someone left on this world. Prologue
RCCB Metal Lampshade Item.png Metal Lampshade An exquisite metal lampshade, the bulb inside is gone, but it will emit a light blue shimmer in a dim environment. The patterns on the lampshade form mysterious symbols, looking through its glass feels like overlapping spaces. Chapter 1
RCCB Black Spoon Item.png Black Spoon A metal spoon designed with ergonomics in mind. Just by holding it, your appetite will increase and make you want to stuff your face. Chapter 2
RCCB Golden Apple Item.png Golden Apple A seemingly ordinary apple that gave off a golden luster under the sunlight. Such a wonderful fruit, full of life energy, can only be cultivated with clear spring water. Chapter 3
RCCB Owl Clock Item.png Owl Clock The beautifully crafted owl clock is now rusty and no longer moves. For some reason, the hands stayed at the exact time it was discovered.

Note: This is in reference to Poincare Recurrence.

Chapter 4
RCCB Broken Sword Item.png Broken Sword The broken sword stored in the cave seems to be made from special metal. Even in a warm room, the sword always feels cold. Chapter 5
RCCB Collapse Fluid Bomb Item.png Collapse Fluid Bomb Collapse fluid bomb that was once used in war. The scorch marks and corpses around it clearly showed its lethality. To this day, it is still a nightmare for many URNC soldiers. Chapter 6
RCCB Bolt Item.png Bolt A bolt found next to a heavy armored vehicle that's possibly stripped due to being disassembled too many times. For hardworking mechanics, every bolt is an irreplaceable comrade. Chapter 7
RCCB Photo of Sisters Item.png Photo of Sisters A blue sky with white clouds and happy smiles–that is the life that countless people used to have but can never go back to. Chapter 8
RCCB Recorder Pen Item.png Recorder Pen A recorder pen found in the command room of the base, it will give a low-battery warning when the power button is pressed. When the time is right, the secrets inside will be revealed to the public.

Note: This is in reference to Girl of the Bakehouse.

Chapter 9
RCCB Rock Paper Scissor Manual Item.png Rock Paper Scissor Manual A CD with strange gestures printed on it. According to the description on the back of the box, the CD contains psychological tactics that can improve the winning rate of rock-paper-scissors. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find optical drives in this day and age, and the contents cannot be verified. Chapter 10
RCCB Heart Rate Monitor Item.png Heart Rate Monitor A finger-clip heart rate monitor that still retains the last monitoring record on its screen. When people cannot speak, their heart rate is often their most honest expression. Epilogue
RCCB Appreciation Letter Item.png Appreciation Letter Sincerely thank you for reading this letter. At this moment, "thank you" is the most beautiful word in the world. I hope our efforts have brought you beautiful memories.

Note: The letter has Sunborn's logo on the seal.

Abandoned Town


Icon Name Description Found in
RCCB Red Black Feather Item.png Red Black Feather The red and black feather is considered an ominous symbol in some regions. Legend has it that possessing such feather can grant a person unlimited power, but it also comes with a heavy price. Achievement: Caged Bird
RCCB Sand Box Miniature Item.png Sand Box Miniature A sand box miniature used by the URNC headquarters to simulate wars. The hexagonal token design makes the strategic simulation closer to the real battlefield. The exquisite shape makes people fall in love with it, so it has become the private collection of many commanders. Achievement: Master Strategist
RCCB Broken Arrow Item.png Broken Arrow A broken black arrow, the arrowhead is rusted, but its sharpness aura is still the same as before. The word "Gaul" can be faintly seen on the broken arrow shaft... A gladiator? What does this symbolize?

Note: This is in reference to  SimoSimo .

Achievement: Backstab
RCCB AI Robot Item.png AI Robot A limited edition "H1" household robot produced many years ago that's capable of seamlessly connecting with all smart furniture with a single click. It warmly greets the user and acts almost like a pet. Achievement: Metal Suit Rising
RCCB Masking Tape Item.png Masking Tape Here's a joke: In the sky above the Mathematical Tower, there are two "dark clouds". One is the length of π, and the other is the number of 9s on this roll of tape. Achievement: Devastating Blow
RCCB Goliath Wreckage Item.png Goliath Wreckage The wreckage of Goliath stored in the war museum. A closer look reveals red metal underneath the charred surface. Even though there is a safety notice board next to it, it still makes visitors feel frightened. Achievement: Killer King
RCCB Folding Fan Item.png Folding Fan An antique folding fan with designs derived from popular elements in the past. Due to its sharp edges, locals also consider it a weapon for self-defense aside from its primary use for fanning. Achievement: Fanning the Flames
RCCB Orange Cat Doll Item.png Orange Cat Doll Even the most distinguished VVVIP customers can acquire this trendy, limited-edition orange cat doll only through online lottery draws.

Note: This is in reference to Kalina.

Achievement: Extravagant
RCCB Team Gacha Egg Item.png Team Gacha Egg When you discover that you didn't get the hidden prize, you will regret opening this gacha egg for the rest of your life. Achievement: Team Spirit
RCCB Special Tactical Chess Item.png Special Tactical Chess Crafted from paper, tactical chess was produced with simple technology but encompasses rich strategies. It's time to compete on a different battlefield.

Note: This is in reference to the Codename: Bakery Girl tabletop game.

Achievement: Nostalgic Gamer


In the demos for the game, a special item could be found in Chapter 1, Stranded in Snow. It is a paper invitation to the 2056 Girls' Frontline Carnival, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the game.[1]