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Reverse Collapse Items

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Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery expects you to make full use of the tactical opportunities offered by items to win. Frugality is usually not an option. The game will highlight recommended items with a star before the level begins.

Most items only become available for crafting after reaching a certain level in the story. Basic items can be made from scratch by spending Parts in the Itme Production screen during the preparation phase only (not possible during a level), while advanced items can be crafted from basic items in the Item Synthesis screen (available during a level). Some items, as well as the materials to craft and upgrade Equipment-type items, can only be acquired during the story or by visiting purple tiles in levels, and they can't be farmed. Powerful items can be costly, so budget your parts accordingly (or farm parts after clearing a chapter).

The preparation screen allows you to define item presets. You can prepare a minimalist backpack for stealth missions, another for regular combat missions, and more specialized backpacks for combat missions centered on mechs and Shrikes.

Weapon accessories are listed in a separate page.

For information about items in 2092R mode, see Reverse Collapse Items/2092R.


“Damage” items are grenades, mines and direct fire items dedicated to inflicting damage with some bonus effects. Most of these items effectively cost the same as normal attack at 3 or 4AP per use.

Fragmentation Grenade[edit]

RCCB Icon Fragmentation Grenade.png
A no-frills offensive option for a flat cost of 3AP. Damages enemies in a 2-tiles range. The only item along with Medicine that can be enhanced 9 times, from 40 to 130 damages and some transport capacity boost. Throwing range will be increased from 3 to 4 at level 6, and carrying capacity from 3 to 4 at level 2, to 5 at level 5 and to 6 at level 8. Slightly costly at 300 parts each.

The amount of damage caused by Trip Mines and Tracking Mines will be identical to the amount of damage caused by Fragmentation Grenades, so improving the grenades will also make the mines more effective. The damage of Incendiary Grenades and RC Bombs are also indexed on the damage of Fragmentation Grenades, but not identical.

Because most of the other damage items are crafted with these grenades, beware of suddenly running out of them when in the field. They are fortunately a rather common sight on orange tiles and as enemy drops.

Trip Mine[edit]

RCCB Icon Trip Mine.png
A 2-tiles trap detonating when an enemy steps on it. The most economical Damage item to use at only 2AP per deployment. Good for impending the advance of human enemies due to the Grounded status preventing further movement. The Trip Mine's damage is equal to the damage of Fragmentation Grenades, but capacity and range are enhanced independently along with a Fatigued effect reducing the APs of enemies.

Ally units cannot activate ally trip mines, and your Trip Mines can also be used to detonate enemy trip mines (though later this becomes be the job of the Autonomous Recon Vehicle). Trip Mines cannot be detonated by grenades, but placing an Equipment-type item on them will trigger them.

Incendiary Grenade[edit]

RCCB Icon Incendiary Grenade.png
A damage-over-time grenade causing 80% of the Fragmentation Grenades' damage for 2 turns, the second hit ignoring armor. After upgrade, inflicts bonus damage to enemies in Forest, Sandpile, Ruins, Building and Pillbox tiles, effectively punishing the use of cover, along with an added effect if the grenade detonates an explosive on the field.

RC Bomb[edit]

RCCB Icon RC Bomb.png
A remote-controlled mine causing around 1.6× the Fragmentation Grenades' damage. Can only be detonated the next turn after placing it initially, but can be detonated immediately on the third upgrade. The initial radius is 3×3 but it can be enhanced to reach a full range of 3 tiles. Upgrading also adds armor piercing damage.

This is one of the few items that can only be made with a special non-craftable and non-farmable material, the Explosive Kit. Make each deployment count.

Tracking Mine[edit]

RCCB Icon Tracking Mine.png
Identical to the Trip Mine in every aspect, except for its four-directional range two-times use.

Rocket Launcher[edit]

RCCB Icon Rocket Launcher.png
Your best chance against most bosses and mechs. Expensive to make at 800 parts each, but surprisingly cheap to use for its firepower at just 3AP.

Damage scales from 200 to 400, fully armor-piercing, over three upgrades. Upgrading it also boosts its effectiveness against force fields along with enhancing carrying capacity and range.

Blood Bullet[edit]

RCCB Icon Blood Bullet.png
An expensive but useful special item made using Jefuty's blood. To be used against most ELIDs and Shrikes due to its Impure Blood effect nullifying their invincibility traits for 1 turn (2 turns after upgrade). Also deals more damage as it is upgraded, from 120 to 300 damage. Upgrades can also nullify the "explode on death" traits of these enemies.

Combine with Blood Grenade to circumvent the huge HP pools of some bosses, but note that some Shrike units such as the β Shrike boss don't take extra damage from it.

You unfortunately won't have this item yet when you first face a Shrike in Chapter 2 Act 7. One of Jefuty's skills unlocked in late game will grant 3 Blood Bullet in exchange for HP.

Blood Grenade[edit]

RCCB Icon Blood Grenade.png
The grenade variant of the Blood Bullet, unlocked quite late during Chapter 3 Act 8. Deals about 75% of the Blood Bullet's damage, ignoring ELID and Shrike armor and resistances, but most importantly inflicts Reverse Blood, making the most durable Shrike bosses squishier. The effect of Reverse Blood will increase from 200 to 400% at the third upgrade, effectively making it a portable Crimson Blister explosion.

EMP Mine[edit]

RCCB Icon EMP Mine.png
Unlocked quite late, at the start of Chapter 4 after you're already used to fighting mechs. Though created using an EMP Grenade, this mine inflicts direct damage, from 100 to 160 at third upgrade with 60 to 110 armor penetration. Also grounds mechanical targets, and can be triggered two times, like a Tracking Mine. The range is only one tile, however.

This is one of the few items that can only be made with a special non-craftable and non-farmable material, the Mechanical Induction Valve. Make each deployment count.

Resonance Ice Breaker[edit]

RCCB Icon Resonance Ice Breaker.png
Very specialized item only obtained in Chapter 4, Midnight Stratagem, cannot be upgraded, produced or synthesized. For 3 AP, this item can be deployed up to 6 tiles away and will change Thin Ice tiles into Ice Hole tiles on command. Deploying and activating this item does not trigger an enemy alert. It is intended to be used in this level to silently eliminate enemies standing on Thin Ice tiles while also denying a route over the ice to other enemies.

Cruise Missile[edit]

RCCB Icon Cruise Missile.png
Only unlocked near the end of the game in the last phase of The Final Fight I, this is the most powerful item in the game: for a measly 2 AP, you can deploy a missile initially dealing 600 damages that ignores armor on a three-tiles radius anywhere on the map. And it doesn't break stealth (but you can't use it for the last two phases of the final level). The first upgrade will up the damage to 900 and also make the cruise missile effective against force fields, while increasing carrying capacity to 10. The final upgrade increases damages to a whopping 1300, and additionally leaves a pool of Scalding Fuel for 2 turns in the area of effect, while increasing the carrying capacity to 15.

There's a catch, of course: each missile costs 8000 parts to produce, making it the costliest craftable item in the game. There is however a one-time cache of these items in Chapter 4, Dead End.


Function items are dedicated to slowing and weakening enemy units rather than causing damage.

Most of these items are specialized towards humans and Shrikes, ELIDs, or mechs. Before using these items on bosses, always check if they have special effect immunities.

Smoke Grenade[edit]

RCCB Icon Smoke Grenade.png
Reduces the accuracy and evasion of humans and Shrikes caught in its 2-tiles radius by 10 to 20 for 1 turn. Works both for making enemies easier to hit and making them more likely to miss your units the next turn. Used as the crafting base for human and Shrike-centric function items.

The level of the Smoke Grenade will influence the effects of the Stun Grenade, the Flashbang and the Tear Gas Grenade.

Stun Grenade[edit]

RCCB Icon Stun Grenade.png
Inflicts an evasion debuff on humans and Shrikes in a 2-tiles radius (3 at third upgrade) for 1 turn, between 20 and 30 points indexed on the Smoke Grenade's level. After upgrade, also inflicts Spotted, preventing enemies from using their concealment skills. Necessary to deal with the many endgame enemies equipped with optical camouflage.

Despite its name, this item does not inflict the Stunned effect, that's what the Flashbang is for.


RCCB Icon Flashbang.png
Reduces attack and accuracy for humans and Shrikes in a 2-tiles radius, a good solution to weaken a dangerous enemy.

Attack reduction scales from 40 to 60% as it is enhanced, while the accuracy debuff goes from 15 to 25% depending on the Smoke Grenade's level. The effect initially lasts 1 turn, but is enhanced to 2 turns at first upgrades along with the addition of the Stunned effect preventing any action on the enemy's turn. At max upgrade, also halves the critical damage of the targets and adds Analyzed, preventing enemies from boosting their attack.

Tear Gas Grenade[edit]

RCCB Icon Tear Gas Grenade.png
Creates a fog lasting 2 turns applying the Exhausted effect, which inflicts 25 to 35% damage at the end of the player's turn, indexed on the Smoke Grenade's level. Good option to finish off an enemy at low health.

The first upgrade adds the Untreatable effect preventing the target to replenish its health, and the max upgrade ups the damages taken to 40% if the enemy was at max health when entering the gas.

EMP Grenade[edit]

RCCB Icon EMP Grenade.png
The Flashbang equivalent for mechs: reduces their attack by 40% initially (up to 60% at max upgrade) for 1 turn. Used as the crafting base for mech-centric function items.

There is some tradeoff when it comes to upgrading this item. Initially, it also decreases AP by 4 for 1 turn, which hampers both movement and attack options. At first upgrade, this effect is replaced by Grounded, only preventing the enemy from moving but not hampering its attack. At max upgrade, the Disarmed effect is added, leaving the enemy unable to move and use normal attacks (but it can still use its skills and traits). Upgrade is also beneficial for its effect on the Melt Bomb and Energy Drainer.

Melt Bomb[edit]

RCCB Icon Melt Bomb.png
Lowers the armor of a mech by a flat 30 to 80 points depending on the EMP Grenade's level. The effect initially lasts only 1 turn, but is enhanced to 2 turns after upgrade. At max upgrade, also enhances the range from 2 to 3 tiles.

Mandatory to destroy the most heavily armored enemies such as the Jarilo and Diberg tanks.

Energy Drainer[edit]

RCCB Icon Energy Drainer.png
Drains between 30 and 60 energy points from an enemy mech depending on the EMP Grenade's level, preventing them from using some of their traits (note that most mechs regain energy at the end of their turn). Initially a one-tile item, but becomes AoE after upgrade.

Low-Frequency Acoustic Generator[edit]

RCCB Icon Low-Frequency Acoustic Generator.png
An ELID-exclusive item, used to lure them towards a certain area, but only when the ELID is not in Attack or Defense mode. Initially, the effect only applies when the player turn ends and the ELID will pathwalk to the item, but after the first upgrade it takes effect immediately and the ELIDs jump towards the item instead of walking, offering you more stealth options. At max upgrade, the effect will last for 3 turns instead of 2. The throwing range upgrades are also beneficial.

Be careful when using this item to lure multiple ELIDs in proximity of a friendly unit: one ELID will aim directly for the items, but the others will aim for the nearest non-occupied tile at random.

High-Frequency Sonic Bomb[edit]

RCCB Icon High-Frequency Sonic Bomb.png
An ELID-only version of the Shockwave Grenade and a more offensive version of the Acoustic Generator. This grenade is dedicated to displacing ELID units away from the direction of the thrower by 3 tiles (4 after first upgrade). Radius is also enhanced from a single tile to 3 tiles over two enhancements. Max upgrade also inflicts Rage, which increases the targets' attack by 25% and their damage received by a half.

This is mostly for use during three-ways battles where ELIDs should be directed towards other enemies.

Soporific Dart[edit]

RCCB Icon Soporific Dart.png
Crafted with Medicine. An item for stealth levels, only useable when undetected. Enemies put to sleep with this item will never wake up on their own, but if they enter the anti-stealth detection range of an ally (yellow tiles in the stealth view), they will be awakened and start searching the area. The Asleep effect also applies a 50 evasion debuff, but in most scenarios you wouldn't want to kill a sleeping enemy as you will be detected.

The first upgrade increases the range of the dart from 4 to 5, and the max upgrade lowers the AP cost from 4 to 3.

Note that Mendo's late-game Silencing Strike skill enables you to silently kill enemies (it used to be difficult to use in pure stealth missions due to consuming SP that are mostly gained with kills, but the skill cost was reduced to 0 in the 19-04-24 patch).

Holographic Gravel[edit]

RCCB Icon Holographic Gravel.png
Increases the AP cost of tiles within a 2-tiles radius of the landing point (3 tiles at first upgrade) for enemies only for 2 turns. The AP cost is increased by 1 initially and by 2 at max upgrade.

Shockwave Grenade[edit]

RCCB Icon Shockwave Grenade.png
Displaces a non-heavy and non-fixed unit (enemy or ally) by 1 tile away from the position of the thrower. Very useful to dislodge an enemy from an advantageous position, or get an ally with no AP left out of a dangerous position. Initially works only on 1 tile, but will be enhanced to a 2-tiles radius at first upgrade.

Initially, a target with no valid tiles within a 1-tile radius will not be displaced, but after the first upgrade the 1-tile displacement limitation will be lifted in these cases. At max upgrade, a Shockwave Mine will be planted at the target location, displacing any enemy passing through for 2 times.

Sonar Scanner[edit]

RCCB Icon Sonar Scanner.png
Unlocked in Chapter 2, Act 6 (used to only be available at Chapter 4 before 19-04-24 patch).

Within the area of effect, your units will travel for 1 less AP per tile (at a minimum cost of 1AP). Range is initially a 3×3 square, but is upgraded to a 3×5 rectangle and a 5×5 square after upgrades.

Detection Interference Program[edit]

Not craftable, found in the field in Chapter 4, Midnight Stratagem (added with the 19-04-24 patch).

For 2 AP, all enemy units will have their visual range reduced to their anti-stealth range only for 1 turn (in other words, they only keep their yellow detection tiles and not their green detection tiles).

Shrike Inhibitor[edit]

RCCB Icon Shrike Inhibitor.png
Non-craftable item given at the start of the stealth phase of the final level. It functions like the Soporific Dart on the Shrike enemies in the level.


Recovery items not only enable restoration of your units' health points, but also their action points and skill points.


RCCB Icon Medicine.png
The only item along with the Fragmentation Grenade that can be upgraded 9 times. Will initially heal 20 HP and up to 180 HP at max level, your best healing option (excluding unique items). Always costs 2 AP to use and can be used by a unit on itself or on another allied unit. Effective range will be increased from 3 to 4 at level 6, and carrying capacity from 3 to 4 at level 2, to 5 at level 5 and to 6 at level 8.

Though other healing items as well as the soporific darts are crafted from this item, you're rarely at risk of running out due to Medicine being the cheapest item to produce along with the Smoke Grenade (at only 100 parts each), as well as a common sight on orange tiles and as enemy drops.

The effectiveness of the Medkit, Painkiller and Area Healing Orb are also indexed on the Medicine's healing power.


RCCB Icon Medkit.png
The only item (excluding unique items and skills) capable of bringing a unit back from 0 HP. At level 1, heals the unit for 50% of the Medicine's healing ability, then 80% at level 2 and finally 110% at level 3. Carrying capacity grows from 2 to 4 and effective range from 3 to 5.

It is rather costly at 1000 parts each, but no matter your proficiency in the game, you will need it at some point.


RCCB Icon Painkiller.png
A more tactical way to recover HP, this item only gives back some HP at first, then a bigger amount on the next turn. Can be applied to situations where you need a unit to be at full health to withstand an enemy attack, then heal immediately afterwards, such as when using a unit as bait during certain bosses.

Indexation isn't linear, but expect around 66%+111% of the Medicine's healing power at level 1, 71%+133% at level 2, and 76%+160% at level 3, plus an increase in carrying capacity from 2 to 4 and effective range from 4 to 6.

Area Healing Orb[edit]

RCCB Icon Area Healing Orb.png
An AoE healing option starting at 90% of the Medicine's healing power in a 3-tiles radius, then 110% at first upgrade, and 130% in a 4-tiles range at max level. First upgrade also adds the Antibodies effect reducing damage taken by 10% (20% at max upgrade). A tad costly at 600 parts each.

Field Ration[edit]

RCCB Icon Field Ration.png
The AP version of the Replenishment Drink. A costly item (2000 parts to craft one) that initially replenishes 2 AP. Can only be applied to the user, but costs 0 AP to use, so it can be applied during emergencies. At max upgrade, recovers a whopping 6 AP.

At 2000 parts each, it is one of the most costly items to craft.

Replenishment Drink[edit]

RCCB Icon Replenishment Drink.png
The SP version of the Field Ration. A costly item (2000 parts to craft one) that initially replenishes 10 SP. Can only be applied to the user, but costs 0 AP to use, so it can be applied when you really need to dish out some damage or protect against incoming fire. At max upgrade, recovers a whopping 20 SP.

At 4000 parts each, it is one of the most costly items to craft. Carl's Assault Operation skill also provides bonus SP.


Equipment-type items are structures that can be deployed on the battlefield. They will occupy a free tile and operate under the same rules as your units for the purpose of stealth.

These items cannot be crafted from the Item Production screen or upgraded in the Item Modification tree. Instead, you need to progress through the story, or step on certain purple tiles, to receive the necessary materials to craft or upgrade these items from Item Synthesis. Because purple tiles are a one-time deal, you will only ever get a finite amount of these items.

However, these items are also the only ones that will never leave your inventory. Even if they are destroyed in the field, they will be available again for the next level, and you are expected to use them as bait for enemies or fodder to disarm enemy traps the hard way (until you get the Autonomous Recon Vehicle).

Simple Turret[edit]

RCCB Icon Simple Turret.png
Crafted with 1 Damaged Firearm and 50 parts. Can be deployed up to 3 tiles away and fire on an enemy up to 4 tiles away to cause 55 damage. Has 30 HP, an accuracy of 135, meager detection abilities and no ability to cause critical damage on its own.

Due to costing only 2 AP to deploy, these turrets can be used as an extra attack opportunity when you don't have enough APs left for a normal attack. The turret itself only has 2 AP, which is enough to either attack, repair itself to full health or use Recover to return to the backpack, once per turn. As basic enemies become tougher, the role of the Simple Turret will become to draw enemy fire and little else.

The Recover function is critical to save a turret from lethal damage, or to make sure you have it in your backpack before saving the boss and potentially having it stuck off-screen, leaving you with one less resource.

All turrets have a special synergy with Mendo, who can influence their stats with his Turret Calibration passive and Temporary Upgrade skill, and even resurrect all turrets on the field at full health with his Ultimate Skill.

Standard Turret[edit]

RCCB Icon Standard Turret.png
Crafted with 1 Simple Turret, 1 Dual-Barrel Modification Components and 100 parts. Costs the same to deploy as a Simple Turret, but can be deployed 1 tile further and has slightly better stats: 90 damage, 60 HP, a firing range of 5 and accuracy of 180. Detection stats are still abysmal and critical hit abilities still zero. Its actions remain the same as the Simple Turret : 2 AP to attack, repair or recover once per turn.

Medium Turret[edit]

RCCB Icon Medium Turret.png
Crafted with 1 Standard Turret, 1 Gatling Gun and 300 parts. A considerable upgrade compared to the Standard Turret, the Medium Turret not only has better stats, but much better versatility.

The Medium Turret can be deployed up to 5 tiles away, but costs 3 AP to deploy. It has 130 HP and 230 accuracy, which are considerable upgrades, a firing range of 6 and an attack power of 100. Though its attack is a lesser upgrade compared to the Standard Turret, the Medium Turret's attack and repair only costs 1 AP, enabling it to attack twice in one turn. It can also be concealed for 0 AP, while recovery still costs 2 AP. Moreover, its new Auto-Fire skill makes it useful as a defensive option during enemy turn, as long at it has AP left from the player turn.

While its anti-stealth functions are still weak and it still can't crit on its own, it however has 75 points of armor-piercing damage, making it effective against mechs and heavy units.

Heavy Turret[edit]

RCCB Icon Heavy Turret.png
Crafted with 1 Medium Turret, 1 Defender Kit and 500 parts. Can be deployed 6 tiles away for 3 AP. It has 200 HP, 130 damage, 285 accuracy, a range of 7, 40 armor and 100 armor piercing. Still no crits or detection radius.

Aside from the Auto-Fire skill, this turret also has Heavy Strafe, inflicting 40% of damages to its main target to enemies adjacent to the target.

Electric Turret[edit]

RCCB Icon Electric Turret.png
Crafted with 1 High Voltage Core and 400 parts. Can be deployed 5 tiles away for 3 AP. When used, it will shock the target with an attack dealing 100 flat damage up to 5 tiles away, and an accuracy of 400. The attack has the particularity of being able to bounce to another enemy up to 2 tiles away, up to 2 times. This attack ignores armors and force fields, and won't trigger counterattack and tracking shot skills.

The turret is about as sturdy as the Medium Turret with its 180 HP and 20 armor.


RCCB Icon Scanner.png
Your default anti-stealth equipment. Crafted with 1 Radar Antenna and 50 parts. Costs 2 AP to deploy and completely nullifies enemy stealth within 4 tiles, including traps. The Scanner also has the best available stealth capabilities itself, only detectable within an enemy's perfect detection range (which is only 1 tile for normal units), even without fog.

Can be recovered in the same turn it was deployed, in which case the extra visibility it created will disappear the next turn, but has no repair action and very low HP, so if it is detected it will be destroyed in one attack.

Advanced Scanner[edit]

RCCB Icon Advanced Scanner.png
Crafted with 1 Scanner, 1 Infrared Detection Module and 100 parts. Increases the range of the Scanner to 6 tiles. Still flimsy.

Barbed Wire Barricade[edit]

RCCB Icon Barbed Wire Barricade.png
Crafted with 1 Steel Plate and 50 parts. Its use is to block a tile to prevent any unit from stepping on it, making it useful to control enemy movement. Can be deployed 5 tiles away for 2 AP.

Enemies will target barriers when it is their only attack option, but they are built to last with their 60 HP and 10 points of armor. Moreover, they can use their 2 AP to repair to full health, or be recovered.

Electric Barricade[edit]

RCCB Icon Electric Barricade.png
Crafted with 1 Barbed Wire Barricade, 1 Electromagnetic Generator and 150 parts. Overall upgrade to the Barbed Wire Barricade, blocking 2 tiles instead of 1, with 140 HP and 30 armor points, and deployable 1 tile farther (6 tiles away).

High-Energy Barricade[edit]

RCCB Icon High-Energy Barricade.png
Crafted with 1 Electric Barricade, 1 High-Energy Mapping Device and 300 parts. Still blocks 2 tiles, but doubles the HP and armor of the electric barricade and can be deployed 1 tile farther (7 tiles away).

Camouflage Standee[edit]

RCCB Icon Camouflage Standee.png
Crafted with 1 Pseudo-acrylic and 100 parts. This oversized anime character acrylic stand can be deployed up to 3 tiles away for 2 AP and will draw enemy attacks with its taunt ability, but will be always be destroyed in one shot. The taunt ability also doesn't work against certain bosses.

The appearance of the standee depends on the character that deployed it.

Holographic Projection[edit]

RCCB Icon Holographic Projection.png
Crafted with 1 Camouflage Standee, 1 Holographic Projector and 200 parts. Costs the same to deploy as the standee, but can be deployed 4 tiles away and is guaranteed to survive the first hit against it. It also has 98 evasion to maybe survive the shot after that.

Unlike the standee, the hologram reuses the animated chibi of the character that deployed it.

Unique items[edit]

These items cannot be crafted or enhanced, and as such are in very limited supply. They are received as part of the story or by stepping on purple tiles.

Autonomous Recon Vehicle[edit]

RCCB Icon Autonomous Recon Vehicle.png
Acquired during Chapter 3 Act 7, this robot acts like a mobile Scanner with anti-trap capabilities. Due to its 6 AP and trait reducing the traversal cost of all tiles to 1, it is quite mobile and passively detects enemies and traps 7 tiles away. It also has the near-perfect concealment abilities of the Scanner, and a measure of durability with 80 evasion, 30 HP and 5 armor points.

This equipment also has 10 SP to spend on two skills : Wide Area Recon creates a visiblity area 3 tiles wide from up to 10 tiles away, lasting for 2 turns at the cost of 5 AP, while Trap Disassembly will destroy all enemy Trip Mines in a 3-tiles radius up to 5 tiles away for 3 AP.

The vehicle can pick up supplies and collectibles on the map.


RCCB Icon Pill.png
A cheat recovery item usable on any tile of the whole map at no AP cost, curing the target of Critical Condition if it is down, restoring it at max health by way of 999 HP heal, and granting a boosted Antibodies effect reducing damage taken by 90% for the next turn.

In Casual² mode, a pill will be given at the start of most of the levels.

Special Braised Pork[edit]

RCCB Icon Special Braised Pork.png
The best version of the Field Ration, a cheat recovery item granting 15 AP to the user at no AP cost. Only granted during certain preparation phases by listening to Mendo and Jefuty talk about cooking. Click on the dialogue bubble to see the dialogue and get this item (the last two dialogues in The Final Battle I and II do not grant a Special Braised Pork).

Carl's Assault Operation skill also provides bonus SP.

1 Damage Potion[edit]

RCCB Icon 1 Damage Potion.png
A cheat Function item granting the Unyielding effect to the user, which reduces the damage of the next attack to 1, regardless of its original value or properties. Costs 1 AP to activate.

Firepower Boost Energy Bar[edit]

RCCB Icon Firepower Boost Energy Bar.png
A cheat Function item increasing the user's attack by 25% for 1 turn. Costs 1 AP to activate.

Accuracy Boost Energy Bar[edit]

RCCB Icon Accuracy Boost Energy Bar.png
A cheat Function item increasing the user's accuracy by 50 points for 1 turn. Costs 1 AP to activate.

Single-use Cheat Energy Bar[edit]

RCCB Icon Single-use Cheat Energy Bar.png
A cheat Function item raising the accuracy of the user's next attack to 100% and its attack to 150%. Costs 1 AP to activate.

Violent Rush Energy Bar[edit]

RCCB Icon Violent Rush Energy Bar.png
A cheat Function item granting the Violent Rush effect to the user, guaranteeing a critical hit on next normal attack and increasing critical damage by 80%. Costs 1 AP to activate.

Damage Reduction Potion[edit]

RCCB Icon Damage Reduction Potion.png
A cheat Function item granting a 40% Antibodies damage reduction effect (which is twice the effect of a maxed Area Healing Orb). Costs 1 AP to activate.

Left-Right Maneuver Potion[edit]

RCCB Icon Left-Right Maneuver Potion.png
A cheat Function item increasing the evasion of the user by 50 for 1 turn. Costs 1 AP to activate. Don't waste it on undodgeable attacks.

Agility Potion[edit]

RCCB Icon Agility Potion.png
A cheat Function item nullifying the cost of stealth movement for the user for 1 turn. Costs 1 AP to activate.

Comprehensive Defense Potion[edit]

RCCB Icon Comprehensive Defense Potion.png
A cheat Function item granting the Immunity effect fending off all abnormal status for the user for 1 turn. Costs 1 AP to activate.