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Reverse Collapse Achievements

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This is a list of the 100 Steam achievements for Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery.

Standard Achievements[edit]

Icon Name Description
File:RCCB Entrust Icon.png Entrust Complete Chapter 1.
File:RCCB Corrosion Icon.png Corrosion Complete Chapter 2.
File:RCCB Corrosion Icon.png Embrace Complete Chapter 3.
File:RCCB Deviation Icon.png Deviation Complete Battle "Deviation".
File:RCCB Counterattack Icon.png Counterattack Complete Battle "Counterattack".
File:RCCB Private Icon.png Private Achieve S ratings in all battles in Chapter 1.
File:RCCB Combat Ace Icon.png Combat Ace Defeat a total of 1,200 enemy units.
File:RCCB Lightning War Icon.png Lightning War Allied units defeat a total of 20 enemy units in one turn.
File:RCCB Bullseye Icon.png Bullseye Allied units trigger a total of 20 critical hits by normal attacks in one turn.
File:RCCB Piece of Cake Icon.png Piece of Cake Ally units defeat 20 enemy units with no damage taken in one battle.
File:RCCB Chosen One Icon.png Chosen One Dodge 5 consecutive normal attacks from enemy units with any of our characters in one turn.
File:RCCB Devastating Blow Icon.png Devastating Blow Deal more than 5,000 damage with a single hit to an enemy unit.
File:RCCB Treasure Hunter Icon.png Treasure Hunter Pick up supplies a total of 20 times.
File:RCCB Beware of grenades Icon.png Beware of grenades Use 1 Fragmentation Grenade to defeat 4 enemy units.
File:RCCB Heaven's Eye Icon.png Heaven's Eye Discover 6 enemies while laying Scanning Devices.
File:RCCB Crowd Control Icon.png Crowd Control Stun 1 enemy for 2 consecutive turns.
File:RCCB Dissolve Icon.png Dissolve Reduce the armor of an enemy unit with an initial armor greater than or equal to 100 to 0.
File:RCCB Chain Lightning Icon.png Chain Lightning Use the Electric Turret to defeat an enemy unit outside its attack range.
File:RCCB The Gathering Icon.png The Gathering Use a Low-Frequency Acoustic Generator to attract 8 ELIDs.
File:RCCB Hasta la Vista, baby Icon.png Hasta la Vista, baby Use an EMP Grenade to hit 3 different types of mechanical units at the same time.
File:RCCB Stand Still Icon.png Stand Still Deal 4 critical hits to an enemy unit within 1 turn.
File:RCCB Killer King Icon.png Killer King Use an RC Bomb to damage 5 enemy units.
File:RCCB Moving Pictures Icon.png Moving Pictures Have Jefuty defeats 4 enemies without moving in one round.
File:RCCB One Stroke Icon.png One Stroke Have Lige use the "Dashing Flash" skill to hit 5 enemy units simultaneously.
File:RCCB Suppressive Fire Icon.png Suppressive Fire In one battle, use weapons influenced by"Mechanical Rampage" to deal a total of 900 HP of damage to enemy units.
File:RCCB Fanning the Flames Icon.png Fanning the Flames Have Karl use the skill "Tactical Deception" to make enemy units in the "Confused" state defeat the boss.
File:RCCB Overtime Icon.png Overtime In one battle, have Atena deals a total of 1,200 damage to enemy units during non-ally turns.
File:RCCB Special Effects Icon.png Special Effects Have Jevon use a shield to block 200 or more points of damage.
File:RCCB 4D Pocket Icon.png 4D Pocket Obtain a total of 20 types of items.
File:RCCB Geek Icon.png Extravagant Consume a total of 100,000 Parts.
File:RCCB Geek Icon.png Assembler Perform a total of 30 item synthesis.
File:RCCB GeekIcon.png Geek Upgrade an item to max Rank.
File:RCCB Supreme TechnologyIcon.png Supreme Technology Raise the Tech Level to Rank 7.
File:RCCB Knowledge Is No Burden Icon.png Knowledge Is No Burden Equip 4 skills on a character.
File:RCCB Pinnacle Icon.png Pinnacle Upgrade a Skill or Trait to max Rank.
File:RCCB AwakeningIcon.png Awakening Achieve 100% for the ATCG Nucleobase Completion of an Ultimate Skill.
File:RCCB Firearm Master Icon.png Firearm Master Upgrade a weapon to Rank 5.
File:RCCB Deluxe Package Icon.png Deluxe Package Equip 3 Rank 5 accessories on a weapon.
File:RCCB Gun Freak Icon.png Gun Freak Obtain 9 weapons in total.
File:RCCB Team Spirit Icon.png Team Spirit The team reaches level 40.
File:RCCB Warm-up Icon.png Warm-up Conduct Field Investigation before 5 different battles.
File:RCCB Open Up Icon.png Open Up Read all the preparation conversation.
File:RCCB Listen to the Radio Icon.png Listen to the Radio Obtain all Confidential Files on "Trends in Global Affairs".
File:RCCB Read the Paper Icon.png Read the Paper Obtain all Confidential Files on "Scientific Research Reports".
File:RCCB Check the Report Icon.png Check the Report Obtain all Confidential Files on "Military Investigations".
File:RCCB Know-it-all Icon.png Know-it-all Obtain all the Confidential Files.
File:RCCB Private Cinema Icon.png Encyclopedia Collect all the Keyword entries.
File:RCCB Private Cinema Icon.png Private Cinema Collect all the graphical data.

Hidden Achievements[edit]

File:RCCB All-Consuming Icon.png All-Consuming Complete Battle "All-Consuming".
File:RCCB Deep in the Tiger's Den Icon.png Deep in the Tiger's Den Complete Battle "Deep in the Tiger's Den".
File:RCCB Cornered Beast Icon.png Cornered Beast Complete Battle "Cornered Beast".
File:RCCB Caged Bird Icon.png Caged Bird Complete Battle "Caged Bird".
File:RCCB Dead End Icon.png Dead End Complete Battle "Dead End".
File:RCCB Mutual Destruction Icon.png Mutual Destruction Complete Battle "Mutual Destruction".
File:RCCB Private Icon.png Negotiator Successfully persuaded "Crane".
File:RCCB Private Icon.png Farewell Complete Chapter 4.
File:RCCB Private Icon.png Hope Complete Chapter 5.
File:RCCB Sergeant Icon.png Sergeant Achieve S ratings in all battles in Chapter 2.
File:RCCB Staff Officer Icon.png Staff Officer Achieve S ratings in all battles in Chapter 3.
File:RCCB Commander Icon.png Commander Achieve S ratings in all battles in Chapter 4.
File:RCCB Master Strategist Icon.png Master Strategist Achieve S ratings in all battles.
File:RCCB In Vain Icon.png In Vain Achieve victory before enemy reinforcements arrive in "Stranded in Snow".
File:RCCB Icon.png Flawless Have all characters be positioned in the blast zone during the enemy's bombardment of the house in "Entrust".
File:RCCB Go in Peace Icon.png Go in Peace Have Jefuty and Mendo disarm all defenses by using special mechanisms in "Rendezvous".
File:RCCB Fulfilled Promise Icon.png Fulfilled Promise Defeat all enemy snipers with Jefuty in "Struggle for Survival".
File:RCCB Hesitation Icon.png Hesitation Have Mendo remain stationary in "Dependent".
File:RCCB Sky Corridor Icon.png Sky Corridor Have Jefuty and Mendo take a cable car to leave the amusement park in "Night Crisis".
File:RCCB Full Package Icon.png Full Package Capture all the supplies in the area in "Camouflage".
File:RCCB Internal Conflict Icon.png Internal Conflict Destroy the control room before Kirill can activate the energy charger and defense installation in "Trap".
File:RCCB Water Park Icon.png Unsuspected Use Super Mutant "Lambda" to destroy the gate of the quarantine zone.
File:RCCB Water Park Icon.png Backstab Have Mendo arrive at the target location without meeting Jefuty in "Support in the Woods".
File:RCCB Water Park Icon.png Clearance Achieve victory by defeating at least 45 enemy units in "Deep in the Tiger's Den".
File:RCCB Water Park Icon.png Water Park Have Jefuty and Mendo leave the wooden bridge area by boarding a yacht in "Zombieland".
File:RCCB Overcome Fear Icon.png Roamer Have Carl search every accessible room in "Night Scouting".
File:RCCB Overcome Fear Icon.png Overcome Fear Achieve victory after Lige defeats at least 3 Shrike Consciousnesses in "Blood Horror".
File:RCCB Never Look Back Icon.png Never Look Back Have Jefuty move westwards and achieve victory without rescuing Mendo in "Choice".
File:RCCB Hitchhiking Icon.png Hitchhiking Have Jefuty and Mendo enter the base via a transporter in "Secret War".
File:RCCB Nature Lover Icon.png Nature Lover Achieve victory without entering the "Flowers" terrain in "Nightmare".
File:RCCB Medical Race Icon.png Medical Race Achieve victory by having a cumulative amount of healing greater than that of the enemy in "Dead End".
File:RCCB Natural Disaster Icon.png Natural Disaster Use the Snow Roll to defeat an enemy unit that is suffering "Hypothermia" in "Treacherous Road".
File:RCCB Metal Suit Rising Icon.png Metal Suit Rising Start the AAX-05P Constructor in "Rapid Advance".
File:RCCB Major Incident Icon.png Major Incident Defeat 6 enemy units in one move using the "Diberg" Battle Fortress in "The Final Battle I".
File:RCCB SOS Icon.png SOS Achieve victory with Lijuo surviving in "The Grateful Dead".
File:RCCB Dust to Dust Icon.png Dust to Dust Use the City Defense Battery to defeat Sugar Σ in "Suburban Defense".
File:RCCB Empty Shell Icon.png Empty Shell In "Die Another Day", all allied units are not attacked by the Shrike Evolution.
File:RCCB Overkill Icon.png Overkill Use a Rocket Launcher to defeat a human enemy unit.
File:RCCB Chance Encounter Icon.png Chance Encounter In one battle, use High-Frequency Sonic Bomb to force an ELID to move next to allied characters.
File:RCCB Nutritional Balance Icon.png Nutritional Balance In a Battle, any of your characters used military food and drinks.
File:RCCB Bon Voyage Icon.png Gotcha Place a Holographic Projection on the corpse of an enemy unit.
File:RCCB Bon Voyage Icon.png Bon Voyage Use a Shockwave Grenade to blow enemy units away.
File:RCCB Icon.png Foot in the Grave In one battle, have one enemy unit triggers 3 Mines simultaneously.
File:RCCB Kill Steal Icon.png Kill Steal In one turn, have Jefuty defeat 4 enemy units with the "Support Fire" trait.
File:RCCB Fight Fire with Fire Icon.png Fight Fire with Fire Have Lige block the attack from a Shrike using the "Extrasensory Perception" trait.
File:RCCB Selfless Act Icon.png Selfless Act Have Mendo enter the critical condition after using the "Emergency Transfusion" skill.
File:RCCB How Rude Icon.png How Rude Have 3 enemy units pass by Carl while he is in the "Camouflage" status.
File:RCCB Home Run Icon.png Home Run Have Atena use items from at least 10 tiles away from herself.
File:RCCB Die Together Icon.png Die Together Have Jevon use the "Last Gamble" skill to detonate 3 enemy units.
File:RCCB Museum Icon.png Museum Obtain a total of 80 collectibles.
File:RCCB Nostalgic Gamer Icon.png Nostalgic Gamer Activate "Bakery Girl 2092R".
File:RCCB One Step Ahead Icon.png One Step Ahead Win 1 Tactical Chess game.