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Abigail (Reverse Collapse)

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"I can't sleep yet, I still have work to do..."

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Full name Abigail

Global Rescue Foundation

Voice actor Aoki Ruriko[1]
Artist Unknown

Playable character in Chapter 2, Act 2 of Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery, and again in Chapter 5, Act 2. As confirmed by dialogues in 2-2, she's the same character as Griffin & Kryuger's SG M500Thumb button.pngM500 , and also most probably AbigailAbigail from the Exiles of Magrasea.

In Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery[edit]

Traits and Skills[edit]

  • Hunting Instinct: When there are buffs on basic attributes, allied units within 3 tiles take 20% less damage.
  • Portable Ammunition Depot (5-2 only): If the target is an enemy human unit, increase accuracy by 10 when performing normal attacks, if the target is an enemy mechanical unit, increase damage by 15%.
Standard Skills
  • Protection Focus: Increase armor by 10 for 1 turn in 2-2 (increase armor by 100 in 5-2). Costs 6 SP (8 SP in 5-2), 3 turns cooldown.
  • Alloy Shield (5-2 only): Place a temporary shield that lasts for 2 turns up to 4 tiles away. Allied units within the shield gain 120 armor. Costs 15 SP, 4 turns cooldown.
Ultimate Skill
  • Cur Attack: Deal damage equal to 120% of own attack to enemy units within its area of effect. Hits in a T-shape, 3-turns cooldown, costs 12 SP.

Genetic Upgrade and Nucleobase Completion[edit]

This unit cannot be upgraded.


RCCB Weapon M500.png
Unlock conditions Base weapon
AP Cost 4
Attack 86
Range 3
Standard Accuracy 68
Accuracy during stealth 38
Critical Hit Rate 10
Critical Hit Damage 150
Weapon Trait None