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Global Rescue Foundation

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The Global Rescue Foundation is a humanitarian international non-profit organization founded in 2075, specializing in the evacuation of refugees out of contamination and war zones. Their members rely on paramilitary equipment and training, as well as Dolls to operate in contaminated areas.[1]

In 2085, the GRF, the URNC and the Antarctic Union created the Refugee Aid Program, an initiative dedicated to locating and evacuating Yellow Zones population to Green Zones. The GRF also screened refugees for ELID to provide first treatment, then sent infected refugees in URNC or AU checkpoints for long-term care. The program continued even after the start of the First Antarctic War,[2] since the URNC benefited from this cooperation as a source of steady population growth in its Green Zones,[1][3] and they allowed the GRF to organize fundraising activities in their territory.[3] The GRF assisted the URNC in the evacuation of the Northern Caucasus when it became a contamination zone.[4]

During the war, the GRF effectively acted as the successor of the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. While not officially recognized by either the URNC or the AU, they acted as a neutral party, assisting in the exchange of prisoners of war and carrying civilian mail between warring nations.[3] In mid-2092, in response to the mass exodus of Coalition populations from South America and South Africa toward the northern hemisphere to leave the AU's control, the AU and the URNC opened humanitarian corridors to be used by the GRF.[5] The AU's MID sponsored the GRF, among other humanitarian organizations, in exchange for intel and occasional on-site favors.[6] At that time, the GRF operated throughout Eurasia and the Atlantic with over 9,000 employees and 28,000 registered members.[1][3] The GRF also assisted refugees illegally attempting to exit Eurasia to reach Antarctica, including wanted persons on the run from both nations.[5][3] By the end of the war, 1.8 million people had migrated northward, and an estimated 60,000 southward.[5]

During operation Bakery, Mendo and Jefuty used fake identities as Hurst and Lisa Lyon, posing as GRF members to embark on a GRF convoy manned by the Dolls of Squad G62 of the 27th Rescue Team: Betty, Abigail, Ruby and Valmet, who had served in the past in Griffin & Kryuger[7] and were senior members of the GRF.[8] When the URNC troops at the Cherkessk checkpoint accidentally gunned down an agitated infected and attempted to massacre the convoy to keep the incident secret and avoid diplomatic consequences, Mendo hacked the Dolls and enabled their human targeting protocols to defend the refugees.[7] They later met the Dolls again in Mineral Water City to activate the city's defenses and fight back the URNC to evacuate Jefuty.[8]