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Faction Logo Paradeus.png

Here is the problem, they can't be killed... -- AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416 

A paramilitary organisation in the world of Girls Frontline, Paradeus initially appeared during event Continuum Turbulence and quickly became a third antagonist faction, as they entered the scene and opened fire upon everyone on the field. The dolls on the field simply addressed them as 'The White Faction', the name 'Paradeus' was not revealed until the event Isomer.

For a paramilitary organisation, Paradeus units boasts unrivalled combat technology, in both defensive and offensive equipment. Paradeus unit composition consist of mostly autonomous humanoid dolls, special purposed mechanized units, and 'Nyto' human/mechanical hybrid type units. The most formidable defensive system in Paradeus' arsenal is their kinetic deflection system, as described by T-Doll HK416 during the first contact, gameplay-wise players should know it by the percentage damage reduction force field they deploy during combat.

Notable characters[edit]