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Paradeus (帕拉蒂斯) is a German terrorist organization and cult, and is the third antagonistic faction of Girls' Frontline introduced in Continuum Turbulence. Before its true name was revealed in Isomer, it was only known as The White Faction due to their primary color. It has advanced technology, but it also recruiting Infecteds in the contaminated Yellow Zones by promising them a cure for ELID. Paradeus' motto is the Rossartrist slogan “The shining beacon in a brave new world”, the same as Griffin & Kryuger.[1]

The apparent leader of Paradeus is William von Oberstein, a 90wish member with access to advanced Relic Technology, who the Paradeus members call "Father"[1] or "Master".[2] Paradeus using Infecteds' bodies as a base material to produce troops led by a strong faith, the Strelets.[3] These soldiers are led by the Nytos, who are clones blurring even further the line between human and machine. Its units use a force field applying a percentage damage reduction to incoming attacks, which can be destroyed by Heavy Ordnance Corps.


The earliest known activity of Paradeus took place in Southern Germany, where an illegal orphanage was found to house multiple young Nyto clones. They also established a lab in the depths of the abandoned Paldiski Submarine Base near Tallinn, Estonia, on the site of a Starfish construct. K has been investigating Paradeus in Southern Europe for many years.[4]

Paradeus intervened as a fourth party during the joint assault of Griffin and Kryuger and KCCO against Sangvis Ferri in 2064, after KCCO turned against G&K. The Nytos led the Paradeus troops in an effort to wipe out the remaining G&K troops, but they failed when the commanding Nyto Black was incapacitated by AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  and self-destructed.[5] A separate force led by a Nyto White successfully captured the Commander before intending to sacrifice herself in an assault on the G&K forces coming to retrieve the Commander, claiming she would reach awakening. The Paradeus forces were pinned down when SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635  used her megaphone to lure ELID-infected toward them, but the Nyto White refused to attack them, calling them “the Baptized” and opening herself to a headshot from RF M82A1Thumb button.pngM82A1 .[1]

Paradeus treated the Commander's radiation poisoning during nine weeks before interrogating them to determine the whereabouts of Squad 404, Angelia and Elisa.[2] Squad 404 and G&K raided the base and rescued the Commander,[1] but they encountered Paradeus again three months later while searching for an informant possessing information about Angelia in Belgrade.[6]




Nytos are cloned humans whose consciousness has been physically embodied and functions like a Neural Cloud, which enable them to interface with digital networks like Tactical Dolls. Nytos are selected as children and their bodies are modified with cybernetic enhancements,[7][4] but they still bleed like normal humans[1][8] and can be hacked like T-Dolls.[1] The strict command hierarchy means Paradeus units not commanded by a Nyto will stop moving.[8] Nyto Whites are considered to have a greater sense of self than Nyto Blacks and have complete authority over them, though they still share the same gestalt mind.[1] The physical appearance of Nytos is close to AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 .[2]


While Dandelion calls all Nytos "Isomers" as she sees them as imperfect copies,[9] Persica uses this term for "failed" Nytos candidates who didn't live up to expectations and were abandoned by Paradeus.[7] In chemistry, isomers are molecules with the same number and types of atoms, but organized differently.

Isomers aim to merge with a similar but perfected consciousness like their own to be liberated.[10]

Standard units[edit]