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Dish of Aceso

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Dish of Aceso
Full name Dish of Aceso
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN (灵蛇权杖/厄琉息斯秘仪), TW, KR, EN
Chibi animation

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A specialized combat unit that uses a machine gun. They fire plasma beams at their target and ignore its evasion to some extent. Their power is greatly improved when combined with a Staff of Aesclepius. When combined, they turn into an Elusinian Mysteries, a machine gun unit with ferocious firepower, equipped with a dual machine gun system that can blind opponents. It converts the Iaso's Box placed within it into plasma beams which it fires, allowing it to simultaneously attack many units and contaminate the ground within its attacks' area of effect.


Introduced in Poincare Recurrence


Dish of Aceso

Also called Aceso’s Flask, or Obelisk Part A due to their fusion with Staff of Aesclepius.

This unit has a high rate of fire and deals moderate damage. Its Laser Beam skill fires a beam directly forward which pierces through targets and causes guaranteed damage to enemies it touches.

In maps with both Staff of Aesclepius and Dish of Aceso, these units can merge to make an Elusinian Mysteries.

Elusinian Mysteries

Also called Obelisk. An enemy Heavy Ordnance Corps unit with a very high coverage radius. It uses two skills when directly engaged:

  • Blinding Beam: Fire a beam of light at enemies ahead of self. Enemies it touches take guaranteed damage and are blinded, which reduces accuracy.
  • Disaster Strikes: Fire a grenade at a random tile, dealing damage that scales with Dummy-Links to targets within the tile as well as contaminating the tile and all neighboring tiles. Enemy units within the contamination radius take 10% damage that scales with Dummy-Links every second, and their armor and evasion are decreased.

Its third passive skill, Fragile Barrel, is a detrimental passive that triggers after losing 50% HP: the barrel drops and stops firing contamination grenades, and Blinding Beam no longer inflicts blindness.



  • In Ancient Greek mythology, Aceso is a goddess of healing and curing, related to Asclepius, the god of medicine. The Eleusinian Mysteries were a secret religious rite held in Eleusis representing the rebirth of Persephone after her abduction by Hades.