Staff of Aesclepius

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Staff of Aesclepius
Full name Staff of Aesclepius
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN (灵蛇权杖), TW, KR, EN
Chibi animation

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A heavy firepower unit that uses a machine gun. The machine gun they carry charges up and then fires three plasma beams, which can both cause blindness and ignore evasion to some extent. Their power is greatly improved when combined with the Dish of Aceso.


Introduced in Poincare Recurrence


Also called Asklepian, or Obelisk Part B due to their fusion with Dish of Aceso.

The Hand-held Laser Beam skill fires a beam at a random enemy, piercing through all enemies in the same line. Enemies it touches take guaranteed damage and are blinded, which reduces accuracy. Needs to Recharge once every 3 attacks. While Recharging, self evasion is decreased.

In maps with both Staff of Aesclepius and Dish of Aceso, these units can merge to make an Elusinian Mysteries.


  • In Ancient Greek mythology, Asclepius is the god of medicine, related to Aceso, goddess of healing and curing. The staff of Asclepius is a common symbol of medicine.