Thunder (Enemy)

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Thunder (Enemy)
Full name Colossus
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN (Patroller)
Chibi animation

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A large, four-legged machine, the Thunder is one of the failed experimental Paradeus units left to roam Tallinn.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Mechanical
  • Damage: High
  • Accuracy: Very High
  • Attack range: Long
  • Health: Extreme
  • Armor value: High
  • Evasion: Moderate
  • Movement speed: Moderate


Makes their appearance in Major Event Shattered Connexion.


A miniboss of sorts, Thunders first appear in Shattered Connexion as a rare enemy, usually alone or accompanied by abandoned Strelet+ soldiers, and patrolling an area. They are incredibly tough, with a massive health pool and high armor, and almost always start with a full-strength force-shield, requiring the use of Fire Support Teams to destroy them. In addition, they will periodically generate a health shield (similar to the kind SG S.A.T.8Thumb button.pngS.A.T.8  and HG HS2000Thumb button.pngHS2000  give) for themselves, effectively regenerating themselves several times over the course of a battle. In addition, their attacks are very accurate and do large amounts of damage, but their attack pattern is strange and they will often opt to give your dolls a health shield instead.