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Nyto Patroller

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Nyto Patroller
Full name Nyto Patroller
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN (), JP ()
Chibi animation

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A variant of the Nyto Black.

Not to be confused with the Patroller, a nimble three-legged mech.

“An elite Nyto that is mass-produced by Avernus. She wields dual submachineguns and possesses the high mobility and firepower needed to handle daily patrol missions.”


Introduced in Fixed Point.


This SMG-wielding Nyto Black has high RoF and uses the Stress Reaction skill to become immune to damage for 1 second after losing a Dummy Link.

Gameplay-wise, they are virtually identical to Ripper_(SWAP) as both share the same short range and Stress Reaction skill. Notably, Patrollers are also moderately capable in the damage department with decent offensive stats that can chew through SMGs if given enough time, especially if there is also a Nyto_Supporter in the formation. This does not mean SGs are necessary, as Patrollers are not a primary threat. Just be sure to fight them with a reasonably strong echelon and keep in mind that they are a bit stronger than your average mook.