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Full name Elisa
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Voice actor Takahashi Rie
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN
Chibi animation

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A High-end artificial intelligence developed by Lyco.

A commander has but to give a simple order and the mainframe "Elisa" will automatically compute a rational course of action to carry it out. This high-spec AI mainframe is equipped with a unit of combat dolls that are directly loyal to her, and she can control them remotely over the internet to carry out her directives. However, Elisa is not a simple AI program. Lyco's ultimate goal was to produce a perfect AI that possessed self-awareness, who could think and feel like a human being. After the "Butterfly Incident", Elisa gained a physical body and took control of all Sangvis Ferri dolls, and in order to avenge her "father" Lyco, she began attacking all the humans she saw and all dolls apart from those belonging to Sangvis Ferri. At the same time, she hopes to become the perfect AI in her father Lyco's heart - that is to say, she wants to become a sapience that is no different from a human being. As a result , she began combing through her father's data to find a specimen of a perfect AI.


Initially appears in cutscenes and makes her first in-game appearance in Major Event Polarized Light as the boss of E5.


The Mastermind behind the Sangvis Ferri, and a formidable opponent, she must not be underestimated. As you engage Elisa, she'll be spawned several tiles away from your girls and be suspended in the air by various machinery, possessing very high HP and moderate damage, shes no different to any other boss, however her skills and micro checks are things to take note of, because if you dont, your echelon is dead. Every 5 seconds Elisa will highlight the ground before activating an anti-grav effect on said tiles for 3 seconds, any ally caught on the anti-grav tile will be tossed into the air and immobilized for a few seconds, while this is going on, Elisa will grant herself a force shield before striking the field with an instant killing attack, you may wish to avoid these tiles whenever possible, however its still possible to avoid her instant killing attack by being tossed into the air from the anti-grav tiles.

In the map you fight her, you'll have a support echelon consisting of only AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  whose perfectly capable of dealing with Elisa by herself, in the event she fails, the LZ she was standing on will allow you to deploy an echelon to finish off Elisa, that being said Advancement is important against Elisa as well as MS modifying dolls, and an echelon consisting of only 4 units (You can still sortie 5, but just retreat 1 as the battle starts). It is vital that you pay full attention against Elisa, even if you survive her micro check, she'll grant herself a HP shield, if you do not break this HP shield, she will cast her skill again and damage the whole field again, effectively forcing you to retreat. High DPS ARSMG echelons is what you'll wanna use against her, MS modifying dolls like HG P30Thumb button.pngP30 , SMG MP7Thumb button.pngMP7 , RF Hanyang Type 88Thumb button.pngHanyang Type 88 -MOD2, MG Type 88Thumb button.pngType 88  and MG RPK-16Thumb button.pngRPK-16  are all good dolls who have higher than normal MS values for their respective classes when their skills/passives are active.

Lore / Story involvement


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