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Sangvis Ferri Manufacturing (铁血工业制造公司) was a weapon manufacturer based in Eastern Europe, created in 2031.[1] They were a major Tactical Doll manufacturer and researcher under the lead of AI scientist Lycoris before the 2061 Butterfly Incident, when Sangvis Ferri's headquarters were destroyed and their main AI Elisa took control of their T-Dolls and turned against mankind. From then on, Sangvis Ferri was no more the name of a renown military manufacturer, but of a threat to humanity the PMC Griffin and Kryuger was tasked with destroying. As such, they were the first antagonist in Girls' Frontline.

Unlike other T-Dolls, SF dolls are subordinates to the mainframe Elisa and do not require direct human orders to act.[2] Furthermore, they follow a command structure where the mainframe directly control defense-type and command-type "ringleader" dolls, who can then further delegate tasks to lower-ranking ringleaders. Regular dolls and other combat units are subordinates to ringleaders.[3] Sangvis T-Dolls implement other experimental AI features, such as prioritizing the survival of comrades over other orders to facilitate collective survival (Executioner and Hunter),[4] prioritizing one's own survival over their allegiance to Sangvis Ferri (Architect)[5] or a purposefully unstable neural cloud (Dreamer).[6]



Established as a military hardware company,[1] Sangvis Ferri became one of the early partners of IOP through their Ukrainian branch. At the time, SF was rapidly growing and developed an interest in the resilient ALR-52P dolls rather than the advanced technologies of the CSD-03H and invested large amounts of money in IOP while also offering to provide AI researchers. Despite his surprise of seeing SF's interest in older models, the president of IOP Havier Witkin gladly accepted the partnership. Relations between SF and IOP fell through as national armies lost interest in IOP products early in World War Three and preferred the modified ALR-52P Jaeger produced by SF as subcontractors for IOP, using the technical documents they had provided. Wiktin was particularly enraged when IOP lost contracts to SF, but nevertheless pushed for improving his versatile Tactical Dolls designs. IOP would rebound later in the war when hiring former 90WISH members and their ACD series were the most used during World War Three, with 11 730 units produced, including 2300 by Sangvis Ferri.[7] The war was overall profitable to SF due to the satisfaction of their clients.[1]


The rivalry between SF and IOP would continue after the war when AI scientist Lycoris approached SF during business conferences to leave IOP, who refused to fund his research on autonomous AI. SF gladly accepted and hired Griffin and Kryuger PMC to escort Lycoris to their underground research labs and protect him from any retaliation by Wiktin. G&K accepted in exchange of complete access to Lycoris' future research.

In late 2054, Lycoris installed Elisa as the mainframe for computing human orders and relaying it to T-Dolls. As SF established a new Dolls manufacturing plant in a dangerous but resources-rich area,[1] Lycoris exploited their robust manufacturing capabilities to eschew the software compatibility with a wide range of firearms supported by Persica, instead developing miniaturized particle weapons and mount them on dolls, then testing the results and iterating. Individual SF dolls had better performance as a result and their capabilities was more unified,[8] though SF dolls were expensive to produce and Elisa suffered from lapses of consciousness Lycoris still needed to resolve.[1]

In 2061, 90WISH and the KCCO launched operation Butterfly, an assault on Sangvis Ferri to kill Lycoris. By confronting Elisa to Lycoris' death, they hoped to accelerate the maturation process of OGAS, the basic system used to build Elisa, which would evolved further thanks to Elisa's self-learning abilities. Elisa's reaction was to become indiscriminately hostile toward humanity. The reasons and culprits behind the “Butterfly Incident” stayed a mystery for two years until 90WISH and the KCCO made another move that would betray their intentions to the Bureau of State Security.[9] All of SF's research was lost in Area S09 and IOP basically controlled the Tactical Doll market.[8]

Against Griffin[edit]


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SF forces during the Belgrade events. From left to right: Intruder, Alchemist, M16A1 (Boss), Hunter and Scarecrow.

In 2062, Griffin and Kryuger PMC received the contract to stop Sangvis Ferri dolls from spreading outside of Area S09.[1] As time went, Elisa continued to progress and created new units to bolster her army, like Dreamer and the Jupiter Cannon,[10] while 16LAB also acted to study Sangvis Ferri technology to counter them with projects like SG M1887Thumb button.pngM1887 .[11]

After a year without results, the KCCO and G&K partnered to launch an operation on SF's headquarters and capture Elisa, under the cover of a joint exercise for a PR event.[12] The true objective of the KCCO was to force Elisa to deploy her Parapluie virus, then counter-hack her to neutralize and capture OGAS,[9] but OGAS proved to be a formidable opponent in electronic warfare[13] and Elisa was brought to safety by the converted T-Doll M16A1 (Boss).[14]




  • Sangvis Ferri's name (铁血) is derived from Latin: "sangui-" meaning "blood" (血), and "ferrum" meaning "iron" (铁). The name can be interpreted as "Iron Blood", which is fitting given SF's role as a wartime heavy industries manufacturer.


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