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Hunter Assimilated Quotes
Full name Model SP721 "Hunter"
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Voice actor Hagihara Ami
Released on CN, TW, KR (헌터), EN, JP (ハンター)
Chibi animation

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Mobile Combat Doll, Model SP721

A combat-type ringleader of Sangvis Ferri answering directly to Intruder or Gager. Agile and intelligent, Hunter is most suitable for harassing and pursuing enemies in combat and is typically found in solo combat operations. Like most combat-type ringleaders, Hunter cannot command as many normal SF units as command-type ringleaders such as Scarecrow and Executioner, and so often works in tandem with them to unleash her higher potential.

She prefers to corner her enemies, utilizing various methods to capture them alive. She's very deliberate and arrogant when fighting G&K, and shuns the use of underhanded methods.

Her twin handguns are her signature weapons, giving her an optimal balance of speed and accuracy. In a pinch, her handguns are capable of short bursts of rapid fire, perforating a single target with a flurry of shots.

Stats / Data

Chapter 3 and Emergency

Operation Cube

Operation Cube+

Arctic Warfare

Deep Dive


"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Hunter's first story appearance is in chapter 3, when she attempts to capture AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  of AR Squadron. Later on, Hunter is seen relaying all the intelligence files gathered by Scarecrow, Executioner, and herself to Intruder.

During the events of Operation Cube, Hunter was subjugated by Ouroboros and served as her attack dog throughout that campaign.

As a combat-type Ringleader, Hunter is often sent to harass enemy task forces, taking part in various battles, operations, and campaigns on behalf of Sangvis Ferri.

Chapter 3: 3-6, 3-4E

Operation Cube: E1-2

Operation Cube+: E1-2, E2-1 and E2-4

Arctic Warfare: Fall Into The Rabbit Hole (Ex Map)

Deep Dive: Imaginary Maze (Ex Map)