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Gager Assimilated Quotes
Full name Model SP21 "Gager"
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Voice actor Ishikawa Yui
Released on CN, TW, KR (게이저), EN, JP (ゲーガー)
Chibi animation

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Frontline Command Doll (正面指挥人形), Model SP21

Model SP21 "Gager" (计量官) is a high-ranking Sangvis Ferri Command-type Ringleader. Answering directly to Agent, her position within the SF hierarchy gives her command priority over most field combat units as well as other Ringleaders, including another Command-type Ringleader: Intruder. In Arctic Warfare, she is given the role of protecting Architect.

Gager has a straightforward personality, treating her work and position extremely seriously. She refuses to cut corners and holds herself to a code of honor, even against her enemies. Despite this, when her objectives are at risk she will prioritize them over her honor, as shown in Arctic Warfare when Architect's safety is at stake. Her weapon is a gunblade, combining the qualities of a long-range machine gun with a plasma saber for short to medium range lunges. Her special ability is the 'Quantum Sting', a move where she dashes forward and back with her plasma saber to cut down an entire row of enemies within the blink of an eye.

Stats / Data

Arctic Warfare

E1-4: 15000 HP, 100 DMG, 40 ROF, 20 ACC, 12 EVA, 0 Armor, 0 AP

E3-4: 25000 HP, 160 DMG, 40 ROF, 60 ACC, 15 EVA, 0 Armor, 0 AP


All stages: 46000 HP, 120 DMG, 40 ROF, 80 ACC, 20 EVA, 0 Armor, 0 AP


Gager made appearance in several campaign chapters, first introduced in Arctic Warfare, then also played a major role in Singularity, later on in Dual Randomness She can be encountered as an enemy boss unit in the campaigns.

During Arctic Warfare, Gager served as Architect's adjutant in the remote mountain ranges of Sector S03. After the event of Arctic Warfare, Gager serves as the primary attacking unit of SF, assisted by her new Adjutant Intruder.

After the event of Singularity, Continuum Turbulence and eventually Polarized Light, Sangvis Ferri command chain suffered greatly, like many other Ringleaders, Gager also went on to operate on her own as the command chain is no longer functioning. She still however holding on to her very first commission even with the original issuer gone, she intend on rescuing Architect from her capturer and continue the duty as her guardian in Dual Randomness.

Arctic Warfare: E1-4, E3-4

Singularity: E2-B2, E2-B4, E2-C4, E2-D1

A Snowy Nights Capriccio: E1-4

Dual Randomness: E2-?, E2-?EX



Gagers general strategy revolves around her gunblade, which she can use to execute a quick combo attack on front-most unit, and to activate Quantum Sting, which targets entire row for damage.

Quantum Sting

Quantum Sting activation is marked by a skill cut-in animation and a warning sound, Gager marks a row on player units' formation (which is indicated by affected tiles turning orange and displaying exclamation marks "!") followed by the cut-in animation, after which she will strike targets who were still in the affected tiles when her animation started.

This can be easily countered by first spreading units out in an X formation so that can only threaten to hit 1 or 2 targets at most. Then, when she activates her skill move the targeted units out of the way. The marked tiles may look big but the hitbox for Quantum Sting is actually a lot smaller, fast movement units such as ARs and SMGs can easily move out of the way as soon as the skill cut-in displays. As such is the case, it is advised to take on Gager with AR/SMG/HG type echelons, that and as she has no armour values, AP attribute does not contribute to the fight against her. If using an RF/SG/MG echelon you might consider retreating any RF or MG dolls that get targetted as they are unlikely to move out of the way in time. Units can be moved back into the area Gager targetted during the animation, as long as they were not in the tiles at the time the animation starts.

It is worth noting that her strike does not target rows (despite the , but rather individual T-Dolls, which can result in her targetting a T-Doll that is moving between tiles, enabling her to strike in-between the two rows and thus hitting both. This can happen if you move some T-Dolls more than one space at a time and Gager targets those T-Dolls again while they are still moving away from her first attack.

Auto attacks and Combo moves

Having reasonable accuracy and damaging auto attacks, completely negating Gager's damage with armour values is not advised, it is recommended to use SMG units to take aggression from Gager. Gager's blade combo hits for additional damage and with increased hit rate, so switching aggro between dolls is also advised.