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Intruder Assimilated Quotes
Full name SP914 "Intruder"
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Voice actor Ootsubo Yuka
Released on CN, TW, KR (인트루더), EN, JP (イントゥルーダー)
Chibi animation

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Support Command Doll (支援指挥人形), Model SP914. Also called "Disruptor" in game files.

The first Command-type Ringleader the player encounters, Intruder (干扰者) is typically assigned under Gager. Her position within Sangvis Ferri allows her to command a fairly sizeable force and grants her command priority over Combat-type Ringleaders.

Intruder appears gentle, soft spoken and kind, to both friends and foes. However those who interact with her can often feel an empty void behind her kind facade, to the point where her subordinate Ringleader Hunter expressed repulsiveness towards Intruder out of fear. This reaction appears warranted, as Intruder later discards her subordinate as a pawn when Hunter's usefulness finally runs out. Intruder is also seen during the Rabbit Hunt event, forcing Elphelt to fight for Sangvis Ferri only to abandon her when Elphelt fails to defeat the player. She enjoys screen plays and dramas left by humans, perhaps she is trying to find a fitting, kinder persona for herself through drama plays, many of her quotes reflects her interest in drama.

Intruder is similar to Gager both in terms of command ability and combat style, specializing in supporting her troops with long to ultra range attacks, while remain somewhat capable of defending herself in close quarters. The other end of her weapon is a rapid-firing multi-barrelled gun for close engagements.

Stats / Data

Chapter 4 and Emergency



"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Intruder makes her first appearance during the ending of chapter 3 emergency, after her subordinate Ringleaders completed their goals and submitted acquired intelligence files. Armed with the new intel, Intruder moved to execute the next phase of actions in chapter 4.

She would appear again after the SF home base in Sector S09 came under siege, this time serving as Gager's adjutant and aiding her in both commanding units and in actual combat. She was seen later seen retreating with Scarecrow in the events of Singularity, and makes a cameo appearance in Isomer's trailers along with Scarecrow (even though neither of the Ringleaders actually appear in the event).

Chapter 3: Story appearance only.

Chapter 4: 4-6, 4-4E

Singularity: E2-B2 (Alongside Gager), E2-B4 (Alongside Gager), E2-C4 (Alongside Gager), E2-D1 (Alongside Gager)

Operation Rabbit Hunt: boss of the second map, also appears through the entire story



I told you, my mission was to kill time. More specifically... Your time.

Oh well, it was just a toy I picked up anyway.

In that case, thanks for your hard work, but it seems we will be parting ways here.

Hence you... only worth as much as my sacrificial pawn.