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Scarecrow Assimilated Assimilated (Alt) Quotes
<img src="//iopwiki.com/images/9/92/Scarecrow_S.png" id="fullart_S" style="border: 2px solid white; max-width: 250px"/>
Full name SP65 "Scarecrow"
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Voice actor Okuno Kaya
Released on CN (稻草人), TW, KR (스케어크로우), EN, JP (スケアクロウ)
Chibi animation

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Pioneer Reconnaissance Doll, Model SP65

Adept at collection and analyzing information but not in straight-up combat. She is somewhat low-ranked among the Sangvis Ferri dolls. Rational, quiet and venom-tongued, she is committed to carrying out her duties and disdainful of sentimentality. She feels superior to Griffin dolls, who she feels are rich in emotion, but only know how to obey orders.


Scarecrow's first appearance is as the boss of Chapter 1-6, 1-4E and the bosses of the prologue Chapter 0-4.



Sangvis Tactics - Scarecrow

Scarecrow rotates her three floating guns and does 3 instances of damage to the targeted unit.

Lore / Story involvement

Scarecrow is a Model SP65[1] Pioneer Reconnaissance Doll, apt at collecting and analyzing information but less effective than other ringleaders in combat and overall less ranked. She considers herself superior to I.O.P. Dolls due to their simpler Neural Clouds. She has a serious and rational mind, dedicated to her duties and rejecting sentimentality. She speaks with a sharp tongue[2] but her adjutant dialogues hint that she doesn't always intend for her words to hurt others and is left alone because of this.

Scarecrow is often partnered with Executioner, who slightly outranks her[3] but has expressed interest in getting to know her better[1] and mentions her in her adjutant quotes. In Scarecrows' own adjutant quotes she asks not to be put in the same repair bay as Executioner because she will not let her in peace.

Main story

Scarecrow assisted Agent in the assault against AR Team during their raid on Safe House 3.[4] She then captured and interrogated SMG Skorpion<img data-src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/e/e7/Skorpion_S.png/128px-Skorpion_S.png" class="doll-image lazy-img" width="128" height="167">Skorpion<img src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/9/9e/Icon_SMG_3star.png/53px-Icon_SMG_3star.png" width="53" class="rarity-class"/>Skorpion about AR Team's location. Skorpion gave her false coordinates and Scarecrow mocked that she considered the elite T-Dolls of AR Team as comrades, and discounted her emotions as cheap lies.[5] The Commander was tasked with capturing Scarecrow to gather intel about recent Sangvis Ferri operations from her memory, but she self-destructed after taunting the Dolls and Helian. Knowing that low-end Dolls could only make up lies by deriving them from the truth, she had pieced together the actual coordinates of AR M4A1<img data-src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/c/cb/M4A1_S.png/128px-M4A1_S.png" class="doll-image lazy-img" width="128" height="167">M4A1<img src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/9/93/Icon_AR_4star.png/53px-Icon_AR_4star.png" width="53" class="rarity-class"/>M4A1 from three of Skorpion's lies and transmitted them to Executioner before self-destructing.[1]

During the battle of Sangvis Ferri HQ, Scarecrow led troops against Griffin B Group’s 17th Logistics Support Echelon, but they were saved by the intervention of AR M4 SOPMOD II<img data-src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/f/f2/M4_SOPMOD_II_S.png/128px-M4_SOPMOD_II_S.png" class="doll-image lazy-img" width="128" height="167">M4 SOPMOD II<img src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/9/93/Icon_AR_4star.png/53px-Icon_AR_4star.png" width="53" class="rarity-class"/>M4 SOPMOD II.[6] With KCCO troops menacing both Griffin and Sangvis troops, SOP-II offered Scarecrow a ceasefire if she yielded a power unit that could support SMG RO635<img data-src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/5/5a/RO635_S.png/128px-RO635_S.png" class="doll-image lazy-img" width="128" height="167">RO635<img src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/6/64/Icon_SMG_5star.png/53px-Icon_SMG_5star.png" width="53" class="rarity-class"/>RO635's dying neural core, trusting Scarecrow to make a sound tactical decision. Scarecrow accepted[7] and sent a Dinergate to carry a backup power unit to SOP-II, who stole the Dinergate to give RO an interface with the real world.[8] Scarecrow also sent SOP-II the detection range of KCCO units to help her guide the Logistics Support Echelon back to Griffin base.[9] After the battle, Scarecrow was fetched by Intruder and they left the battlefield, lamenting that their home would be destroyed by KCCO. Intruder left some enigmatic words and patted Scarecrow condescendingly on the head when she said she didn't understand.[10]

Scarecrow took part in Sangvis Ferri's operation to recover the Pike node of Belgrade,[11] then in the battle of the Paldiski Submarine Base, where she was wounded and carried away by Executioner before returning to the field to make a last stand at Alchemist and Hunter's sides.[12]

Side stories

Scarecrow and Executioner appear in HG MP-446<img data-src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/a/af/MP-446_costume3_S.png/128px-MP-446_costume3_S.png" class="doll-image lazy-img" width="128" height="167">MP-446<img src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/4/41/Icon_HG_4star.png/53px-Icon_HG_4star.png" width="53" class="rarity-class"/>MP-446's Neural Upgrade story, where they were sent by Intruder to reconnect a Sangvis Ferri sub-plant warehouse of Dummies and Goliath smart bombs to their main command network. However, the warehouse had been found and its smart lock forced open by MP-446, HG P7<img data-src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/3/3e/P7_S.png/128px-P7_S.png" class="doll-image lazy-img" width="128" height="167">P7<img src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/4/41/Icon_HG_4star.png/53px-Icon_HG_4star.png" width="53" class="rarity-class"/>P7, HG C96<img data-src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/4/4b/C96_S.png/128px-C96_S.png" class="doll-image lazy-img" width="128" height="167">C96<img src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/4/43/Icon_HG_3star.png/53px-Icon_HG_3star.png" width="53" class="rarity-class"/>C96 and MG M1919A4<img data-src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/0/03/M1919A4_S.png/128px-M1919A4_S.png" class="doll-image lazy-img" width="128" height="167">M1919A4<img src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/c/c9/Icon_MG_3star.png/53px-Icon_MG_3star.png" width="53" class="rarity-class"/>M1919A4 for a test of courage. The little Dolls were beaten to an inch of their life by the ringleaders to prevent them from leaking their plans, save for MP-446 who had ventured deeper into the building and reached the Goliath bomb storage, where she was discovered by Scarecrow. Though Scarecrow could have easily beaten MP-446, she was wary of a stray shot hitting the explosives stockpile. MP-446 used this to run away, but was shot by Scarecrow in the back and decided to make a last stand by activating one of the Goliaths, forcing the ringleaders to flee and make up an excuse for their failure to reconnect the warehouse.

Scarecrow is also fought by AR AR70<img data-src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/0/04/AR70_S.png/128px-AR70_S.png" class="doll-image lazy-img" width="128" height="167">AR70<img src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/e/e9/Icon_AR_3star.png/53px-Icon_AR_3star.png" width="53" class="rarity-class"/>AR70 and SMG Beretta Model 38<img data-src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/a/a5/Beretta_Model_38_costume1_S.png/128px-Beretta_Model_38_costume1_S.png" class="doll-image lazy-img" width="128" height="167">Beretta Model 38<img src="//iopwiki.com/images/thumb/7/76/Icon_SMG_4star.png/53px-Icon_SMG_4star.png" width="53" class="rarity-class"/>Beretta Model 38 at the end of the latter's Neural Upgrade story.

Other media

In Girls' Frontline: Doll's Song, Scarecrow appears much later than in the game's story. After Squad 404 captured Ouroboros, she is sent by Agent to recover Executioner and Hunter.

Scarecrow appears with Executioner and Hunter as the trio of Sangvis characters in Chibi Dolls Theater Healing Chapter Season 2.