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Chibi Dolls Theater (fan-translation for 人形小剧场 in Chinese), titled どるふろ (“DoruFuro”, short for “Dolls' Frontline”) in Japanese, are 12-episodes short-format parodic mini-animes produced with Chinese and Japanese dubs by animation studio Big Firebird (大火鸟). They are divided into subseries tentatively translated “Healing Chapter” (治愈篇 in Chinese and 癒し編 in Japanese) and “Madness Chapter” (狂乱篇 in Chinese and 狂乱編 in Japanese).

The first series were broadcast in 2019 and sold in Blu-Rays in 2020. “Healing Chapter” received a second season, starting broadcast on October 7, 2020 on BiliBili.[1] No English release has been announced.


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