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Shadow Confrontation

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Shadow Confrontation (暗影交锋) was a murder mystery game event where players used a script set in the world of Girls' Frontline.

Test sessions were held on 1st May 2023 at the venue of the Girls' Frontline 7th Anniversary, and more sessions were hosted on 25 July 2023 in about 300 locations in Mainland China, as well as three other locations in Japan and the United States.


The setting was shared in the sample game performed by MICA Team during Girls' Frontline's 7th Anniversary event, with Sunborn president Yuzhong (羽中) as Kirnusov, Project Neural Cloud producer Kamie (卡咩) as Lycoris, Girls' Frontline project lead Jianxin (剑心) as Zelinsky, Girls' Frontline lead producer Xiaowang (小王) as Khachiky, head of merchandising Jianzi (茧子) as Romy and Girls' Frontline head of operation Lingsansan (零三三) as Carter.

In 2030, a substance called Collapse Fluid escaped from relics of an unknown civilization, causing immense damage to the environment. Most of Earth's surface has become unlivable. Amidst increasing scarcity of resources, countries restarted the arms race of the Cold War. Eventually, the race ended in a misguided exchange of nuclear attacks between Country S and Country M, marking the start of a new war.
As the war progressed, the arsenals of all countries began to dwindle and their combat efficiency dropped.
2049年冬天,在S国内务部部长泽林斯基的撮合下,为了世界的未来,也为了S国的未来,S国总理鲁比克·哈奇江,S国国际军事技术合作局局长卡特,第一合成集团军军长基尔努索夫上将,D国统一社会党联络人罗密以及新一代人形控制技术提出人莱柯,六人共同齐聚S国K市军事基地,进行了一场关于将新一代人形技术投入战场的会议。 In the winter of 2049, to ensure the world's and Country S's futures, an assembly was convened between Minister of the Interior Victor Zelinsky, Premier Rubik Khachiky, Director Carter of the International Military Technology Cooperation Bureau, General Kirnusov, commander of the First Combined Army Group, Country D's Socialist Unity Party liaison Romy, and the scientist who created the new generation of Dolls control technology Lycoris. In a military base of City K of Country S, these six people decided how to best employ new-generation Dolls in the war.

The location and date is indicated as 13 December 2049 in Moscow in the sample video, as is the implication of Romy Riefenstahl. Exactly how much of the setting is to be considered canon is currently not known.