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Full name Lycoris
Affiliation 90wish (former), Sangvis Ferri
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP

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Lycoris (meaning "red spider lily", he has no surname) was an AI scientist, a former member of 90wish and the main researcher at Sangvis Ferri Manufacturing. Before his mysterious death during the Butterfly Incident, Lycoris had developed the self-improving AI Elisa using the OGAS system as a base, and his research had become a point of great interest to certain dangerous people.


Along with his personal friend and professional rival[1] Persicaria, Lycoris made an enemy of 90wish when the group was made public despite all members not agreeing. Both escaped assassination attempts after being noticed by IOP's president Havier Witkin, who hired a PMC to escort them to IOP's headquarters. Persicaria and Lycoris agreed to work for IOP under false names in the shell company named Hermit. They were instrumental in solving the long-standing problems that made the CSD series Tactical Dolls unusable as frontline fighters and helped designing the CSD-08 series, IAD series and ACD series Tactical Dolls for IOP.[2]

After the end of World War Three, Lycoris participated in developing the SST series and Service Dolls series dedicated to civilian markets, but while Persicaria's goal was constant improvement of T-Dolls models, Lycoris was interested in autonomous AIs and asked Witkin to provide him the necessary funds, but he refused because Persicaria's research war more directly profitable for IOP. Frustrated and losing passion for his work, Lycoris used business conferences to approach Sangvis Ferri Manufacturing, IOP's old contractor-turned-rival. SF promised to fund his research and Lycoris left Hermit without informing Witkin. SF hired IOP's partner Griffin and Kryuger to protect Lycoris in case Witkin would seek retribution. As a payment, G&K asked access to all of Lycoris' future research results, which SF accepted. In just three years, Lycoris drastically improved the performance of SF's ALR series T-Dolls. G&K and SF's combined weights dissuaded Witkin from trying to get back at Lycoris for leaving Hermit.[3]

In late 2054, Lycoris installed Elisa as the mainframe for computing human orders and relaying it to SF T-Dolls. As SF established a new Dolls manufacturing plant in a dangerous but resources-rich area,[4] Lycoris exploited their robust manufacturing capabilities and developed miniaturized particle weapons to mount them on dolls, then tested the results and constantly iterated. While Persicaria was focusing on modularity and networking, Lycoris made individual dolls with better performance and more unified capabilities,[3] though SF dolls were expensive to produce and Elisa suffered from lapses of consciousness Lycoris still needed to resolve.[4] On G&K's suggestion, Persicaria's Dummy Network technology was presented to him but he showed no interest, too engrossed in his AI research.

In late 2061, Lycoris was killed during the Butterfly Incident. Rumors said he was killed by a stray shot, and gave Elisa full privileges over Sangvis Ferri with his dying breath. The AI mainframe immediately put the site on lockdown and ordered T-Dolls to kill all humans inside indiscriminately, invaders and SF employees. The reason why Elisa attacked humans is a mystery Persicaria would try to understand by deploying her own AR Team into Sangvis territory, as Elisa kept evolving in order to reach her father's goal of making her the perfect AI, indistinguishable from a human.[4]

Character Info

He was a low-key loner and academic genius. He programmed the advanced AI Elisa with his own hands, however this cutting edge AI routine was not yet complete when he died during the "Butterfly Incident". Independent and idealistic, he was unwilling to waste his time on things and people who did not interest him. He was around the same age as Persica and since they were former members of 90wish. They got along quite well in private life, even if they were rivals in a professional capacity.[1]

Story Involvement

While Lycoris was already dead, his legacy became of great interest in later developments. Using SF data recovered from their central database by Squad 404 under Angelia's employment, Persica discovered that Lyco was dead before Elisa was activated during the Butterfly Incident, making her activation the work of the invading party.[5] Using another batch of data recovered from the KCCO by Task Force DEFY, Persica confronted Witkin about his involvement in OGAS, and though he warned her digging further into the matter would be dangerous, he accepted to reveal more information:[6] the KCCO was interested in recovering OGAS, who had grown under the influence of Elisa, so they could use it to activate the relics site OKb-413 and trigger a new world war.[7]



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