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Rudolf von Oberstein

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Rudolf von Oberstein
Rudolf von Oberstein
Full name Rudolf von Oberstein
Affiliation Germany
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

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Rudolf von Oberstein is the Minister of Industry and Information Technology as well as Vice-President of the State Council of Germany, eldest son of the seventh generation of the Oberstein family and the father of Lunasia[1] and William von Oberstein. Rudolf is also the secret leader of 90WISH in 2064.[1]

In the 2040s, Rudolf was the director of the Max Planck Institute of Computer Science and his eldest daughter often visited the lab of Lycoris and Persicaria.[2] However, the Oberstein family was forced into hiding after Rudolf's political standing fell through due to his connection to Relic Technology,[3] and Lunasia died from illness while the family was in hiding some time after the end of World War Three.[4][3] Like his son, the untimely death of his daughter a few years prior still weighs heavily on Rudolf's mind.[5]