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90WISH, also rendered “90wish”, is an online underground scientific group who assembles advanced researchers from numerous technological fields. It was formed during World War Three some time between 2045 and 2049 as a support network for the members in this time of strife. 90WISH's core philosophy then was to push the various nations to develop new technologies instead of relying on brute force and amoral tactics such as scorched earth tactics during the war. Rumors has it that they have access to research about Collapse Technology and derive their own discoveries from it.[1]

In 2049, the group split into two factions as some believed they had to go public while others wanted to maintain secrecy. Before a consensus could be found, articles revealing 90WISH's existence and extant of capabilities were published on the internet,[2] claiming that 90WISH was open to sharing their private research in exchange for protection from the war.[3] Some members of 90WISH organized the assassination of their former comrades. The Russian Internal Internet Security Bureau and Ministry of Internal Affairs caught wind of the events, and in turn let IOP director Havier Witkin know of two scientists whose lives were in danger, Persicaria and Lycoris.

Wanting to secure the knowledge of both for IOP, Wetkin hired a PMC to rescue and escort them to IOP's headquarters, which succeeded though the PMC soldiers suffered casualties.[2] The Ministry of Internal Affairs was also involved in the mission to secure Persicaria in the person of Berezovich Kryuger.[4] Both scientists agreed to work for IOP under false identities as members of a company called Hermit, contracting with IOP. Hermit's work enabled several breakthrough in the development of CSD series Tactical Dolls, leading to the CSD-08A and CSD-08B models, the experimental IAD series and the ACD series.[2] Persicaria would later adapt 90WISH's Zener Protocol to T-Dolls.

90WISH maintained their secrecy after the war and achieved no public notoriety.[3] By 2057, Persicaria found that 90WISH posed no more threat to her life and founded her company 16LAB under her true name.[4] 90WISH was however still active and its member William collaborated with the KCCO during Operation Butterfly in 2062.[5]

Known members[edit]


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