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Task Force DEFY

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Task Force DEFY[1] (忤逆小队) is an elite Tactical Dolls team led by Angelia. Regular members are newer elite models of Tactical Dolls capable of great autonomy in the field, hence the name of the team,[2] and they form the most effective combat squad in the Neo-Soviet Union.[3] To those who heard about their existence, they are known as the “Wolf Pack” of the most elite T-Dolls, with AR AK-12AK-12AK-12 as the alpha.[4][5][6]



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Wolf Pack Project[edit]

AR AK-15AK-15AK-15 fights with AR AK-12AK-12AK-12 to determine the stronger Wolf Pack member.

Task Force DEFY was born from Statesec's Wolf Pack Project, aiming to produce a pair of extremely high-specs Tactical Dolls: a combat specialist and a tactical command unit. Renowned weapons designer Doctor Shaw would design the Dolls, who would then be commanded in the field by Captain “Angelia” Tsoi.[7][8] Shaw would integrate her own piece of optical equipment, the Wolf Eye System, into the Wolf Pack units.[9]

Shaw began by creating a prototype unit, dubbed AR AN-94AN-94AN-94. AN-94 was meant to remain in the labs to gather data through test combat and to never fight under real conditions, but Shaw never explained this to AN-94, who believed she was the first member of the Wolf Pack. A few months later, Shaw built what she considered her ultimate creation, the combat expert AR AK-15AK-15AK-15, Wolf Pack Unit 1.

Only two days after being rolled out, AK-15 was deployed in a counter-terrorist operation with a group of Griffin & Kryuger Dolls and single-handedly crushed all enemy resistance. When AN-94 learned through the Griffin Dolls that her successor had already been deployed, she confronted Shaw, who was convinced by Angelia to explain her role to AN-94.[10] Unwilling to remain a prototype and never fight in real operations, AN-94 challenged AK-15 to a duel in order to prove her worth, but she was squarely beaten due to AK-15's overwhelming specs advantage. Shaw scolded AN-94 for provoking the fight and regretted making her too human. Shaw's rejection and her inability to best AK-15 drove AN-94 into the Doll equivalent of depression.

After the incident between AN-94 and AK-15, Ange attempted to talk with Shaw about the human side of Dolls and the negative impact of her rejection on AN-94, but Shaw refused any conversation on the topic. While Shaw surmised that AK-15's brute strength was sufficient to handle any mission, Ange put forward that a Doll capable of leadership and tactical flexibility would be able to surpass her. Ange successfully provoked Shaw into putting serious efforts into Unit 2 to prove AK-15's superiority. Ange also suggested Shaw listens to an upcoming lecture from Doll scientist Persica. Despite her initial reluctance,[7] Shaw took part in Persica's lecture but found her vision for third-generation Dolls naive. Shaw believed that trying to give freedom of choice to Dolls was hypocritical because humans themselves are not free. Instead, Shaw argued that Dolls would become more human if they were granted “defiance”.[9] In 2061, Angelia would rescind Shaw's offer to take command of the Wolf Pack and instead took command of AR Team for Persica.[11]

Ignoring AN-94, Shaw worked on Wolf Pack Unit 2, the tactical command Doll AR AK-12AK-12AK-12.[9] On 12 February 2062,[7] soon after AK-12 was rolled out, she was put in command of AK-15 and the Wolf Pack was deployed to Kemerovo to deal with a hostage situation. However, 12 took the decision to infiltrate the building and silently take out the terrorists alone, judging 15 unsuited to this approach. With no news of 12 and the situation deteriorating, 15 decided to ignore 12's orders and storm the building from the roof, but caused a VIP to be badly hurt by activating a trap set by the terrorists.[12] The operation became known as Incident Zero.[9] After the incident, 12 provoked 15 to a hand-to-hand duel to demonstrate her overwhelming strength could not always prevail. 12 feinted to be overwhelmed by 15's attacks so she would drop her guard, then brought her down to the ground and locked her in a grapple. 15 barely stopped 12's knife and attempted to crush 12's wrist and throat, but 12 managed to force the knife down on 15's neck and barely won the duel. Shaw watched over the duel and did not scold 12 for provoking it.[13]

Incident Zero negatively impacted the reputation of the Wolf Pack Project[14] and 12 refused to work with 15 any longer, instead claiming AN-94 as her partner.[8] Having apparently cut ties with AR Team, Angelia was put in charge of this modified Wolf Pack and went on many successful operations, repairing the reputational damage caused by Incident Zero. 94 was retroactively designated as Unit 1, 15 as Unit 2 and 12 as Unit 3.[14]

With the originally planned members of Wolf Pack refusing to work together, Shaw decided to create a fourth Doll, who would partner with AK-15 and enable her preferred approach to combat, but would also embody her idea of a Doll meant to “defy”. Shaw called Wolf Pack Unit 4 “Pandora”, formally named MG RPK-16RPK-16RPK-16,[14] and purposely omitted the programming preventing her to attack humans,[15] thus offering her the choice of “defiance”.[16] Accordingly, Shaw changed the name of the squad to Task Force DEFY[14] before she disappeared in 2062.[8]

Task Force DEFY[edit]

After AR ST AR-15ST AR-15ST AR-15 used a suicide attack against Elisa during Sangvis Ferri's assault on Area S09, Angelia sent Squad 404 recover her body parts as she wanted her skills for DEFY. AR-15 was reassembled and upgraded by Dier and joined DEFY as a way to prove her individual worth outside of AR Team.[17][18] Angelia and DEFY were deployed by Statesec during the joint assault on Sangvis Ferri's main base by Griffin & Kryuger and the KCCO to discover the latter's reasons for capturing Elisa.[19] After the KCCO turned on G&K troops during the Great Retreat, AK-12 and AR-15 were dispatched to recover M4A1, who accepted to join the team temporarily in order to get revenge on Elisa.[20] By collating information gathered from hacking KCCO's field servers and transmissions with Persica and Havier Witkin, DEFY discovered the military's plan,[21] but political pressures prevented Statesec from intervening overtly and Chief Zielinski ordered DEFY to disrupt KCCO's plans without assistance.[22] Even with the backup of Squad 404, DEFY failed to capture Elisa and Angelia used a Collapse bomb provided by Witkin at the risk of her own life to fabricate a motive for Statesec to take political action against the KCCO.[23]

While M4A1 and ST AR-15 chased Elisa after the detonation, AK-12 and AN-94 worked with G&K to extract Angelia from the radiation zone.[24] Angelia considered having DEFY's neural clouds wiped and giving the team to G&K in the event of her death,[25] but she was successfully extracted, M4A1 and AR-15 joined the team back.[26] Angelia retained her authority on DEFY despite being considered a traitor by Statesec.


When Angelia was offered to work secretly with the German Stasi under agent K, she and DEFY traveled to Belgrade, where peace talks between the Pan-European Union and Neo-Soviet Union were soon to be held.[27] While AR-15 and AN-94 searched for Paradeus troops in the city to locate Pike node A-51-241, Ange, M4A1 and AK-12 monitored the presence of an unusual number of ELID infected near the containment walls of the city.[28] Ange deployed M4 and 12 to assist the city guards against traitors aligned with Paradeus,[29] but they couldn't prevent them from using explosives to destroy the wall and allow the infected to spread chaos in the city.[30] With all of K's agents inside the city killed by Paradeus spies, Ange and DEFY were left alone to control the infected, in order for the Pike node recovery and Griffin's own mission to progress without interference.[27]

Meanwhile, AN-94 and AR-15 tracked down the Pike node under the Belgrade Fortress,[31] but they were discovered and attacked by Nimogen.[32] Overwhelmed by the Nyto, 94 asked AR-15 to flee since she had been ordered by 12 to protect her and unlike AR-15, she could backup her Neural Cloud. They separated, but AR-15 used her lack of Zener connections to hide from Nimogen and use the explosives meant to destroy the Pike node to collapse part of the underground and flee with 94, considering her critical to the mission and too important to Angelia to be sacrificed.[33] They were then captured by Sangvis forces led by M16 who had infiltrated the area and forced to guide them back to the Pike node.[34]

After the situation at the wall became impossible to contain, Ange sent M4A1 and 12 to reinforce 94 and AR-15.[35] With 12 fighting the Sangvis forces on the surface, M4 linked up with 94 and AR-15 in the tunnels,[36] and they neutralized both Nimogen and Mercurows[37] before going after the Sangvis forces who were fleeing the scene on Beak's bike with the seized Pike core.[38] Giving chase on bikes, DEFY eventually caught up to Beak and M16, who absorbed the Pike node's data and fled.[39] After the core was recovered, AR-15 and M4 left DEFY to return to AR Team.[40]

Ange tried to steal the Pike core before it was handed over to Statesec but was captured by Vympel outside Belgrade and sent with K and DEFY to infiltrate the abandoned Paldiski Submarine Base.[41]

Paldiski Incident[edit]

DEFY against Captain Yegor's Sinner Assault Artillery in Paldiski Base.

Giving a wide berth to the battle between the Commander's forces and the KCCO in Tallinn, Ange and K along with the two halves of DEFY separately infiltrated the Paldiski Submarine Base[42] by sea.[43] While K, RPK-16 and AK-15 battled with Sangvis Ferri to access the main gate controls and allow Griffin inside, Angelia, AK-12 and AN-94 explored the lower levels of the base.[44]

Though K was hit by a bullet and passed out, AK-15 and RPK-16 managed to reach the gates control room, and later regrouped with Squad 404 after the arrival of the Commander's troops to open the gates.[45] AK-12 and AN-94 followed Ange in the Paradeus labs in the second basement, but they were lured and separated by young Nytos who hacked the DEFY Dolls and crashed them. The team then became quarantined after a power failure caused by Sangvis Ferri's attack. Ange eventually gained the young Nyto's trust to reboot 12 and 94, and they were later freed by Squad 404 who turned the power back on.[46][47]

Angelia sent the subjects back to the surface with Squad 404, then was lent command of AR Team by the Commander so she could confront, with them and DEFY, the four Ares mechs who had broken through Griffin's barricade and into the base.[48] When three of the mechs were forced to battle the Sangvis Ferri ringleaders, Angelia sent AR Team to stop Elisa from activating the Starfish, while herself and DEFY rushed after Captain Yegor's mech deeper into the base to stop him from reaching the main control room.[49][50]

12 refused to engage Yegor at first, until Ange revealed that AK-15 and RPK-16 were also present in the base, at which point she came up with a battle plan to use AK-15 to pin the mech down and herself as the main shooter.[8] The plan had a 5% estimated success rate that would likely result in the destruction of DEFY, but would keep Ange safe. After backing up their Neural Clouds,[51] DEFY trapped the mech in the cramped underground levels and hounded it, taking out its left leg before Yegor used a frag missile to destroy the Dolls with shrapnels.[52][53] Following's RPK-16's advice about her role in the mission, AN-94 sacrificed herself to shield AK-12,[8] who lost her legs in the attack but recovered the bomb carried by RPK-16 and crawled to the mech while Yegor was searching for Angelia, before blowing herself up with the mech's right leg, immobilizing it to be taken down by Ange.[52][53]


DEFY operating in civilian clothes in Bremen.

DEFY followed Angelia to Bremen in Germany during her search for William. AN-94 and RPK-16 entered the city with Angelia through customs, but AK-15 and AK-12 had to be airdropped due to their inability to pass as humans. During the investigations, the DEFY members used codenames: AK-12 was called "Lucia", AN-94 "Antje", AK-15 "Erwin" and RPK-16 "Renate".[54] The Promethean Rossartrists used the opportunity to gather data on two of the Dolls,[6] probably AK-12 and AK-15 due to their Wolf Eyes.

The team first investigated the Flora Institute, where AK-12 and RPK-16, as the members most suited to human interaction, were tasked with gathering information from horticulturists,[55] while AN-94 and AK-15 infiltrated the institute's restricted areas.[56] They took down the Flora cultists in the institute, and RPK-16 tortured Leone to locate the Paradeus data in the institute.[57] DEFY then participated in the murder investigations at the Berle Orphanage, and found the murderer when he assumed AN-94 dead after cutting her throat, thinking she was a human.[58]

During the investigation of the Bremen Refugees Camp, Ange ordered DEFY to secure the perimeter around the church where Angelia would seize her target, the human trafficker Powell.[59] AK-12 and AN-94 left their covering positions on the rooftops to delay the automatons loaded with explosives heading for the church,[60] while RPK-16 and AK-15 neutralized the GIP terrorists coordinating the operation to trap Ange. All DEFY members were caught in explosions and considered lost by the enemy.[61] But this was only a ploy from Angelia to lead the enemy to drop their guard, and when Wolfgang Hopps revealed himself as a traitor, AK-15 and RPK-16 reappeared to seize him.[62] While AN-94 monitored K, AK-12 took control of the plane meant to bring Ange and Morridow back, foiling Morridow's plan to bring Angelia to Paradeus.[63]


A turning point.

Due to Morridow's disappearance after she jumped from the plane, the Stasi arrested Angelia and DEFY and brought them to Berlin for interrogation before they were let go,[64] leaving the team without spare parts or bodies.[65] DEFY escorted Angelia to the bar Athena's Owl where she was summoned by Griffin Lyons, but they were purposefully separated by a crowd. DEFY elected to track down the enemy command post, and found they were being watched by their allies J and Light.[66] Ange and DEFY later returned to Athena's Owl to meet the Commander, and Task Force DEFY met AR Team for the first time. Their conversation was monitored by Squad 404, who became suspicious of RPK-16.[67]

Investigating a network of hallucinogens related to the Flora Institute, Angelia brought DEFY, minus AN-94 left to monitor Light,[68] and infiltrated a warehouse belonging to Doctor Gray's Galatea corporation, but could not stop the Paradeus forces from destroying evidence of their presence. Only 94 and Light's decision to bring Stasi reinforcements saved them from being arrested when Gray sent the local police to the warehouse.[69] When Ange and DEFY were attacked by Paradeus again at their safe house, AK-12 designated RPK-16 as team captain and sacrificed herself to protect Angelia[70] and Light.

With AK-15 and AN-94's help, Angelia confronted Gray to extract information from her, but they failed to capture her or obtain meaningful leads. Meanwhile, Leone, who had become Ange's informant and was protected by RPK-16, was killed by another Paradeus attack.[71][72] Forcing her way into Griffin's room at the Athena's Owl, Angelia discovered the location of the former home of William, and decided to raid it despite RPK-16's urge to caution.[73] At the mansion, RPK-16 revealed herself as a Paradeus spy, using Shaw's gift of "defiance" to realize her wish to transfer her Neural Cloud into an organic body. Gray and RPK-16 destroyed AK-15 and AN-94, captured Angelia and killed Light.[74]

RPK-16 later returned to the Stasi, pretending to be the only survivor of the battle in the mansion,[75] and led J into a trap designed by Paradeus to blackmail their allies in the German government and ensure the secrecy of their partnership.[76]

Operation Aeneas[edit]

After DEFY's defeat in Berlin, AK-15 and AN-94's neural cores were recovered by the Stasi and given to the Commander,[77] who in turn returned them to Statesec. Tentative enhancement blueprints left by Shaw were used by Statesec to provide them with an upgrade.[12] During Operation Aeneas, DEFY's participation under the designation "Wolf Pack" remained secret to prevent their presence from being discovered by a Paradeus hacking.[78] They infiltrated Avernus and killed Gray,[79] then retreated before Morridow[80] and successfully escaped the Black Sea.[81]

AK-12's whereabouts remain unknown (?).

Canon Notes[edit]

2063 is indicated as Task Force DEFY's year of formation on the team's logo in The Art of Girls' Frontline Vol.2,[82] though AK-12 and AK-15 were both active under the name Wolf Pack as early as February 2062 and AN-94 was created before both of them. 2063 could be the year where the name Wolf Pack was officially abandoned in favor of the name Task Force DEFY, though Shaw had come up with the name[14] before her disappearance, which most probably occurred in 2062.[8]

Slow Shock Part 1 contains several inconsistencies regarding the Wolf Pack, but since this story is told through unreliable narration[83] all events taking place in it need to be confirmed by other sources to be considered valid:

  • AK-12 and AN-94 help Angelia escape from Griffin and Kryuger after she is accused of the murder of Commander Novikov. These events are purported to occur in 2061, which is too early since AK-12 wouldn't have been rolled out at this point. For more details, see Timeline#In Slow Shock.
  • Slow Shock also claims Angelia decided to change the name of the team to Task Force DEFY in summer 2061 after AK-12 complained about the name “Wolf Pack”,[84] instead of Shaw deciding the name change (see the first paragraph of this section).



  • The four core members of the team use modern variations of the AR AK-47AK-47AK-47 lineage.
  • In reference to their “wolf pack” theme, the animated chibi of the four core members of DEFY are replaced by wolves versions of themselves during April Fools.


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