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"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Full name Captain Yegor (Cyrillic: Егор)
Affiliation New Soviet Army, KCCO
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP

Captain Yegor of the New Soviet Army. Makes his first appearance in Chapter 9, and goes on to play a major role as the captain of the elite Special Operations Force attempting to capture Elisa in Singularity.


Background Information[edit]

After the collapse fluid detonation at the end of Singularity Chapter 2, he and his company are forced to deal with rampant ELID infections, resulting in massive casualties and collateral damage. Yegor himself is afflicted with collapse fluid radiation sickness for the entirety of Continuum Turbulence, affecting his judgement as well as providing the constant threat of succumbing to ELID infection.

Yegor has developed a close bond with his men over years of fighting through WWIII and various incidents that have followed. Despite this, he is not above directly manipulating their feelings, as shown when he keeps his heavy fire support teams on the frontline for the entirety of Continuum Turbulence, forced to kill their own infected former brothers-in-arms. By the end of Chapter Three, his heavy weapons teams are exhausted and enraged over their ordeal, at which point Yegor commands them to storm Ange's hideout. Depending on the player's choices, the heavy weapons team either razes the defensive position to the ground (which leads to a false ending), or are too exhausted to chase the escaping dolls. [1]



  • The helmet that Yegor is using in one of his Artwork seems to be the Altyn helmet. [2]
    • Although this helmet is popular among Russian Special forces like FSB. There are no evidence of SSO [3] (The branch that serves under KCCO) using the Altyn.
  • It is quite weird to see the Elite Special Forces in the future using the helmet that is from 1984 Especially the KCCO, Since they have access to much more modern helmets.