Berezovich Kryuger

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Berezovich Kryuger
Full name Berezovich Kryuger
Affiliation Griffin & Kryuger
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP

Berezovich Kryuger (Belorussian: Березович Крюгер; name related to 'береза' - birch tree) is the founder and director of Griffin & Kryuger. A now-retired military officer and former member of the New Soviet Union's Ministry of Internal Affairs.


As a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), Kryuger worked as a tactical commander in the rescue and escort operation of Persicaria,[1] with whom he stayed close friends.[2] He left the Ministry after receiving payment for this mission and used the money to start G&K.[1] Kryuger had witnessed many deaths during his military career and wanted to dedicate his retirement to less destructive purposes and founded G&K in order to protect populations with no government protection.[2] G&K's forces were human soldiers at first, but quickly shifted to using armed civilian Tactical Dolls to spare human lives[3] and money.[1]

Kryuger maintained an interest in the development of Second Generation T-Dolls[3] and developed good relations with Havier Witkin, the director of G&K's main T-Dolls provider, IOP.[1] This close partnership let Kryuger provide direct data feedback about T-Dolls efficiency to IOP's main R&D subcontractor, Hermit (in reality a shell corporation used by IOP to protect its employees Persicaria and Lycoris from their former colleagues of 90WISH). The good relations between IOP and G&K was instrumental in further improving T-Doll technology. G&K was later hired by Sangvis Ferri to escort Lycoris to their underground research facilities, after the scientist decided to leave Hermit. Kryuger accepted only if SF would share Lycoris' future results with him. G&K's influence as a partner prevented Witkin from seeking retribution against Lycoris.[1] Witkin would later sarcastically point out to Kryuger that helping Lycoris join SF led to many unfortunate events.[4]

G&K officially began to take security contracts in 2055, quickly gaining reputation as a PMC, but in 2060, multiple G&K branches were attacked under unknown circumstances and several high-ranking human employees were killed, but not Kryuger himself. In 2062, after the Butterfly Incident, the weakened G&K took up the contract to keep Sangvis Ferri T-Dolls within Sector 09.[3]

Character Info

Kryuger is stern but ultimately caring about the people under his command. He shares this trait with his second in command Helianthus, in whom he puts complete trust.[2] As a former member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he is keenly aware of the rules in the political game between the KCCO and Bureau of State Security. Despite G&K getting bogged down into the Sangvis Ferri conflict in 2062, Kryuger wanted to end it fast and resume working toward his ideal of G&K being “the shining beacon in a brave new world”.[5]

Kryuger has a special interest in the T-Dolls of AR Team due to his knowledge of the value of AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 [6] and his common past with AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1 .[5] Conversely, he was wary of using Squad 404 to support G&K operations,[7] even though the black ops team fulfilled all of their contracts.[8]

Story Involvement

Following the Butterfly Incident, Sangvis Ferri's dolls went out of control. Approached by the KCCO by way of General Carter, Kryuger would end up accepting a contract many PMCs prior to him had declined - one to step in and lock them down. Griffin would seal off those sectors where Sangvis Ferri dolls were most active, and maintained control as to keep them from spreading. At the start of Girls' Frontline, there is a bitter struggle between Griffin & Kryuger and Sangvis Ferri.

After the Commander proved their skill by reuniting AR Team after the raid on Safe House 3 in 2062, Kryuger judged they were promising and asked Helian to assign them on more demanding missions.[9] After it was discovered that SF units were preparing an operation codenamed Plan Parapluie, Kryuger called for a meeting with G&K's commanders, but the base was attacked as part of Plan Parapluie. Kryuger used his own revolver to participate in the early defense against the attack, giving his other pistol sidearm to the Commander for self-defense.[10] Kryuger later went on information-gathering missions in the nearby area, alone and carrying no IFF to evade SF troops, during which he found the trail of personal data left by AR-15 and passed it on to AR Team.[11] After the incident in Area S03, Kryuger seized the opportunity to capture SF technology and ordered a Jupiter Cannon to be disassembled and transported to be studied.[12]

Kryuger later met with General Carter during a PMC reception organized by the New Soviet military. Carter pressured him for results on new SF data, arguing that should he lose his influence in the military, G&K would lose a crucial ally in their development. Kryuger ordered Persica to organize the recovery of File No. 7 from SF's Base 0 as repayment for providing her with the Jupiter Cannon earlier, and Persica in turn deployed AR Team to carry the mission. Persica also used the opportunity to ask Kryuger about the circumstances surrounding Lycoris' death, but he refused to talk about the subject with her again.[13] Kryuger later deplored that File No. 7's recovery came at the price of losing M16A1 to Sangvis Ferri.[14]

To make amends for the loss of M16A1 and ensure their full commitment in the coming operation, Kryuger took the Commander with him to discuss the joint assault on Sangvis Ferri's main base with KCCO despite Helian's protests about their lack of rank. While Kryuger would handle intelligence synchronization with KCCO, the Commander would take command of G&K's troops. During the meeting, Kryuger introduced the Commander to their soon-to-be enemies Carter and Yegor, and their soon-to-be ally Havier Witkin.[15] Witkin warned Kryuger of KCCO's true intents in capturing Elisa, but Kryuger couldn't figure out the full implications of his warning. He nevertheless preemptively put all G&K T-Dolls under the Commander's authority as a contingency.[16]

As the assault on Sangvis Ferri took a turn for the worse in accordance with KCCO's plans and G&K forces started their retreat, Kryuger discovered with a TV broadcast that Carter used G&K as a scapegoat and claimed they betrayed the military. Confident that Carter would not go after G&K itself as long as he turned himself in, Kryuger ordered Helian to leave the HQ and keep the PMC running on his behalf. After a last call with Witkin, Kryuger was arrested by military agents on various criminal charges, including illegal arms trafficking and unlawful modification of civilian dolls. While Kryuger had been surprised to see how far Carter went in manipulating him, he was at least thankful that the General remembered his disgust of terrorists and chose his fake charges to avoid him being treated as such.[17] Zielinski later made Kryuger's liberation one of his promises to ensure the Commander's collaboration with the Bureau of State Security.[18]



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  • It's Kryuger who decided that T-Dolls in Griffin & Kryuger should be named after the weapon they use.[19]


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