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Persica Quotes
Full name Persicaria
Affiliation 90wish (former), 16LAB
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN, JP

Persicaria (meaning "knotweeds", she has no surname) is a Tactical Doll scientist, 16Lab's founder and director and a former 90wish member. As a genius mind, she has developed most of the advanced technology used by modern T-Dolls. She also created the T-Dolls in AR Team.

This is the article for the human character. For her Autonomous Doll double, see Persicaria (PNC).


Along with her personal friend and professional rival[1] Lycoris, Persicaria made an enemy of 90wish when the group was made public despite all members not agreeing during World War Three. Both escaped assassination attempts after being noticed by IOP's president Havier Witkin, who hired a PMC to escort them to IOP's headquarters.[2] Persicaria's rescue mission received tactical supervision by Ministry of Internal Affairs agent Berezovich Kryuger,[3] and both have remained close friends.[1]

Persicaria and Lycoris agreed to work for IOP under false names in the shell company named Hermit. They were instrumental in solving the long-standing problems that made the CSD series Tactical Dolls unusable as frontline fighters and helped designing the CSD-08 series, IAD series and ACD series Tactical Dolls for IOP during the war,[2] and the SST series and Service Dolls series dedicated to civilian markets after the war.[3] By 2054, Persicaria had completed her Etching Theory and laid the groundwork for adapting 90wish's Zener Protocol to T-Dolls.[4] Her constant improvement of T-Dolls models was highly profitable for IOP, but did not match with Lycoris' interests in pure AI and he eventually left Hermit to join Sangvis Ferri.

Lycoris' defection led Witkin to invest even more fund into Persicaria's work. This influx of finances[3] and Persicaria's own feelings of constraints at IOP[4] led to her negotiating the founding of 16Lab, her own company, in 2057. Persicaria had conceptualized a new way to implement software and networking in regards to T-Dolls, which she called Second Generation T-Dolls. Since 90wish was no longer a threat, Persicaria wished to fund her own company dedicated to T-Dolls and received investment from IOP to create and staff 16Lab as one of IOP's first-party manufacturers. From there, Persicaria improved the Zener Protocol and implemented the Imprint Technology, the Dummy Network and the Fire Control Core.[3]

Persicaria created her own experimental T-Dolls team named AR Team in 2061.[4]

Character Info

She is a woman with a very lazy personality. She's slightly neurotic and has spent years indoors while at 16Lab. However, she's friendly for the most part. She is close friends with Griffin's leader, Kryuger, and she has fondness for and trusts Anti-Rain very dearly (Like a caring mother to her children), in particular AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 . She frequently uses them to carry out data retrieval operations.[1]

According to her adjutant lines, the black and white feline ears on her head are part of a custom headset.

Story Involvement

After Lycoris was killed during the Butterfly Incident in 2061, Persica became interested in finding the reasons and culprits behind his death and protecting his work lost in Sangvis territory.



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