Isomer (Enemy)

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Isomer (Enemy)
Full name Abandoned Isomer
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN, TW, KR
Chibi animation

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"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Stats / Data

  • Classification: Humanoid
  • Damage: Low
  • Accuracy: Moderate
  • Attack range: Close
  • Health: Very High
  • Armor value: None
  • Evasion: Very Low
  • Movement speed: 1 Tile every 3s


Makes their appearance in Major Event Shattered Connexion.


Isomer units function very similar to slow advancing units such as the Unknown, Infected and Walker's, Isomers will advance 1 tile every 3 second and send out a small shock wave around themselves dealing very minor damage, this might not seem like much, but Isomers attack in large swarms and they all possess incredibly large health pools and take a reasonable amount of time to kill, some even surviving AP grenades, Their only method of attack is the small shock wave they do every time they stop, this shock wave doesn't do a lot of damage, however, it can stun your girls for 3 seconds and that is very dangerous.

High DPS echelons or Grenadier echelons are required to effectively deal with these Isomers, MGSG echelons are not advised as they have reloading times, which is very bad against these high HP units.