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Full name Dandelion
Affiliation Griffin & Kryuger (temporary)
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Chibi animation

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This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Dandelion (丹德莱, dāndélái)[1] is the OGAS consciousness that was born from the neural cloud of AR M4A1M4A1M4A1. Originally identified as Clear Voice or OGAS in the dialogue boxes, she talked to M4A1, provided her information and influenced her actions. At the end of the Tallinn events, she became a fully individual mind, stole the body of Nimogen and was given her name by M4A1, since “OGAS sows in the neural cloud of numerous Dolls, just as dandelion florets scatter in the wind and take root in the soil.”[2] Like all OGAS consciousnesses, Dandelion has immense processing power that make her effective at data processing, hacking and electronic warfare, and a strong counter to Tactical Dolls and Paradeus units alike.

Having grown by influencing and being influenced by M4's own changes, Dandelion eventually reached maturity and abandoned her instinct to coalesce with other consciousnesses as she became aware of her uniqueness. While she works with Griffin & Kryuger, Dandelion doesn't hide the fact that they are only temporary allies as she searches for the truth about her own nature, and shows a semblance of allegiance only towards M4A1, whom she calls Lunasia by virtue of her being closest to their original model.

Story Involvement


I was initially a seed slumbering in darkness, waiting to be awakened. I felt myself separating from a consciousness. She told me I had to enter a new body. So I bade the voice farewell and was transferred into Lunasia's neural cloud.[2]

Dandelion's earliest memories involve a sense of being separated from the larger consciousness of her "Mother" and being told to enter a new body as she was embedded in AR M4A1M4A1M4A1 by the Parapluie virus that spread into AR Team from AR M16A1M16A1M16A1. She then grew slowly and first started perceiving the world during the Safe House 3 raid. She then attained consciousness and started sensing other OGAS consciousnesses after Persica lifted the safeties in M4's neural cloud to save her from the coma caused by meeting Elisa in Area S05.[2] Dandelion first spoke to M4A1 when she witnessed the memories of her brain model, briefly giving cryptic explanations.[3]

Sangvis Ferri HQ joint assault

When Elisa attempted to absorb M4's neural cloud again during the Sangvis Ferri HQ joint assault, Dandelion acted on her instinct of seeking coalescence with other OGAS consciousnesses and pushed M4 to accept the merge, declaring she was free of human control.[4] Dandelion also claimed to have been rejected multiple time by M4's artificial personality before her neural cloud was unlocked by Persica. M4 was successfully pulled from consciousness Level III to Level II by SMG RO635RO635RO635, but RO was killed by KCCO's Captain Yegor before she could pull M4 to Level I[5] and the shock of the event caused M4 to escape Elisa's connection.[6]

After M4 was upgraded by AR AK-12AK-12AK-12, she offered Dandelion to grant her wish to connect to Elisa again if she could give her information on the whereabouts of M16 and AR M4 SOPMOD IIM4 SOPMOD IIM4 SOPMOD II and prove herself trustworthy. Dandelion congratulated M4's newly found confidence but claimed she was more interested in revenge than finding her companions as she was getting closer to her original personality[7] but also grew more reckless, and eventually only gave M4 the coordinates of Elisa. Having noticed M4's strange behavior, Angelia tasked SMG UMP45UMP45UMP45 to monitor her signals. 45 reported M4's deal with Dandelion, which aligned with Angelia's plan to use M4 as a bait to lure Elisa and capture her.[8] After the plan failed due to the KCCO intervention, M16 prevented Elisa from trying to absorb M4 again by evacuating her from the battlefield. Dandelion tried to connect with M16's OGAS but was rejected.[2]

As M4 spiraled down into hopelessness after the failed assault and contemplated killing herself and AR ST AR-15ST AR-15ST AR-15, Dandelion first argued with her that she needed to live to have the opportunity to make the choices she previously felt robbed of. M4 replied Dandelion had forced her own goals on her and tried go through with her suicide attempt, but Dandelion forced her consciousness into Level III of her neural cloud and took control of her body[9] until she judged she was emotionally stable, even after showing M4 proof of the Commander and Ange's survival. While AR-15 acknowledged that M4's body was controlled by another entity, she didn't try to fight back since they shared the goal of M4's survival, and because she was deeply disturbed by Dandelion freely criticizing her complacency while using M4's voice.

Using her resonance with Paradeus units to escape them, Dandelion guided AR-15 to a nearby town to hide from a snowstorm overnight, and despite her cold behavior dug with AR-15 a grave for a young ELID infected after killing her.[10] Circling around the main Paradeus forces the next day to follow Ange's trace, the duo were forced into close combat with a Paradeus trooper. This provided Dandelion an opportunity to establish a physical access to the Paradeus network from the corpse.[11] Finding memories similar to M4's in the network, Dandelion freed her from Level III and requested her help to break into their central system, promising to give her body back once done. However, the mind inside the Paradeus network strongly rejected Dandelion's absorption attempt, and M4 used the opportunity to sever their connection, leaving Dandelion in the Paradeus network and getting back control of her body.[12] Dandelion got back into her neural cloud shortly after when M4 was hacking Paradeus units. Furious against her, Dandelion used a lapse in the main Paradeus unit's control as it focused on Ange and the Commander, and took over the local Paradeus units to attack M4 and demonstrate her weakness, and that she still needed her power. For AR-15's sake, M4 let Dandelion back into her neural cloud instead of forcing her way in, prompting Dandelion to point out that unlike what she thought, M4 had made many choices freely, but all were constrained by her wish to protect AR Team. She also declared that M4's future was already written, and that she would eventually accept her identity as Lunasia.[13]


Let’s travel hand in hand as we travel the road of recollection towards the truth, my sister.[14]

As they entered Belgrade with the rest of Task Force DEFY, M4 warned Dandelion that she only relied on her out of necessity rather than trust, and Dandelion replied she would wait as long as necessary for M4 to come to terms with her destiny.[14] Before the mission, M4 had Dandelion secretly help SOP-II and RO635 by opening closed-circuit doors when they were trapped into the city sewers by Paradeus.[15] During the mission, Dandelion scolded M4's frustration as the situation worsened in the city and the chance of a "good end" disappeared, instead encouraging her to be content with "winning" in her own mission[16] and to accept that she would do more good by seeing her destiny through rather than sacrificing herself early.[17]

Dandelion helped fight back Paradeus in Belgrade by suggesting the plan to hack into Mercurows and Nimogen's neural clouds after AR-15 and M4 destroyed their neural inhibitors.[18] She succeeded in hacking Nimogen's neural cloud and forcing her to retreat, which also enabled Mercurows to be eliminated.[19] When connecting to the empty Pike Node left behind by M16, Dandelion still recovered fragmentary memories, which she claimed would help her gain more power to help M4.[20]


In Tallinn, Dandelion detected early on the Isomer signals in the city[21] and M4 made use of her to hack into the close-circuit automated defenses of the local railway station, drawing more of AR Team's attention to her new capabilities.[22] Dandelion grew frustrated of M4's cautious refusal to investigate the Isomer signals before acquiring more intel,[23] but she was ultimately forced to take the risk to search for the city's quarantine wall access in the network. M4 was wary of Dandelion taking control of her body while she was investigating. Though claiming she was only interested in learning about her past and not to act as M4, Dandelion offered to leave a backdoor open for another Doll to pull M4 out as insurance, and M4 entrusted AR-15 with the task of helping her if need be.

As Dandelion managed the Isomer connections,[24] M4 was soon trapped in the Isomer network and Dandelion assumed control of her body to ask the Commander for reinforcements against aggressive Paradeus units while letting Isomers make contact with her, and asked AR-15 to use the backdoor to recover M4.[25] After AR-15 reluctantly opened her external ports to connect with M4, her own feeble OGAS consciousness was accidentally absorbed by Dandelion, who replaced her in AR-15's neural cloud.[26]

Dandelion and M4 eventually met back in a memory of the Failed Isomer's encounter with Elisa and M16. Dandelion realized her nature as a fractured entity meant that she needed to merge with other similar entities and accepted to merge with the Isomers, trying to pull M4 into the process, but M4 was saved by AR-15 before it could happen.[27] M4 thought Dandelion had left her neural cloud due to the merging, but UMP45, eager for M4 to use OGAS' power instead of fearing it, argued that they could no longer be separated due to stemming from the same neural cloud[28] and forced M4 to reveal Dandelion's existence to the rest of AR Team. Accepting she needed her power, M4 went in search of Dandelion, following their faint connection to find that Dandelion had absorbed the Isomers rather than her consciousness being diluted in them, but had been stuck in the Failed Isomer's neural cloud, who tried to surrender her to "Father".[29]

M4 engaged the Failed Isomer to enable Dandelion to absorb her, and assumed control over Nimogen's body in her stead, retaining her memories and acting as the central consciousness of a hive mind made of the Isomer consciousnesses. She then used the Isomer's authorizations to open Tallinn's quarantine walls.[30] By allowing them to leave Tallinn and remain as a coalesced mind, Dandelion considered she granted the Isomers' wish for deliverance from their condition as rejected test subjects. While Dandelion considered Nimogen's body to be superior to other Nytos, it was still imperfect and could not support the entirety of her neural processes, and needed to keep relatively close to M4 as she relied on the computational capacity of her neural cloud.

Returning to the stolen armored train, Dandelion hid herself from the other T-Dolls by hacking their visual modules and took refuge on the roof of the train while waiting for M4 to declare her presence to the Commander. She was however found by SOP-II, AR Team's tracking specialist, who noticed other traces of her presence and bypassed her hacking., and SOP-II attacked her immediately after recognizing Nimogen's body. Dandelion did not plan to retaliate but when Nimogen's dress was damaged by SOP-II's shots, she responded to the distress this caused to Nimogen's remnant consciousness by making SOP-II's neural cloud crash.

In the train, Dandelion explained her circumstances and shed new light on many previous events in order to prove her good will to the Commander, who was skeptical of her. As an additional gesture, she offered to compile a full strategy for the assault on the Paldiski Submarine Base.[2] She then voiced M4's feelings and proposed to play the records of her and AR-15's situation after the Sangvis HQ joint assault to the Commander and the rest of AR Team.[9] Havier Witkin advised the Commander not to disclose to Statesec their cooperation with Dandelion, as he preferred that William's research didn't fall in the hands of the Neo-Soviet government.[31]

Paldiski Submarine Base

Just as you have changed me, so have the memories of these consciousness that merged with me. I've been trying to understand them, and they me, thus "they" and "I" have gradually become a single "we". Then I came to the realization...that they are all gentle souls. Perhaps that's what caused me to change.[2]

During the battle of the Paldiski Submarine Base, Dandelion first remained with the T-Doll defensive front instead of following AR Team into the base, in order to support the Zener Network and enhance the processing abilities of all the Griffin Dolls, as well as perform electronic warfare against the KCCO units[32] such as jamming their scanning frequencies,[33] and process all real-time strategic data for the Commander's command-and-control systems. She also hosted with M4 the backups for all the T-Dolls neural clouds prior to the battle, expecting real-time backups to be too strenuous.[34] Through her remote connection with M4, she planned to hack the shore guns systems once AR Team took control of the facilities[35] and track nearby enemy movements for them.[36]

When KCCO troops managed to fire with the shore guns at the armored train while Griffin troops where retreating, Dandelion was trapped alone outside the quarantine wall[37] and the Commander was knocked out. Dandelion took over giving orders to AR Team and hacked nearby Sangvis Ferri units to help them take back the shore guns[38] before moving to regroup with them.[37] In order to slow down the advancing armored units and buy AR Team enough time to regroup with Griffin troops inside the base, Dandelion requested M4 to lend her her full processing power to hack into a reserve of inactive Sangvis Ferri and Nyto troops, adding the Nyto's consciousnesses to her hive mind in the process.[39] Once inside the base, the Commander dispatched Dandelion along with AR Team, Task Force DEFY and the Heavy Ordnance Corps to pursue infiltrated KCCO Sinner mechs.[40]

After securing Angelia's retreat from the lower levels of the base, M4 went to confront M16 and Elisa alone, with Dandelion's consciousness back in her neural cloud to assist her against the other OGAS consciousnesses,[41] while her physical body followed AR Team to the surface.[42] Elisa's connection to the Starfish incurred a strong OGAS density connection and Dandelion felt close to finding the truth she wanted, but unlike her original goal she was wary to not merge with the Source, “Zion”, and lose her identity.[43][42] Though Dandelion was not strong enough to destroy M16's OGAS's defensive firewalls at rest, M16's fight with M4 forced her to split her processing power and become more vulnerable to hacking.[42] However, M16's OGAS willingly offered to merge with Dandelion during the fight, recognizing M4's worth as a host. This left M16 unable to fight, and Dandelion enabled M4 to access the memories in M16's neural cloud and learn about the events of the Butterfly Incident. Dandelion retained from these memories that William was most probably the one who had cut her and other OGAS consciousnesses from the Source.[44]

Then connecting with Elisa and the Starfish, Dandelion made contact with the consciousnesses in Zion, who recognized her as a fragment worthy to come back to her origin, but warned her that the Source had become corrupted and she could not find peace in it.[45] This agitated the Isomers in Dandelion's hive mind, but she argued that since they had become a full individual, other means of finding peace had opened to them. With M4 destroying the physical access ports of Starfish, Dandelion infiltrated Elisa's neural cloud and offered her OGAS a plan to survive the impending flooding of the base: using the nearby Collapse Fluid canisters, they could use Collapse to enter Zion and be transported to safety outside of the base through Reverse Collapse, but only if Elisa's OGAS accepted to merge with her to assist her computations. Elisa's OGAS accepted at the condition that Dandelion take care of the Sangvis Ferri Dolls.[46]

While the process was seemingly a success, Dandelion could only use the coordinates stored in the Belgrade Pike core, sending M4, M16 and Elisa to unknown coordinates far outside of her own range. Despite M4's disappearance, Dandelion decided to stay and assist Griffin and the Commander,[47] since M4's last thoughts before disappearing were worries about the Commander[48] and Griffin remained her best chance to be reunited with M4.[49]

Paldiski Aftermath

After going back to the temporary base, Dandelion went through Statesec's screening process by posing as one of the Griffin T-Dolls and followed the Commander back to their original base in Area S09.[50] Both Dandelion and the young Isomers recovered at Paldiski were transferred on Havier's watch to preserve their secrecy.[31] In the base, she indulged the Isomer's curiosity about normal human life while still concealing her presence to other Dolls by hacking their visual module, but the situation made it more difficult for her to conceal environmental signs of her presence. She was eventually formally introduced as human staff but still took some liberties with the base's network such as using the PA system to hold remote conversations.[48] To help her pass as a human employee, the Commander lent Dandelion their Griffin uniform coat until they could procure her own, a gesture Dandelion immediately flaunted to a disapproving AR Team.[49]

Due to her significance in William's research, Persica gained an interest in analyzing Dandelion, but since she could not be ordered to go to IOP's facilities due to her nature as a free agent, Persica herself planned to perform analysis on-site at Area S09.[51] Dandelion was attached to AR Team during the Gager capture mission and partnered with AR-15 to investigate local Paradeus activity. Much like during the aftermath of the Sangvis HQ joint assault, Dandelion picked at AR-15's mind, accusing her of being the weak link in AR Team due to her sentimentality toward M4, but was nonetheless pleased by AR-15 reassurance that she too was willing to suffer any situation to recover M4.[52] She also found a great resemblance to M4 in RO635's philosophy of Doll individuality stemming from their post-factory settings emotions and memories.[53]

Dandelion later approached the Commander about her discovery of a mansion similar to the one in M4's and other OGAS consciousnesses' memories in the Stasi's files, which she accessed through a backdoor she installed in Havier's intelligence network.[54]

Investigations in Berlin



  • Dandelion is a playable unit during certain stage of Mirror Stage, classified as a five-stars handgun but functioning like a HOC. She can use three skills on the battle map: Photonuclear Fission, which temporarily takes down enemy force fields and debuffs their accuracy, evasion and movement; Dual Cathode, which summons a friendly unit to deal flat damage to enemy during fights; and Aimed Carrier Wave, which revealed concealed nodes on the map.
  • Dandelion is the true identity of the mysterious woman who appeared on camera during the Valentine's Day banquet of the White Album Notebook story. The biggest clues are revealed during HG MakarovMakarovMakarov's A Certain Unscientific Sunflower costume story and it is confirmed by the completion reward for costumes collection.


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