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Full name Helena
Voice actor Sato Rina (RCCB)[1]
Artist Unknown

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This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Helena (海伦娜) is the name of similar NPCs appearing in Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium and Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery.

For the Tactical Doll using the same name in her private life, see SG DP-12Thumb button.pngDP-12 .

Story Involvement

Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium


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Helena is a girl found in a Relic and under the protection of the Amos bounty hunters in 2074.

Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery

In the 2060s, Helena worked as a physicist at the Antarctic Union Military Medical Research Institute. She met fellow researcher Philip Martin and they married in 2068, changing her name from Helena Oberstein (海伦娜·奥贝斯坦) to Helena Martin (海伦娜·马丁). Their child Mendo Martin was born in 2070. She eventually became the Deputy Director of the Collapse Radiation and Gene Medicine Institute.[2][3] Rumors claimed that Philip only became Director at the Antarctic Union Microphysics Research Institute thanks to his wife's genius, but Philip's eloquence was the reason Helena was recruited into the projects that allowed her career to break through.[4][Note 1] Philip and Helena used to play the guitar and violin respectively and often played a duet of Lyrisme for Mendo and later Jefuty. It was noted by Jefuty that Helena never seemed to age.[4]

The couple moved to Berlin in 2078 to participate in the Three Goddesses project, where Helena volunteered to be a surrogate mother to the experimental subjects and gave birth to the first subject, Jefuty.[2][Note 2] Jefuty was considered a stillborn, but was made alive using the Thorn Collar device of Professor William from the URNC team in 2079.[5][6] Though she was willing to bend ethics to pursue scientific advancement, Helena was torn between her role as a mother for Mendo and Jefuty and as a scientist. Her duties separated her from her son and forced her to experiment on Jefuty while she also wanted to give them familial love[7][4] (Mendo was mostly reared by his foster father Colonel Kämpfe).[8] The couple were under covert surveillance by Task Force Carpenter of the URNC at the start and end of the project, designating Philip as “Oak” and Helena as “Walnut”.[9]

Helena and Philip were also running experiments on an anti-Shrike serum that could change Jefuty into a living anti-Shrike weapon, but they kept their true progress on the matter secret as insurance against William[7] after realizing he couldn't be trusted.[5] Since her body was closest to Jefuty's, Helena experimented on herself until she could no longer support the rejection symptoms, and had to rely on testing with Jefuty's next closest genetic relative, Mendo. They obtained highly qualitative data from this test, and when Jefuty suspected that Helena had continued her self-experiments, Helena claimed they had obtained it using new methods of supercalculations.[7] As political tensions continued to rise in 2084 and 2085, Helena and Philip attempted to have Jefuty sent to Antarctica so she wouldn't be forcibly captured by the URNC, but Task Force Carpenter blocked the move. Philip also attempted to convince Helena to return to to safety in Antarctica alone, but she refused.[10]

In 2085, reacting to Philip's apparent plan to take the subjects to Antarctica, the URNC invaded the Three Goddesses project lab,[3][10][7] though there are no details about the incident and its immediate follow-up. Philip and Helena were stranded in Canberra in 2086 and an extraction mission failed due to political unrest in the region. Tha AU lost their trace and they were still missing in 2097.[3] In an undated report, Carl Mindefeld angrily accused the AU bureaucracy of covering up the death of Helena and Philip to cover their own deficiencies.[10]

Timeline differences

In the early timelines before Jefuty and Lusica's pact, Philip and Helena couldn't complete the anti-Shrike serum before their disappearance. It was instead completed by Jefuty in 2097 using Mendo's blood instead of Helena's.[4] In later timelines, after Jefuty discovered Lige, Helena helped to arrange Lige's brain surgery to install a neural inhibitor at Jefuty's request. She also found out that Lige's body was a perfect replica of Jefuty's and planned to use her to perfect the anti-Shrike serum.

In one timeline, during the 2085 assault on the Three Goddesses project lab, William shot Philip then ordered his “daughter” Helena to come back to him. He then shot her after she refused, intending to replace her with Jefuty. After receiving future memories from this timeline, Jefuty and Lige agreed to perform a deadly experiment on each other to complete the serum before William could strike, and Jefuty asked Philip to assist them without informing Helena. Jefuty died during the experiment and carried the data to the next timeline, where she also warned that the labs needed to be evacuated before William's assault.[7]

After his parents' disappearance in 2086, Mendo considered them dead and erected a gravestone in their garden.[4] He still treasured a pendant containing a picture of his family.[11][12][8] He flowered the gravestone with tulips, Helena's favorite flowers. In the early timelines, Mendo and Jefuty took down the gravestone since they decided to search for Helena and Philip after leaving Hollow City, and Jefuty wanted to plant tulips in her own garden when she lived with Mendo.[4]


Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium

Reverse collapse: Code Name Bakery



  1. In Chapter 5, Act 1, it is claimed that Helena and Philip first met in Germany in 2079, and that she was a URNC researcher at the time, contradicting the Worldview.
  2. The Worldview indicates that Jefuty was born in 2078. In Chapter 2, Act 4, it is said that Jefuty was 8 years old in 2084, which would place her date of birth in 2076.