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"This is classified information!"

This article contains spoilers. You have been warned.

Mendo[1] (蒙德) is a soldier of the Antarctic Union and a protagonist in Codename: Bakery Girl. He was a part of operations Bakery and Kindle during the First Antarctic War.

Operation Bakery[edit]

Mendo was trained as an agent of the Tactical Air Shock Army (TASA), but could not join them after a bad leg injury. He instead joined the External Missions Department of the Main Intelligence Directorate (MID).[2]

During the First Antarctic War, in 2092, the Union of Rossartrism Nations Coalition located the missing third subject of the Three Goddesses project, Jefuty, in the Caucasus. This piece of intelligence was intercepted by MID,[3] who deployed the MID teams Fox 1 and Fox 2 and a support team of the TASA designated Razor team as part of operation Bakery. Mendo was deployed with Fox 2 under the command of Captain Carl Mintfield.

MID bribed a member of the Rossartrist Investigation Bureau, Major Beria, to reveal the location of Jefuty, and the Fox teams launched an intervention against the refugees convoy the target was among on the morning of December 18th. However, Beria was a double agent and he sent Rossartrist troops to kill both the MID teams and the refugees, and capture Jefuty.[2][4] During the fight, Mendo was knocked out by a rocket explosion, and dragged out to safety by Jefuty herself.[5] When Mendo came to, he had temporarily lost most of his memories due to a head injury, except his name[6] and the location of an emergency communication post in a nearby village. Jefuty guided him through Rossartrist forces to the village, where they met with Razor team, who was about to leave the area after seeing Fox's demise by drone. Razor's commander Jevon reminded Mendo of his identity and of the ongoing operation, but the actual objective of the mission was kept a secret from Razor. This night, Jefuty proposed to guide Mendo to Beria's base so they could both take revenge for the people they lost during the rRossartrist attack, and both sneaked out without informing Razor.[2]

While doing recon on Beria's base, Mendo and Jefuty were discovered by a mysterious girl in the base, and they had to retreat to a nearby infection zone inhabited by ELIDs.[7] They eventually got encircled, but were rescued by the mysterious girl, who informed them that Beria's troops were being redeployed and that the moment was perfect for an attack.[8] Mendo and Jefuty returned to the base and crossed path with Mintfield and MID survivors, who were also planning to infiltrate the base. However, this proved to be a trap set up by Beria.[4] Using the explosives they had planted as a safety, and with help from the TASA agents, the MID troops broke the encirclement and started to leave when they were blocked by the mysterious girl, who was Jefuty's "sister" Noel. The Antarctican repelled Noel, but she informed them that a Rossartrist army was moving in the area to recover Jefuty.

Jevon contacted the TASA evacuation aircraft, who gave an ETA of 30 minutes,[9] and the soldiers hid in an old church to fend off Beria's troops while waiting. Before the battle broke off, Mendo realized Jefuty was his objective from the start, but expressed he was happy to bond with her during the last two days, though she did not smile once. The Antarctican troops managed to defend against Beria's troops and Assault Artillery platforms, and when the enemy troops ran thin, Mendo and Jefuty went after Beria himself. They pursued him in the nearby woods, where they could interrogate him.

In the bad ending of the game, Beria taunts Jefuty, saying she will never see her sister again. Mendo tells Jefuty this is a trap, but she shoots him in the leg so he won't try to stop her and she leaves, letting the Antarctican forces to recover him. In the normal ending of the game, Beria reveals that Jefuty kept Mendo alive so the fights could continue and she could use the ensuing chaos to disappear more easily. Mendo then asks Jefuty to tell the whole truth about her origins. Jefuty explains she was a subject from the Three Goddesses project and that she feels responsible for the death of the people who died so the factions in the war could capture her, even thought she never had a choice in the matter. She asks Mendo to kill her and put a stop to the violence her existence is causing, but Mendo refuses, trusting her to live her life as she will intend to. Jefuty smiles and disappear in the mountains. The true ending plays like the normal ending, but Jefuty kisses Mendo before running off.[10]

Operation Kindle[edit]

Two years later, MID located Jefuty in a heavily guarded Rossartrist black site called the Bear's Den and launched operation Kindle on July 11th, 2094 to recover her. Since MID agents had failed during Bakery, the mission was entrusted to TASA, which Mendo had joined after Bakery. Mendo was in one of the two transport craft that were shot out of the sky when approaching the Bear's Den, but he survived the crash and infiltrated the base using a secret entry he found by chance. While regular troops were fighting outside, Mendo found Jefuty and Noel, and a large number of their clones. All three joined forces to recover intelligence and destroy the Bear's Den.

However, Rossartrist elite troops were deployed, stopping the Antarctican exfiltration and forcing Mendo, Jefuty and Noel deeper into the Bear's Den to the relics site underground. The commander of the Bear's Den outfitted a task force with Assault Artillery platforms to take them down, but the heavy firepower breached the underground ionic containment field, filling the base with Collapse Fluid particles. The non-augmented Rossartirst troops immediately turned into ELIDs and a temperature buildup similar to the one that occurred during the First Beilan Island Incident began. With a potential new apocalyptic event in their hands, the higher commands of both factions agreed to collaborate and the Antarctican air force launched a modified ballistic missile to dump its molten plutonium core over the Bear's Den and evaporate the Collapse Fluid particles. The troops within the complex did not receive the retreat order due to Collapse Fluid interference and kept fighting until the missile released its payload, melting the base to 70 meters underground. All parties still inside the base, including Mendo, Jefuty and Noel, were considered MIA since their whereabouts were unknown.[11]



  1. 蒙德 (méng dé) has been translated by fans into "Mond". The file names in the Codename: Bakery Girl game and the official translation on the Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery Steam page is “Mendo”.
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