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*Lavrentiy Vissarionovich Beria (CBG)[1][2] *Lukasz Sadr (true name) (RCCB)[3] **Beria Wiazemsk (fake name)[4] **Crane (AU codename)
Full name
  • Lavrentiy Vissarionovich Beria (CBG)[1][2]
  • Lukasz Sadr (true name) (RCCB)[3]
    • Beria Wiazemsk (fake name)[4]
    • Crane (AU codename)

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Beria is an enemy fought in Codename: Bakery Girl. He is also a playable unit in Chapter 5 of Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery.

Stats / Data (as a playable unit)

Traits and Skills

  • Military Protective Gear:
  • Banner of Revenge:
  • Specialized Mechanical Soldier:
  • Murderous Heart:
  • Experienced Thrower:
Standard Skills
  • Infernal Torrent:
  • Inspirational Speech:
  • Command:
  • Focus Fire:
Ultimate Skill
  • Magnetic Field Disruption:


AP Cost 4
Attack 150
Range 7
Accuracy 155
Critical Hit Rate 5
Critical Hit Damage 200
Armor Piercing Damage 0


As an enemy in Codename: Bakery Girl

As a playable unit in Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery


In Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery

In Codename: Bakery Girl



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