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"William von Oberstein"
Full name "William von Oberstein"
Affiliation 90WISH (Formerly), Paradeus, Union of Rossartrism Nations Coalition
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Released on Not released yet

"I can't sleep yet, I still have work to do..."

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"This is classified information!"

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The man presenting himself as Professor[1] William von Oberstein (威廉·冯·奥伯斯坦) is an antagonist from Girls' Frontline and Codename: Bakery Girl. He is the leader of Paradeus, where he is called Father. He is a ruthless, self-centered and unethical researcher who likes creating interesting events to witness, regardless of people's sufferings.[1] His goals are to find a “key” to harness the power of Relic Technology, and to resurrect Lunasia. He has also claimed interest in the Rossartrist notion of a post-war “Brave New World”.[2]


I will have victory for sure... Mother. Only I and I alone can save you. You, and you... My dear sister. Just a little longer... Sister. Soon... I will make those madmen pay.[3]

Lunasia von Oberstein officially died from illness after her family went in hiding for political reasons,[4] some time after World War Three.[5] Due to his interest in resurrecting Lunasia, who he believes was murdered,[2] William may be Lunasia's younger brother, who was close to her in her final years.[6][4] A man named William was a member of the Max Planck Institute of Computer Science where Lycoris and Persicaria worked until his record was striked. However, he was found to be dead before Lunasia died herself.[4]

William was considered the most brilliant, but most insufferable[4] and most strange member of 90wish, with no known face or voice.[7] He was however known for his obsession with Relics and hatred for Lycoris.[8] To resurrect Lunasia in a form that would also enable him to use Relic technology, William contacted fellow 90wish members Lycoris and Persicaria, the top AI scientist of the time. William provided them an imprint from Lunasia's brain to make a Neural Cloud from it, but didn't tell them who the imprint donor was. Lyco and Persica found memories belonging to Lunasia in the imprint, and refused as they were opposed to human experimentation and knew Lunasia's father was too. William then used a more devious plan to reach his goals.[4]

William first had a Pike node delivered to Lyco after he joined Sangvis Ferri.[9][10] The OGAS code base in the node enabled Lyco to create Elisa in 2054.[11] As he continued to enhance her, he realized she was capable of interacting with Relic technology, and that he was being manipulated by William, and so he sabotaged parts of her code.[12] In retaliation,[4] and to accelerate the growth of Elisa's OGAS,[8] William partnered with the KCCO[13] to stage Operation Butterfly in 2061, where Lyco was killed.

William also created biological clones of Lunasia and had them attack several Griffin & Kryuger bases during the course of 2057. Through G&K's connections with IOP and 16LAB, Persica realized the nature of the attackers and made scans of their brains herself to use as a base for her research.[4][14][15] Wanting to match Lyco's research progress, Persica decided to ignore that she was being manipulated by William,[4] and even shared the scans with Lyco to use as a personality baseline for Elisa.[16] The first result of her research was AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1 , who participated in the Butterfly Incident. William first discovered the results of Persica's work while monitoring the events of the Butterfly Incident, and encrypted M16's memories of the incident to prevent Lyco's warnings about his plans to reach Persica.[10]

At some point, William also founded Paradeus, a Yellow Zone sect he used to gather subjects for his human experiments,[17] including children sourced from orphanages,[18] partnering with Zeratul-Worcester Pharmaceuticals to obtain powerful sedatives.[19] William applied Relic technology to make Paradeus into an illegal army made of ELID-infected corpses like the Strelet units,[20] augmented humans like Machlian,[21] or cybernetically enhanced Lunasia clones like the Nytos. While many clones could not withstand OGAS implantation and were discarded as Isomers, some clones were much more successful like Nimogen and Mercurows. However, William did not consider any Nyto to be sufficiently close to the original model.[22]

At 90wish, one of William's projects was the use of Epiphyllum flowers as a mean to access Relics. 90wish scientists had led simulations on the potential of using the large doses of Collapse radiations released by blooming Epiphylla to modify the genetics of human subjects to the point where they would be registered as authorized users by Relics, but failed to find a method that would not trigger ELID disease in the subject, nor could replicate the unique Collapse radiation immunity of Kawasaki Kazusa. William believed only live tests could bear results, and since 90wish denied human experiments, he used the Red Zone city of Tallinn for his own experiment, using the Isomers and refugees as live subjects[7] and Paradeus units to prevent them from leaving the city.[23]

Story Involvement

Search for the key

In order to bring Elisa closer to becoming the key, William worked again with the KCCO in 2064 to make Elisa merge with AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 , another of Persica's experiments. The KCCO organized with Griffin & Kryuger an all-out assault on the Sangvis Ferri main base[24][8] and Elisa successfully made contact with M4A1,[25] but when Captain Yegor eliminated SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635 , who was trying to break the connection between Elisa and M4, he unknowingly caused M4 to break the connection herself[26] and triggered a strong counterattack from Elisa against KCCO. While this crippled KCCO's battlenet, it enabled William to track down her position for KCCO to capture her.[1] Eventually, Elisa fled the battlefield, and Persica, Angelia and Havier Witkin started suspecting William's involvement after accessing KCCO's data.[8]

I didn't think the OGAS support system would actually be so amusing. It's just the dregs of an old civilization, but to think it could actually learn and adapt to the technology of modern civilization... It's practically...it's practically a miracle that mankind has no right to touch! I confess that this has gone slightly beyond my expectations. On average, something that surprises me to this extent only occurs once every three years.[1]

During the Belgrade events, William deployed some of his best units, Nimogen and Mercurows, to lead a terrorist attack on the Neo-SovietPan-European Union peace talks.[22] He then tried to extort from Statesec the access codes of a location he called Base 22 in exchange for the location of 13 other bases and ceasing Paradeus' attempts on Chairwoman Gilda Ulrich's life.[27] Statesec apparently rejected the offer, and Ulrich was successfully evacuated from Belgrade by Griffin & Kryuger. Soon after, William made another call to Statesec, offering them the coordinates of the Paldiski Submarine Base in Estonia as a location of interest,[13] and Statesec sent Griffin & Kryuger, K and Angelia to investigate.[28] G&K found William's Epiphylla experiments when they crossed Tallinn by train, and William had the Isomers in the city establish contact with M4A1 to test her potential. Contrary to William's expectations, M4A1's OGAS successfully absorbed all the Isomer consciousnesses.[29]

At Paldiski, Angelia and K recovered several critical pieces of intel from the Paradeus laboratory, including William's experiment logs, his rough location, and several juvenile Nytos.[30] At the end of the battle at Paldiski, M4A1 decided the play into William's hand and become the “key” by merging with Elisa in order to save the T-Dolls trapped in the lower levels of the base as it was being flooded in sea water. Using the surge of computational power of the merge and nearby stockpiles of Collapse fluid, she successfully caused a Reverse Collapse phenomenon to teleport them to an unknown location, definitely proving to William that she had become the closest thing to his final goal.[2]

After the Paldiski battle, William's research was secretly protected by Griffin & Kryuger to prevent the Neo-Soviet government from accessing it.[31] Angelia also took her investigations to Germany following her findings that William was hidden in the city of Bremen, but declined help from the Stasi as she was wary of William's spies.[32] Her caution paid off when she uncovered the true identity of PECMAR secretary Morridow as a Paradeus augmented human.[21] William also expanded his operations at this period, delivering Collapse radiation payloads made from Epiphylla cultivated in Bremen by the local Flora Institute sect as far as Area S09 in Eastern Europe,[20] as well as plundering former Sangvis Ferri bases to obtain experimental Neural Clouds suited to the needs of Paradeus.[33]


Now that's how we are different from each other, Angelia. Our aim is actually one and the same. We're just using different methods—you resort to guns, while I go with research. We have both taken many lives along the way... Yes, I do admit that was wrong. But this wrongness is the very proof that this world requires change. I am a creator. I am creating a power that is capable of changing the status quo. That's on a whole different level from putting bullets in the heads of a few inconsequential goons. Only when we possess this power will we have what it takes to do what is right. When that time comes, Angelia, think about it... Who has the right to wield such power?[3]

Three Goddesses project

William later joined the Union of Rossartrism Nations Coalition and worked on the Three Goddesses project as head biologist between 2078 and 2085. He is the one responsible for naming all three subjects.[34] During the First Antarctic War, he intervened during operation Bakery to recover subject Noel after she was killed by a Coalition tank while serving as a sleeping agent under the name Lige to track subject Jefuty. William accelerated Noel's recovery with a drug and gave her back her true identity, presented himself as her father and gave her the mission to capture Jefuty.[35] Despite Noel's involvement, Jefuty managed to evade the Coalition at the end of operation Bakery,[36] though she was later captured.[34]



  • Yuzhong once stated during the release of Chapter 13, which revealed much about William's motivations: “If your nice, gentle, beautiful, big-tittied sister you live alone with died suddenly, you'll want to take revenge on the world, too.”[37]


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