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Full name William
Affiliation 90WISH, Union of Rossartrism Nations Coalition
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Released on Not released yet

William (威廉) is a character from Girls' Frontline and Codename: Bakery Girl. He is a ruthless and unethical researcher who only cares about creating interesting events to witness regardless of people's sufferings.[1]


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Story Involvement

William was part of 90WISH during World War Three and had a passionate hatred for fellow 90WISH member Lycoris. After the war, William backed the KCCO in 2061 during Operation Butterfly to eliminate Lyco and accelerate the “maturation” of OGAS, the central system of Lyco's AI Elisa. He again supported the KCCO in 2063 during their assault on Sangvis Ferri, which was another way to accelerate OGAS' maturation.[2]

William later joined the Union of Rossartrism Nations Coalition and worked on the Three Goddesses project as head biologist between 2078 and 2085. He is the one responsible for naming all three subjects.[3] During the First Antarctic War, he intervened during operation Bakery to recover subject Noel after she was killed by a Coalition tank while serving as a sleeping agent under the name Lige to track subject Jefuty. William accelerated Noel's recovery with a drug and gave her back her true identity, presented himself as her father and gave her the mission to capture Jefuty.[4] Despite Noel's involvement, Jefuty managed to evade the Coalition at the end of operation Bakery,[5] though she was later captured.[3]


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