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This article is written from a Lore perspective. It contains spoilers and different reference materials might be contradictory.

Rossartrism[1] (罗克萨特主义) is a school of thought developed by Medel Rossartre in the aftermath of World War Three, which was widely adopted during the reconstruction of mankind. It is the official thought system of the nations in the Union of Rossartrism Nations Coalition, created in 2064.

Rossartrism promotes the equal allocation of resources across the entirety of mankind, the definition of clear leadership for each social class, and the piloting of society by automated systems. Rossartrism was appealing to lower and middle classes for its idea of a fair society, but also to the ruling class for its centralization of social rights, its automated bureaucracy and focus on technological development.[2]

Rossartrism is considered to be incompatible with classical socialism, which became one of the causes of the fallout between the Coalition and the Antarctic Union.[3]


  1. 罗克萨特主义 (luó kè sà tè zhǔ yì) was translated “Rossartrianism” or “Rossartrism” by fans. The official translation on the Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery Steam page is “Rocksatterism” and the same is found on the sigil of the URNC on some versions of the Chinese trailer for the game, but “Rossartrism” has also been used in the English trailer and some Chinese versions.
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